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Charlie Sheen -- Negative on Drug Tests

2/14/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been clean since he went off the rails two weeks ago in his 36-hour romp with porn stars -- and he has the drug test results to prove it.

Sources directly connected to Sheen tell us Charlie has passed two drug tests since he began his in-home rehab -- one taken this morning and the other last week.

Charlie has a team of addiction specialists working with him at his home, some of whom he has known for 20 years.  The lead specialist is nationally known and someone both Warner Bros. and CBS signed off on.

The two drugs test results are being forwarded on to Warner Bros., which is monitoring Charlie's progress to determine when "Two and a Half Men" can go back into production.

Sources say Charlie "feels great," is actually enjoying his newly-found and hopefully not temporary sobriety and is "itching to get back to work as soon as possible."


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Afterward, he text Kacey back.

1351 days ago


nameless bullcrap

1351 days ago


well idnt that gravey ----

1351 days ago


On the other hand he is consuming five ho's a night!

1351 days ago


Thank you Charlie....keep it up

1351 days ago


No surprise. It is easiest to be clean at first when you have a team of people monitoring you. In a month or so when he's on his own again will be the real test.

1351 days ago


Hey Charlie,

Get tested for Pyroluria -- common metabolic problem in addicts. And very easy to treat. Without treatment, life only gets worse and worse. I have it myself. Amazing what a difference getting treated makes. I used to have that crazed, scared look in my eyes too.

1351 days ago


print something when he is drug free/alcohol free for a year.
Oh and porn free.

1351 days ago


TMZ writers need to proof read their work. There are many mistakes in grammar. If they read it after writing it, they would probably be able to correct it before you put it out on your website.

1351 days ago

Davey Boy    

Jeez, some of you folks. Baby steps for an addict are in fact steps in an overall direction. I can't stand his show and am not a fan of Sheen, but I am rooting for anyone to change their life around for the better.

Keep it going, Charlie. Godspeed.

1351 days ago


unsubstantiated, unsourced PR TEAM LIES!

1351 days ago



1351 days ago


Charlie Sheen "used up" his goodwill with intelligent viewers years ago....he's been riding on the marginal viewers who would watch meat rot.


1351 days ago


This won't last much longer. Someone please put this rabid dog down

1351 days ago


Amazing. Wondering how fast it left system after reading this article.

There is a bit of misinformation out there and that is cocaine is out of your system in 2-3 days. Well while that might be true LABS DON'T TEST FOR THE DRUG ITSELF. Yes, that is true, they look for the metabolite. A metabolite is something that the body produces when it ingests something, in the case of cocaine it is "benzoylecgonine" that will stay around long after the drug is gone, up to 30 days for a frequent user. THE DRUG ITSELF can stay in your bloodstream up to 72 hours. It can stay in your urine for about 2 or up to 7 days after single use. Habitual or chronic use can be detected in urine for up to 12 weeks depending on quantity, duration, and frequency of use.

Cocain can stay in your hair up to about 90 days. But there are also information that cocaine can stay in your hair for about 25 years after you only take it once.

What can be done to remove cocaine out of your system?

And we know that modern tests are able to detect a lot of drugs in the blood, urinary tract or hair, which can remain in the body for a long time. And you all know how awful consequences may be if you will have to fulfill the test in such a situation. All of us came across cases when people lost the work, money, friends or relatives after failing those tests. Very often after the tests people are sent to hospitals or prisons. Fortunately pharmaceutical companies have been providing people with respectable products for years! These products can help clean your body of cocaine. They are great Detoxifying Products for removing cocaine out of your system These products are called Detoxes.

Generally, the work of these medication are based upon certain principles: it cleans your hair, urine and blood - the three main system parts where toxins are stored. There are specific preparations which work only with hair, blood or urine, and also there are complex drugs, which deal with all of them.

1351 days ago
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