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Charlie Sheen -- Divorce Is Set

2/10/2011 3:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller have filed final divorce papers, and now they just have to wait it out a few months before they're officially former spouses ... TMZ has learned.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Divorce

Charlie and Brooke filed their papers Thursday in L.A. County Superior Court.

Under California law, a divorce decree isn't granted until 6 months after the papers are filed, so they will be officially single on May 2.

TMZ obtained the divorce settlement docs in which Charlie and Brooke get joint custody of the twins and Brooke gets primary physical custody.

Brooke will get $55,000 a month in child support.  The settlement states that "Under no circumstances shall the child support paid by Charlie for Bob and Max be less than the child support paid by Charlie to Denise Richards for Sam and Lola."

Brooke will get a lump sum parting gift of $757,698.70.  She'll also get $1 million for her share of the family homestead, which Charlie gets to keep.



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I guess this means the porn star mansion will be going down the tubes.

1350 days ago


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1350 days ago


white trash train wreck. both should be sent to a nut job asylum and we should be spared from such news. and peeps...quit watchin his show...coz everything u watch it, you encourage a nut case like him to continue acting in the manner does. shame on abc or cbs..which one it is...for even casting that show.

1350 days ago


Aah, the picture of distress so suits this story lol!! She gets $1mil 754k financial in total but ooh, ooh, $55k a month in child support - that is if SHE can manage to stay out of rehab too lol!! Another golddigga bites the dust lol!!
Perhaps she'll be able to join the Housewives divorced show along with Camille Grammer, mentioned presumingly jokingly in another item on TMZ - if they're serious it's time to tune out from t.v permanently lol!!
Now Charlie FTLG! don't marry anymore and then it's F*** all anyone's business who you're sleeping with (cough, cough!) lol!! Just sort out the addictions, for your own sake - but hey, you can screw your life up too if you want to you're a grown man!!
Sociopaths are Sad Child Support until the kid is 25 can't even be enforced by law on us little ol normal folks, 21 is the max as I recall and if the kids decides to legally emmancipate themselves in court the money dries up then and there lol!! Though I'm sure that's not a likely scenario lol!!
BTW National Enquirer is stating Martin Sheen has warned Charlie he'll go for a conservatorship like Jamie Spears did if Charlie doesn't get himself sorted out! That's a reason to party on it's own, nothing worse than having your own money controlled by someone else - psst Charlie, offshore bank accounts lol

1350 days ago


white trash train wreck. both should be sent to a nut job asylum and we should be spared from such news. and peeps...quit watchin his show...coz everything u watch it, you encourage a nut case like him to continue acting in the manner does. shame on abc or cbs..which one it is...for even casting that show.

Posted at 6:34 PM on Feb 10, 2011 by telltruth

well then dont watch it!!!!!!! go protest anti abortaion or something

1349 days ago


It six months after the Petition is SERVED, not the settlement filed.

1349 days ago


Why r people such HATERS? yes he has lots of money, but the guy has alot of problems, obviously, money can't solve everything.
N it doesn't buy you happiness! Yeah this guy has alot of money, but he obviously isn't happy. Another child actor gone bad, another kid whose father is a star, gone wrong. I feel bad for him and mostly his KIDS and EX-WIVES!!!!

1349 days ago


Brooke: "Charlie, where's that thumb been?!"

Charlie: "Uh......."

1349 days ago


Poor guy... i wish the best for him... the stress of having 2 crazy bitches for ex-wives will kill him!

1349 days ago


Fred Farkle, get out much?? Sad to read about your woman leaving you cause you got fat and couldn't keep a job and you used to beat her upside the head for opening her mouth, or if she didnt grab a cold beer for you from your trailer fridge quick enough..... oh, you didnt actually write that, but its obvious from your vile rants .... Shut The F U C K Up

1348 days ago

Jogos de Pc    


Lock up the hookers and porn stars! Charlie Sheen's gonna be a single man again soon...

Jogos de Pc

1348 days ago


Kudos to Charlie,,,Stay healthy and dont change a thing!! Ur the man my host from the other coast,, u r the man!!

1348 days ago


Charlie is too damn old to be acting like that. I use to party like Charlie but the day I found out I was going to have a daughter ,it all stopped. I realized that I finally had something to live for and boy was I right. She is so beautiful. Not just she is my baby beautiful but beautiful in anyones opinion. I am a blonde irish american who was lucky enough to marry a gorgous Colombian woman . So now we have a little blonde headed colombian girl . Shakira ain't got **** on this little girl . She is 3 now and we all have a very good and happy life.

I love Charlies show but he is a fk up to keep acting like this .He should think of his children first and last .

1348 days ago


$55,000 a month support from Charlie should keep her well medicated and with plenty of kinky sex partners to last her a lifetime. Oh yeah and whatever is left over will go to the multitude of Nannies who will be raising and looking after the kiddies.

1347 days ago


Keeping Charlie and the children Bob and Max in my prayers.Beautiful children and God bless them.

Charlie fan

1347 days ago
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