Charlie Sheen KISSES New Mystery Babe

2/22/2011 1:10 PM PST

[VIDEO] Charlie Sheen KISSES New Mystery Babe

Charlie Sheen planted a big fat kiss on the mouth of a young hot blonde chick yesterday -- the kind of kiss that says, "I'm involved in a relationship with this person."

Sheen was at an office building in Calabasas, CA -- when the photog asked, "How ya been man?" Charlie kissed the babe ... and then responded, "Winning."

After taking some photos with fans, Charlie locked hands with the mystery lady and walked her to his $300,000 Maybach ... before the two drove off.

The PDA went down just hours before Charlie appeared on TMZ Live ... where he revealed he's got TWO "goddesses" in his life ... though we've yet to see what lucky lady #2 looks like.

Charlie hinted ... we'll find out soon enough.