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Charlie Sheen Talks Drugs To UCLA Baseball Team

2/10/2011 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen almost hit a home run today, and no porn stars were involved -- and, he also talked to UCLA baseball players about drugs.


Charlie -- a baseball fanatic  -- went to UCLA for batting practice with some Major League Baseball heavy hitters -- (from left) Coco Crisp, Eric Davis, Brandon Watson and Milton Bradley.

After batting practice, UCLA's head coach John Savage asked Charlie to talk to his team about drug use.  Charlie obliged and got a standing ovation from the team.

As for his batting skills, Brandon says Charlie -- who showed up with his own bat -- almost hit a homer.

Finally ... some wood that won't get him in trouble!


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sean dell    

long live charlie SHEEN

1349 days ago


Charlie is short... or maybe those guys are just tall... Hmmmm

1349 days ago


Charile looks like an old, withered TROLL. No matter what else you say about him, he's an old leathery dude.

1349 days ago


Why is Charlie the only one not smiling?

He should show off his one tooth before it also disappears....

1349 days ago


Those guys should make you run the bases and get your ass into shape, Charlie. Keep at it and get your body clean--get well, Charlie.

1349 days ago


Milton Bradley, the most spoiled, ungrateful athlete in professional sports and that is saying something. A waste of human space. The other guys are all touching shoulders and he is just hanging off the end. Even they don't want him in the photo.

1349 days ago


"Coco Crisp" is the kind of name Charlie likes.

1349 days ago


Milton Bradley???? :) :)

1349 days ago


He looks like he is 100

1349 days ago


Oh hey Everybody!! We're supposed to like Charlie Sheen now that he kissed a baby and shook hands with the President!

We can now forget what a total douche bag he is! Hooray! We are all idiots! Let's watch CBS.


1349 days ago


i get your first reports , on charlie , but truly why not give the guy a chance to get well , the more you write the more you distract on his progress , your pretty much setting him up to fail , Harvey I would think you would have a bit of class ,when people are going thru hard times , and trying to get well , the last thing they need is a reminder as to why they are there , i think they know , why not let it alone and see if he can heal and most important , for his kids , dont keep on his ass because you dont have anymore lead stories , , we get it, we got it , move on to someone else ,

1349 days ago


charlie wants the tabloids to shoot...as many pics as possible now, as the "home rehab people" are supposedly at his house, and his snowy white, unhealthy face is around...this is NOT REHAB..pics with his twins, baseball etc...HE NEEDS 90 DAY REHAB...DETOX ETC..COME ON..LETS GET REAL please stop all this b. s. and not waste this space. these people will clear out at the end of feb..the tv show starts back, and he will again be back with his hookers and cocaine and alcohol..DO YOU THINK WE ARE BUYING THIS, LIKE HE AND HIS SICK MIND DOES....WHOA.

1349 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    


1349 days ago


Eric looks like he could still play.

Martin Sheen looks alright....wait that is Charlie? Whoa maybe the drugs are not his problem but osteosporosis. Nice posture.

1349 days ago


One more thing , and look what the cat brought in , all these porn s*** , any 15 min of fame they will take , , there are some that well have a bit of class , not much , but when you relize the kids , its pretty sic , , I am just saying enought is enought , let it rest , let him try and get better , your pretty much trying to make him fail and that not what a good person does , . and i am sure its not a joke for his kids , one day they will have to read all this crap , i dont know if you can live with what it might do to them , I thought helping someone , was better then helping them digg there grave , And i truly thought prez was ad at one point , he took the high road , no more bulling , , and back to you , are you really putting a story out there or are you trying to get him to relaps ? just saying , Just mabey take a few days off of them to let them try and heal you be better for it

1349 days ago
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