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'Two and a Half Men' Crew Furious - Episodes Cut

2/14/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The cast and crew of "Two and a Half Men" have just taken a major hit to their bank accounts, because Warner Bros. has just axed 4 of the remaining episodes ... TMZ has learned.


Warner Bros. was supposed to produce 8 more episodes to end the season, but with Charlie Sheen out, it set production behind.

Sources connected with the show tell us ... show creator Chuck Lorre has decided he only wants to produce 4 more episodes when Charlie comes back, and the crew is pissed.

One crew member tells us, "We've been left in the dark and now we have no pay for 4 episodes and all we hear is that Chuck is saying, 'They're not my problem.'"

Sources say Charlie has told people he was willing to work weekends and beyond the scheduled wrap date to make sure all 8 episodes were produced. 

As for the schedule, we're told the show will go back into production on February 28.  The remaining 4 episodes will be shot on March 4, 11, 18 and 25.



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The crew of “TWO and HALF MEN, ask the people who’ve been unemployed for four years to tell you how they get by. We don’t feel sorry for you. You earned millions of dollars a year for the last seven years. You have some nerve to complain about four weeks of unpaid leave. Especially when third of the nation is unemployed and the other third is homeless. I PITY THE FOOL!

1310 days ago


Putting some peer presure on Charlie.

1310 days ago

Jeff Wannall    

Didn't you guys report that Charlie offered to pay 1/2 or a 1/3 of the casts' salary while he was getting treatment? What happened with the exec's stepping up and matching Charlie's genorosity? The guy can do no right in your or the publics eye. Get better Charlie your show is great

1310 days ago

Jeff Wannall    

Didn't you guys report that Charlie offered to pay 1/2 or 1/3 of the casts' salary? What happened to the Exec's stepping up and paying the other half??? Get better Charlie your show is great

1310 days ago


There's NO way CBS should let him back to work immediately after he's sought rehab. They have a corporate responsibility to their share holders to minimize risk exposure to litigation, and well as a legal (and moral) obligation to reasonably look after the welfare of their employees.

1310 days ago


This just goes to show all the recent "posters" that his addiction wasn't hurting anyone but him. Addiction has a far reaching affect and his castmates and crew got caught in Charlie's line of fire. Sorry Jack, but I do have to agree with Dana #2, he has only done 2 and a 1/2 because "acting" like a drunken loser male whore really isn't a stretch for him. He needs to go be a father to his children before it's too late and they end up hating him for all the stuff they WILL read when they are older.... Oh look, Daddy couldn't play with us because he was being drunk and stupid with whores...

1310 days ago

Diane K    

Really, people? Whether or not it's Charlie's first or fiftith time he's going to rehab, the point is he is trying. No small feat. And the staff is whining over 4 episodes pay while the rest of America sits unemployed. Get over it.

1310 days ago


I wonder if they are still paying Sheen? Maybe not the way he's pushing to make up episodes. Regardless, the studio just saved half of the cost to produce the rest of the season. They're making money off it anyway so now they're using the Sheen hi jinks to make even more money. No, Charlie your drug problem isn't affecting anyone.

1310 days ago


What a loser! He's made his wives, his kids, his co-workers and his family pay for his stupidity. It's not funny anymore. People are paying for his mistakes. He should pay back every dime in salaries his cast and crew are losing. He can afford it. His dad had class, he's nothing.

1310 days ago

Sad sad    

Oh!!!!!!!!!!!! but none of this was caused from Charlie? This will probably be the last season. Hi five the execs. Someone took a stand. Charlie should pay the rest of the crew 100% out of his pocket.

1310 days ago


He could feature some of the others on the show,it does not have to come to a halt over one bad apple..

1310 days ago


Regardless of their anger at the producer, this is squarely on Charlies shoulders.

1310 days ago

Diane K    

...and comment #32 needs to be deleted. Someone needs to do an intervention on this guy before he commits a 'hate' crime.
Discrimination whether it be straight forward or reverse, should never be tolerated. Shame on you #32

1310 days ago


CHARLIE SHEEN'S House of Cards starting to fall......decades too late.....but falling anyway.

1310 days ago


You all knew he was a snake,when you picked him up.

1310 days ago
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