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'Sister Wives' Valentine's Day -- Table for Five

2/14/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You think it's difficult to get a reservation for two on Valentine's Day? Try making one for you, your spouse, your other spouse, your third spouse, and your new spouse.

Such is the dilemma for "Sister Wives" star Kody Brown. He tells us that in the past, he's spent Valentine's Day with other polygamist families -- since most polygamists don't usually like to be too public about the whole plural marriage thing.

This year, however, is different. Brown tells TMZ since the family is "public about the lifestyle now," he's considering taking all the "Sister Wives" out to dinner together. We recommend ordering a sampler platter.

As for gifts, Brown says he usually gets cards and chocolates for each of the wives and a small chocolate Valentine for his 10 daughters. Brown says he bought Christine a necklace, but still has to shop for the other wives.

Maybe Kay Jewelers is running a buy one, get two free promotion.


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Who on earth would stick their penis inside any of these women! Yuck!

1355 days ago


Who on earth would stick their penis inside any of these women! Yuck!

1355 days ago


what a sick, sick bunch of women. God pity their children..the guy is without saying a jerk..but for the women to be taken in on this must have really low self esteem.I think also, jealousy will prevail sooner or later. I feel also something will happen, and it wont be nice.

1355 days ago


Disgusting, what an insult to women. What happened to the women's movement?

1355 days ago


This man isnt doing it for the "God" thing. Its his ego.... Most others in these type of situations the women DON'T work and the man is the only one that works. Its sad that these women are so desperate for love they are willing to settle then keep looking.

1355 days ago


quite frankly i don't care, if the dude can handle 4 wives, hey go for it..i can barely handle one, so cudos to him..on the other hand, why isn't this guy i jail? last time i hear, this was illegal?

1355 days ago


is this against the law? why arent they in Jail ?

1355 days ago


Stupid women and a sex addict!

1355 days ago


Hello, all, this was quite a Valentine's Day read. First of case you haven't read U.S. health statistics lately...polygamists are not the only ones overweight in this country. There are more fat monogamists in this country than polygamists, and I say that based on the fact that there are more Monogamists...period. Secondly, it takes a VERY strong woman to have a healthy one on one relationship....So God bless those that have a healthy relationship with a man AND three sister wives as well. I feel very sad for those that feel the need to insult people physically instead of taking the high road and using intellect to argue their point of view. I don't know much about their religion and I'm not for it nor am I against it currently. I would need to read quite a bit more about Mormons who believe in the Principle and Joseph Smith before I could own a nickle in that quarter but I am definitely interested...the dynamic is incredible to watch...awe inspiring almost, and I find it quite enjoyable and entertaining. I try to put myself in their shoes and imagine what I would be thinking when my sister wife was out with my husband...or knowing they were in the next bedroom having sex...what would I feel? I guess I would be jealous iniitially but would get used to it evenutally. Or I would go nutso? Or would I be glad to not have to please my man full time all by would be good. I guess those would be the only options really.

I have always loved the HBO show Big Love because it has all the drama of a soap opera plus the dirt of illegal polygamy thrown in there along with religion, humor, trauma, bad guys, good guys, etc. This last season is going off the deep end a little bit but it is interesting to see where they will take it...hopefully it won't get too much more far fetched (though it's not looking good). At least they added my Jake from Melrose Place this season...someone nice to look at while they are torturing my brain cells. Margie was suddenly 16 when they got married and she's going downhill in the smarts department...Barb is suddenly a religious fanatic and going against her faith and Nikki is what? Good? Wearing a halo this season? Really? Not too believable overall but hopefully they will end it better than they are starting this season...but I doubt it and I digress.

Sister Wives isn't about physical appearances, nor about self esteem...lots of women put on a lot of weight after having numerous babies. It's about how four women relate to each other and their shared husband in a plural marriage. We don't have to agree with their religion or buy into it...and you certainly don't have to read the articles or watch the show if it disgusts you so much but have some class and do not judge on appearances because of someone's religious preference. That's just petty and going back to bullying/playground politics. Let's grow up and save the insults for Howard Stern and those who get paid to insult because it's only making you look badly.

1355 days ago


#17- "Polygamy is good for women" - does no one get it that this is illegal in the United States. How are they getting away with this and why are they not being prosecuted. To have this glorified on a Reality show is beyond disgusting. These women need help - not glorifying their religion.

1355 days ago


maybe they should make a once a year excursion to the sexual health clinic to screen for sexually transmitted diseases? Absolutely vile!

1355 days ago


Gross! Sister wives? More like Sister fatties!

1355 days ago


I'd rather have sex with Harvey than any of these gross looking women. At least when Harvey dresses like a woman he tries to look good. It seems all of these women have given up...

Harvey, will you be my valentine?

1355 days ago


the reason none of these people are in jail is because the mormon main church is slowly taking over usa...their in the law...officers..det's..judges..their the gov..their main goal is the same as their joseph smith to rule this country of ours and make it their kingdom..if ya dont believe me take a lookat their "cough"living prophet and others at the head of the church..they rule all the others and the church owns major stocks in major companies..their men in high price suits!!!!
vote no to a mormon president!!!

1354 days ago


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1349 days ago
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