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Charlie Sheen Talks Drugs To UCLA Baseball Team

2/10/2011 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen almost hit a home run today, and no porn stars were involved -- and, he also talked to UCLA baseball players about drugs.


Charlie -- a baseball fanatic  -- went to UCLA for batting practice with some Major League Baseball heavy hitters -- (from left) Coco Crisp, Eric Davis, Brandon Watson and Milton Bradley.

After batting practice, UCLA's head coach John Savage asked Charlie to talk to his team about drug use.  Charlie obliged and got a standing ovation from the team.

As for his batting skills, Brandon says Charlie -- who showed up with his own bat -- almost hit a homer.

Finally ... some wood that won't get him in trouble!


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No Avatar


WHEN will this guy grow up?? Usually guys like this tend to settle down once they get older...But not Charlie Sheen!! Along with his cocaine addiction--I think he has a sex addiction!! You always hear about him carousing with strippers! I bet he's had some STDs throughout his life!!

All I'm saying is: Charlie...take a lesson from Robert Downey Jr. and clean up your act!

1246 days ago

Gayle James    

Charlie Sheen is such a mess. Is this his good deed for the day? Did he tell the players to take drugs and do porn? TMZ I am so tired of reading about Charlie Sheen. Is this how he spends rehab? Ugh! Such B.S.

1246 days ago


Charlie must have the same PR team Lindsay does. Somewhere along the line they must learn to "Shhhh....". No photos, no quotes, now tweets. Just shut up, and if you're going to make a come back, do it. If not, shut up!

1246 days ago


I think it's a bit early in Charlie's recover to be giving advice- especially when only days ago he was referring to doing bumps of coke of a hookers azz as 'a guy being able to do his job AND have fun'.

But when he was younger,he was a pretty good baseball player/pitcher ( I think he was even scouted for the minors). It helped get him a role in Major League.

1246 days ago


If Sheen's last bender was two weeks ago, he can't even pee clean at this point. Why would any coach want someone, who couldn't pass the same piss test his own athletes must pass, talking to them about something he's not even clean of himself? That's like getting a "stop smoking" lecture from someone with half a pack of Marlboros hanging out of their mouth.

For Sheen's sake, and for that of his children, I do hope he can get clean and stay clean.

1246 days ago


Charlie keepin' it real for black history month.

1246 days ago


In one week he's doing drugs and in the next week hes's lecturing on drug use. A bit premature. Only in Hollywood can this type if idiot exist.

1246 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

(from left) Coco Crisp, Corn Pops, Cracklin Jones, Hasbro and Milton Bradley.

....and then Bristol Failin spoke to the group about sexual responsibility

1246 days ago


Almost hit a homer, my friggin arse. That little weakling couldn't hit it out of the infield. Trust me, I know.

1246 days ago


Picture's caption: Charlie Sheen anticipating his next jail sentence was getting a jump start on community service by talking to MLB Players about drugs. Not only did he talk to them but he confiscated some he found. He later told authorities he lost the stash and wasn't sure what happened to it.

1246 days ago


An anti-drug talk by Charlie Sheen? Was he about 20 minutes clean?

1246 days ago


Someone needs to give HIM a drug lecture. WTF. This is crazy.

1246 days ago


Mr. "Reebok" doesn't look too happy to be there . . .

But, then again, . . . neither does Charlie!!!

1246 days ago


Baseball player names are becoming a joke. It makes me feel like I'm 10 years old. I can have Coco Crisp for breakfast and later play a Milton Bradley game with my friends

1246 days ago

MJ is LOVE    

This sounds good, I hope Charlie will work hard to stay sober and do whatever it takes to stay sober. He has a lot of work ahead of him, but many people have fought addiction and have won.

1246 days ago
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