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Lindsay Police Report Pokes Holes In Jeweler's Story

2/10/2011 11:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The police report detailing how Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace from an L.A. jewelry store shows two puzzling  inconsistencies in the jeweler's story -- inconsistencies that could help Lindsay beat the rap.

According to the report, obtained by TMZ, the jeweler first told cops Lindsay had been in the store three times before the alleged theft -- looking at the necklace in question. The next day, the jeweler changed her story and said it was actually a ring Lindsay had been eyeing on previous visits and never looked at the necklace.

And there's another inconsistency.  According to the report, on January 23, the owner told cops, "The surveillance video revealed that as Kaman [owner] was talking to Lindsay's male friend, Lohan reached up to her neck area with both hands, removed the store necklace, and placed it inside her black Chanel bag." 

But the next day, the owner changed her story, saying Lindsay walked out of her store with the necklace around her neck. The reason for the inconsistency -- the owner claims she reviewed the video on a different monitor the second time and saw it differently.

The jewelry store owner's credibility is crucial because Lindsay claims the owner loaned the necklace to her.


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OH CRAP!!! And HERE ladies and gentleman, is the
ice she will skate on.

1350 days ago


Yea, its called casing the place.

1350 days ago


eye witness reports are always conflicting.

the tape tells the story.

loserhan stole it. she knows it. if she was oh so innocent no way would she plea bargain.

1350 days ago


Tmz you guys are dumb.. even eyewitnesses get it wrong.. the video doesn't lie. I'm sure it shows exactly what happened. If it didn't it wouldn't be a charge to begin with. WHy are you guys trying to get her off? So you can have another exclusive story about her?

1350 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Typical. CA has the most stupid people, law, and police in the world. 2nd only to the Middle East.

She will beat this charge as every other charge as usual. The only way she learns her lesson will be a death by drug OD. Hope that comes soon because she is old tired news.

1350 days ago


OMG that's it I can't take this BS anymore...I just hope she rots in hell...I'm out.

1350 days ago


At first I was quick to condemn her, and I'm not saying she doesn't have HUGE entitlement issues. However, people do try to set up celebrities. The other day, a couple saw Gary Busey drive by, and falsely reported he was drunk driving erractically. They did this so they could get pictures of him being stopped by the police.

1350 days ago


If Lindsay listed her assets it would look like the following.

1. 500k worth of high end designer clothes and bags
2. 16k cash stuffed into ceiling panel of rented apt
3. IRS tax lien 1,500,000
4 600,000 credit card debt
5 No cars, leased sl63 amg
6 various loans
7 225 Herbie fully loaded DVDs
8 12 signed Speak CDs for sale on ebay
9 vibrator

1350 days ago


WHY was this case filed and especially as a felony ? Seriously

1350 days ago


not that I care about this girl... but I think she is innocent in this one.

1350 days ago


What the jeweler remembers about prior incidents does not affect LLs state of mind on the day in question. The only interpretation of what was seen on the monitor that matters is the one by the jury. It also doesnt matter if it was taken by mistake, when the mistake was discovered (a couple of hous later maybe) she should have returned it. She didn't. She has entitlement issues. This will plea out anyway, she cant risk prison.

1350 days ago

JVM Fan    

Speaking as a former pill head, Lindsay is NOT sober. She is TOTALLY STRUNG OUT on prescription drugs. I can see it!!!!There is a book called "Addict Nation" (written by sober TV Host Jane Velez-Mitchell) which has a whole section called "The Pharmers" discussing WHO profits off Americas addiction to prescription drugs. Lots of interesting data in this book. Amazon has it or

1350 days ago


Do you remember every little thing when you are trying to remember it? I could easily see looking at a video later and going oh yeah - may even have been a different necklace. Fact is, video surveillance tape doesn't lie. Either she stole it or she didn't, she walked out of the store with it on or she didn't.

1350 days ago


Just submit the tape already.

1350 days ago


Last night she was given a pearl necklace!

1350 days ago
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