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Charlie Sheen's Dad: His Disease Is Like a Cancer

2/23/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's father, Martin Sheen, says his son has a problem -- and it's as bad as cancer.

"He's an extraordinary man," Martin says of his son to Sky News, "He's doing well, we pray for him. If he had cancer, how would you treat him? This disease of addiction is a form of cancer. You have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift him up."

Charlie himself doesn't appear too worried -- he was spotted on a yacht date with two "goddesses" Monday night.


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hahahahaha you poor ****s, you are just jealous that he has a good life and you don't! i am sitting here drinking and laughing my ass off at your posts!!!

1331 days ago


Addiction is a Disease, so become educated on the subject before telling Martin Sheen to die in hell. It is an incurrable disease just like diabetes, heart disease etc. I can speak from experience because I am a recovering addict, but I know that I will always be an addict. I've been clean for 1 yr and I still think about my drugs of choice every day. Drugs are very powerful, mind altering substances. Before my recovery, I made some very bizzare decisions. Looking back now in disbelief. My prayers are with Charlie!!

1331 days ago


Lay off Martin Sheen; Addiction is a disease just like cancer is a disease for those of you uneducated in medicine. Both need a trigger for the disease to take hold. He knows how powerless he is to change what has so obviously happened to his son; most likely a permanently damaged brain from substance abuse. Smoking can cause lung cancer; abusing drugs and alchohol can cause disease and death just as surely.

1331 days ago


Hopefully when Charlie DOES GAIN A MOMENT OF CLARITY, he'll take out the TRASH and surround himself with real people who matter.
But that is just one issue out of many that need serious tackling.
The partying has changed this man into a addict and hopefully he will accept this for what it is and get it together for his health and well being and also for his family his kids DO NEED their father and hopefully he can do what needs to be done and get out of the fast lane and into a more sensible and productive lane,before it is too late.
Props to Robert Downey JR for getting his life back together--he has overcome his addiction and is still successful and that is also still possible for Charlie Sheen but NOT for the ADDICT he has unleashed on all who know him.
Addiction IS a disease that can easily destroy the addict and can easily over time lead to irreversible damage to the body and/or death of the user.
A COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION of lifestyle must happen to get this wonderful, gifted man his life back and only the strongest of supporters will be there with him to survive through the terrible storm of addiction. I write this from my own experience
of battling the demons of addiction and the greedy,manipulative vultures that surrounded me and almost led to my own demise.
My prayers go out to his family and supporters for having the courage to not give up on him.
Thanks to all who have supported their loved ones and helped them heal and become the people they deserve to really BE!!!

1330 days ago


True happiness requires investment. Pleasure just consumes.

1330 days ago

Tommie Rae    

is this some kind of a publicity stunt? i just can not imagine such an uproar over some tv show? or tv actor? this is just amazing to me that we are getting sucked into such drama. if we ignored this it would pass into the night and all would heal and stop this drama.

1325 days ago


Those aren't "goddesses," they're HOOKERS!

1325 days ago


Anyone with a narcissistic father like that would have had a crappy childhood and probably would have experimented with drugs. He needs to lay of the public Jerry Springer like interviews and crocodile tears, and let his full grown son alone. I can say from experience that AA does not work for at least fifty percent of the people who are court ordered to go to it,(which is a violation of separation of church from state, demanding that you worship a higher power). This attitude that AA takes is bad for self esteem and many people do better once they realize that they are in fact, not powerless over a substance or alcohol, they have just been told that and made to believe it.

1311 days ago


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1302 days ago


Mr. Sheen could have worded his expressions differently, but I get it. My father has been in recovery for drug and alcohol dependency for over 20 years. Professionals will tell you that substance abuse is merely a tragic symptom of a deeper rooted disease. He is also in remission from stage 3 lymphoma. He'll tell you that the addiction was much harder to fight. Losing him to cancer would have broken our hearts, but losing him to the addiction would have DESTROYED us, and it nearly did. Leave Martin Sheen alone. He's got enough regrets as it is.

1278 days ago


I agree that addiction is an illness just like other diseases. My 49 year old son died a week ago from an overdose. His disease and passing was just as devasting to me as any other parent losing a child.
So some of you holier than thou haters out there passing judgement on Martin Sheen should pull their head out of the sand.

810 days ago


Martin Sheen loves his son Charlie just like all of the rest of you complainers loved your cancer victim. Did people crucify your loved ones for bad choices that could have lead to cancer? Shame on you haters for thinking you and your loved ones are so superior.

Addiction is a disease that started out as a bad choice but led to a disease that can be just as devasting as any other illness, including cancer.

810 days ago
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