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TMZ Live -- Lindsay Lohan's Arraignment!

2/9/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live: We covered Lindsay Lohan's arraignment, including her now infamous arrival in THAT dress!!!

Our resident lawyers, Harvey and Jason, answered your questions and provided the color as LiLo pleaded "not guilty" to felony grand theft ... and then listened as the judge nearly ripped her a new one!


AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!



(0:00) And we're off! Harvey and Jason break down Lindsay's felony grand theft case from start to finish.
(5:50) Lindsay's big arrival ... in that sexy, tight white dress.
(21:00) Anna gives us her opinion on Lindsay's court-inappropriate, "tacky" outfit.
(25:00) Twitter questions and comments from our viewers.
(26:40) Time for Lindsay's close-up ... and she's definitely too hot for a hearing.
(51:50) The hearing begins!!! And Lindsay pleads not guilty as expected.
(53:00) prosecutor Danette Meyers asks that Lindsay's probation be revoked.
(54:20) It's Judge Schwartz's turn ... and rips Lindsay a new one. He then issues warning #1: If she messes up again, he'll lock her up with NO BAIL. Then warning #2: "DON'T PUSH YOUR LUCK."
(59:30) We replay the hearing ... and Harvey and Jason walk us through it.
(1:05:30) In closing ... the Lindsay Lohan/Sharon Stone side-by-side.


No Avatar


Where is Lindsey's money coming from (she doesn't seem to work) to pay for all these legal bills she is racking up?

1321 days ago


How many total mug shots will she have after todays? 5? 6?

1321 days ago


If this goes to trial, how soon would that be? Also, is she eligible for bail on the felony charge? How about the parole violation? In other words, when will she go to jail?

1321 days ago


When are we going to see the surveillance video, and have you seen it right now?

1321 days ago


she is not above the law. if she stole it, put her in jail. She will never learn.

1321 days ago


Why didn't Lindsay or the store produce the papers she signed to "borrow" the necklace? If she really did borrow it she would have returned to the store with the necklace and papers. What is she hiding in her Apartment that she was so scared to have Police search it?

1321 days ago

Davey Boy    

Cannot wait to see that LOSER burst into tears. Lindsay Lohan and the rest of her Loser ARSE family are the very epitome of what is wrong in America.

I look forward to seeing Loser Lindsay spend time in prison. Don't hate LiLO, but positively despise what she and her family stand for.

Positively nothing.

1321 days ago

normal person    

What a spectacle of American stupidity.

1321 days ago


She deserves jail but for some reason she seems to get off! Maybe she'll got to rehab for this one too!

Got to jail Lindsey!!!!!!!!!

1321 days ago


They can use past "aledged" instances however the defense will fight to keep it out. Tainting poor lil Lindseys reputation you know.

1321 days ago


If she has it and didn`t pay or file the paper work, then it`s shoplifting. It`s not a misunderstanding, she`s responsible if it`s around her neck. Mr Snipes just had a little misunderstanding with his taxes. I hope it keeps her from getting work, there are plenty more talented actresses out there. She looks worn and skanky to me, i rather hope she gets three years just so i don`t have to look at her for a bit.

1321 days ago

Adam Warren    

That was weird yesterday with Charles and Kelly about being American.

1321 days ago


Lindsey's a troubled person. Incidents after incident add up.
Rehab won't help her until she heals

1321 days ago

bill charlson    

TMZ you say that it was the cooperation of the jewelry store that led to her arraingment, but you forgot to mention the part where it's the police who have to file charges because she broke the law, so the regardless of the store's sentiment toward Lohan, its not the stores fault.

1321 days ago


Can the L.A. DA force the mink coat girl to testify by threatening her with obstruction of justice or something? She can't plead the fifth since she's not accused of anything right?

1321 days ago
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