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Aerosmith 'Crazy' Model -- Arrested on Rape Charge

2/12/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dean Kelly -- the ripped ex-model who skinny dips with Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's 1994 music video for "Crazy" -- was arrested on Monday on suspicion of rape ... TMZ has learned.

Dean Kelly Arrested

Law enforcement sources tell us, 39-year-old Kelly allegedly lured an unidentified woman into his New Orleans home last November ... where he got her drunk, and then raped her.


The incident wasn't reported until last Friday, which explains the belated arrest. Kelly was released on $35,000 bail.

The Tulane University Police Dept. had been looking for Dean Kelly, aka Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt's character in "Fight Club"), who allegedly had been trying to get girls on campus to pose for nude photos. The Tulane P.D. helped capture Kelly and now authorities in the rape case want info from the Tulane students.


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Brittany and Megan    

N-- he did the same thing to both of us. we feel so sad for this girl and to all the other girls. he used to send us what seemed to be mass message texts trying to lure us out to places, and we googled his numbers, because it was always from more than one. And sure enough the internet is rife with dirt on him. Absolutely terrifying. WE hope that the police finally get him this time

1352 days ago


#2, a 'He said, She said' is enough to get him into trouble esp if she starts to cry even if their crocodile tears (fake)... He better get a Highbrow attorney...He's gonna need it!

1352 days ago


But! If he's Guilty of Rape, then he deserves to be put away for a Long, Long Long Time!

1352 days ago


She must have been dancing on the wrong pole while with him. Suspect the incident never happened being report so late.

1352 days ago


Sounds like the cops are on to him and trying to build a solid case and encouraging more to come forward. I wonder what he does for money? Conning women out of cash? It makes sense that the guy came from money and relied on his looks but also had a twisted side. I'm sure they'll nail him.

1352 days ago


Maybe he's crazy?

1352 days ago


There appears to be some issues with the party charging Dean Kelly. First, she waited a very long time to report this to the police. Second, she seems to accuse Dean of getting her drunk when infact she did the drinking. Third, it was not his house and one would presume he didn't have the ability to control those who came onto the property. Fourth, his parents are very rich and would bail him out if such charges were levied. Fifth... I could go on but I think if we really do take rape seriously than we really DO want to make sure we don't allow some people to abuse the charge. In the end this girl will be paid off and go away. Other women will suffer because of this abuse of the Justice system. Sad case really for all involved.

1352 days ago


Just an FYI for you folks, Dean apparently loves to go online as pose as someone he is not in defense of himself as evidenced by some of the comments above. He is here, on TMZ, posting under fake names in attempts to defend his name and you can tell by his notorious posting style. I won't give away his telltale traits that would then perhaps cause him to force himself to change, I'll rather himself continue to implicate himself so obviously.

The guy sounds like a complete nutcase, comes across as a nutcase, and it's sad his parents didn't give him a proper upbringing and I'd wager bailed him out of every fiasco in life. You reap what you sow, Dean. I don't know you man to man, but as a real man that would never disrespect a lady, I say have fun in jail. There's other real men there waiting for you.

1352 days ago


i remember meeting this guy in vegas in 01. he took me and a few girlfriends to a maxim magazine party at the rio casino... he did seem kinda weird.

1352 days ago


I know him. I used to like him but he ended up scaring me. It is truly sad. How does someone like him turn ot like that?

1352 days ago


Notice how many times he is called out here for his fake accounts:

1352 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

Hours later and this is still the headline article? Come on TMZ - slow news night?

1352 days ago


Annoyed in MD is Dean.

1352 days ago


Why is TMZ even wasting their time and web space covering this. This guy is a lunatic. Egypt changed from a civilian dictatorship just to fall into the hands of a military dictatorship. Those military man are not going anywhere. they want power...they like Israel so the US and Israel will be pushing to keep them in power. Lol. get in the gym and do what you have to do. here's a list of ab workouts for women you can start with free youtube to mp3 converter

1352 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

Godsub20 - that is really funny...I am a married man with a sleeping wife and a one year old upstairs. I live in Maryland - good try though.

1352 days ago
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