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Charlie Sheen Controls the Fate of 'Men'

2/15/2011 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Charlie Sheen leaves "Two and a Half Men" ...  the show is over  ... this according to sources connected to the production.

Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men

Our sources say if Charlie doesn't come back, his role will absolutely not be re-cast and Warner Bros. would end production immediately.

As TMZ has been reporting, there's a lot of conflict between Charlie on the one side and Warner Bros., CBS and creator Chuck Lorre on the other.

Charlie says he wants to return to work but is beyond pissed that Warner Bros. has 86'd 4 of the last 8 scheduled episodes this season. 

Everyone is braced for the worst, but so far, the show is scheduled to return to production on February 28.



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@Jen Adams then what you are saying is, enable a drug/alcohol/sex addict to be have the way he does and continue to put many other people's incomes in jeopardy...just because it's your favorite sitcom and he's the same Charlie he's always been. Wow, stellar logic.

If the sitcom were canceled and he not allowed to behave in the manner he is guess what?? Another show would take it's place...that means another show would be ramped up to employ the people no longer on 2 1/2 Men. As it is I noticed last night that CBS has already introduced a fledgling comedy with Sarah Chalk that will just so happen to air the same seems to me that they are already preparing for the end of 2 1/2 Men.

1293 days ago


now greedy children sit at the table and see whats on the plate before you put it in the garbage

1293 days ago


Charlie needs to go. He is no one special. He's a druggie and a monster. Why do we promote, exhibit, and condone bad behavior, just to sell ratings. Pretty sick people who do that. I stopped watching his show. In my opinion the network needs to clean up its act. This guy is overpaid and needs serious help just like Lindsay Lohan. They all think they are larger than life. The promoters and advertisers who care about quality of life need to pull out, back, rethink what your doing.

1293 days ago


There is no reason they cannot continue to have a show, at least for a few episodes without Charlie. While he is the star, I can think of several great stories they could do that he is out of town or on vacation, in Vegas or something like that. Jon Cryer is a great comedic actor, and he could carry the show for awhile. I would love to see what some creative minds come up with. If I can think of some great story lines, just think what they could do.

1293 days ago

who cares    

I bet charlie is getting all kinds of reality show offers. Seems that to be the norm for work now days in Hollywood. Though i can say he isn't cured of his coke habit that quick. It will take a couple years yet for him to rehabilitate. I think it is more likely he dies in the next two years.

1292 days ago


Charlie! Please get the help you need . . .
you DO need help!

1292 days ago


Im a hopfull actor, and don't understand the program, That corrupts, AMERICAS CHILDREN, AND IMBARRASES OUR COUNTRYS MORALS,some one decent can not get a job,and the content is demoralizing to our future. CBS should be ashamed.

1292 days ago


I don't want, that they delete the show, because it's very funny and I love it:) But I think Charlie don't have to perform in the series, because he is arrogant and he would learn that he isn't irreparable. Jon and Angus are more better actors, I watch the show because of them:)I don't want Charlie in the series... He is very weak character.

1292 days ago


I heard if Charlie doesn't come back to work there is no show.I just pray that everyone can work this out so there is a show.You Rock Charlie and love you.


Charlie Fan

1292 days ago


Well I just got into watching the show with all the buzz about Charlies escapades - now I watch 3 of the shows a night - of course 2 are re-runs - but I love it! Chuck Lorre is brilliant - the casting and acting in both 2 & 1/2 Men and Big Bang Theory is brilliant - So if it gets cancelled I'll soon be switching to just running DVDS and cancel cable as most shows can't keep my attention - and watching reruns of Criminal Minds has gotten too repetitive - that's my $2/worth!

1291 days ago


Hate to tell you this Charlie, but you are not a 10 anymore. You are just another star that burned out and had to turn to TV to make a living. You haven't done a good movie since WALL STREET. I have been a big fan of yours, and your dad, for years. The way you act now I am just a fan of your dads. You are history.........SORRY CHARLIE.

1283 days ago


WoW People are so judgemental. Has anyone addressed the fact that Lorrie baited him by what he wrote on the slate after the last show and the slate on the show a few weeks ago. Who the hell does he think he is trashing someones reputation in front of all his fans family and friends. Why is Lorrie aloud to say whatever he wants about Charlie but when Charlie tried to defend himself all of a sudden hes on drugs hes drunk hes bipolar etc.....I would say Lorre intentionally tried to ruin Charlies reputation why else would he do it now after years of working wih Charlie why because he wanted to come out looking like the good guy and that he is a better person because of his good habits which he listed on the slate at the end of that show If Lorrie is allowed to write whatever he wants about Charlie reputation but Charle is suppose to just take it and take it and take it from Lorrie and not defend himself

1279 days ago

Betty Jo Mathes    

Charlie you need to apologize to all your fans, we are the ones that make all of you famous and rich! Everybody is so upset with CBS and Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre for ruining 2 1/2 what about us we are the ones that are truly being punished. I love that show and watch it eveyday, not just to see Charlie(although I admit that's a big part of it, he is such a handsome dog) but Alan, Jake, Berta, Evelyn, Rose and Judith and now Herb. Somebody needs to take our feelings into consideration and rethink this disaster! I want Charlie back!!!

1270 days ago

Betty Jo Mathes    

Charlie can't you understand that you "Are the Man" and every man in this entire universe is jealous of you! Not just every man in Hollywood and every man in L.A. every man everywhere. Of course all that jealousy, all that green with envy is going to surface, come on Charlie you should be use to this by now. You do not need to explain yourself or try to make this world understand who you are, you are in this world not of this world, read your bible! You are giving them exactly what they want a chance to label you and call you names, so they can feel better. Let he who has not sinned, cast the first stone!

1270 days ago


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1250 days ago
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