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Zsa Zsa Gabor -- SMILING in Birthday Photos!

2/7/2011 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor celebrated her 94th birthday this weekend with a big giant chocolate cake ... and a SMILE -- super-impressive considering all she's been through in the past few months.

Gabor -- who was released from the hospital hours before these photos were taken -- is still bed-ridden ... but doctors say her infection is gone and her blood pressure has stabilized.

Zsa Zsa's hubby -- Prince von Anhalt -- tells us Gabor is finally acting like her old self again ... and he's optimistic about her future health.


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Scientists come up with all these procedures and instruments (thank you, by the way) and prostheses and medicine to make us live longer, but then they don't know what to do with us. I wonder what's in this union of Zsa Zsa and the prince for the prince. He seems to be a vibrant, functioning person, and look at her. Why do we have to see this?

1265 days ago


I think her husband is great. We don't know what she would or wouldn't 'like'. He sure seems to have made sure she's been well taken care of. She's also been with him for over 25yr now which is longer than the combined time she's been with her other 7 or 8 husbands before him. I'm amazed she's survived the things she has so he must be doing something right. And if in her final years, months, weeks or whatever I'm sure she is comforted to have him there.

1265 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

A very Happy Birthday, Zsa Zsa. You look mahvelous, baby!

(which, I do agree with previous posters that her husband should not have released a hospital photo. That is invasive).

1265 days ago


She looks fantastic! Von A would have been a monster if he had "dressed her up" for a photo op as some suggest. Instead he is just sharing a couple of private photos with her fans. She is bedridden, of couse she is going to be in her nightgown. She is 94 years old, at that age even glamorous women have given up on their makeup long ago. Hope we see her in one last interview before she goes. Love you Dhaling! Last of the true self entitled glamour girls!

1265 days ago


The Prince has done nothing but care for Zsa in a kind and caring way. By the smile on her face, she obviously liked having her picture taken on her birthday with that lovely big cake he bought her. She felt special and you can see how pleased she is. I do hope the Prince lets her see her daughter at any time...that I don't know about.

1265 days ago


She is a beautiful woman at any age. Anyone who thinks this picture is offensive in any way (Jeff, camaguey) is SICK and has a problem with aging. There is nothing wrong with showing a picture like this, and I repeat: she looks beautiful!

1265 days ago


The prince does a remarkable job of keeping Zsa Zsa relevant. And thanks to Harvey who agrees. And yes, the Prince could have dressed her in a bedrobe. That's what they're for...he would have been a prince of a guy to do that. But he's just a man and didn't, think.

1265 days ago


Happy Birthday Zsa Zsa! Here's hoping you comfort and happiness.

1265 days ago


Zsa Zsa looks well but I don't think she would approve of those very unglamorous photos of her being made public. Happy Birthday dahling.

1265 days ago

The Real New Jersey Girl    

I don't understand why so many people are upset by the pictures of Zsa Zsa? Its as if you all think old is ugly and should be hidden away? Personally, I think she is still beautiful and there is nothing wrong with getting old. That is the problem with Hollywood and America, we do not value or respect our seniors. I pray for good health and happy days for Zsa Zsa. She looks great! We need to celebrate this birthday for her and wish her good health and a speedy recovery!

1265 days ago


Happy Birthday, Dahling!

1265 days ago


All of you people making crude remarks about this sweet old lady need a life. I would bet most of you are on welfare waiting for Jerry Springer to come on. It's really pathetic.

1265 days ago


I just love this Prince and hope I have someone as devoted to me and my welfare when I get old...anyone else would've put her on respirators or a nursing home and she'd have been dead by now.

1265 days ago


I agree with others here, someone should have placed a nice shawl around her shoulders before taking the photo. She may be old and frail, but she deserves to look nice for the camera. My own Mom turns 91 this year so bravo to Zsa Zsa for turning 94. It's a huge accomplishment. She may not think so though, with all she's been through lately. Happy Birthday Zsa Zsa, from outback Australia!!

1265 days ago


The fake prince ran a homosexual bathhouse in Germany before he bought his fake title from a senile countess. He is a monster, he has stuck to her like a remora for 30 years, living off her fame and money, now at least he seems to be taking care of her to the end, even if it means selling their pics all over town, at least he is there at night to make sure the nurse changes the diapers. Once she is gone, he will sell everything she owns and go off with a boyfriend.

1265 days ago
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