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Smashing Pumpkins Girl -- New Bassist Isn't on Cover!

2/23/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the girls on an iconic Smashing Pumpkins album cover is calling BS on Billy Corgan for claiming the band's new bassist was the OTHER girl on the cover. Let us explain.


An all growed up Ali Laenger tells TMZ there's no way the bassist -- Nicole Fiorentino -- is the girl who posed for the '93 "Siamese Dream" album shot because:

-- Nicole's age doesn't match. Doing the math, Nicole would have been about 14 when the pic was shot ... the girl on the album is clearly around 7.
-- Ali says the photo was shot specifically for the album, and not a candid pic as Nicole has claimed.

Corgan tweeted Nicole's tale a few days back, but he's either joking with fans ... or Nicole pulled one over on him.


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looks like her to me. GREAT album by the way

1338 days ago


The two cute girls were conjoined twins (hello, Siamese dream?) They were separated with one tragically dying. It is unlikely that the surviving twin has hooked up with the bassist!

1338 days ago


No matter what, that is the album of my life. What a wonderful ride... Anger, Hope, Love, Joy, Sadness, Remorse, all together.
I Wish they could make it one more time...
Greetings from Portugal!

1338 days ago


cute kids,sucky albumn

1338 days ago


anyone else confused ?

1338 days ago


I love seeing Smashing Pumpkins news! Its really neat that TMZ talked with Ali about this but I think they should try to get Billy, James or Darcy to give their opinion too. Ask them whats been going on with Darcy too. She got out of jail recently, is she still on drugs?

1338 days ago


The story was unlikely... but it's still a terrible assumption on your part to believe the picture was taken JUST before the release of the album!

1338 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Siamese Dream cover was definitely part of a photo shoot. Most of the photos taken for the cover were included in the greatest hits album insert.

1338 days ago


You all do realise Billy Corgan was just ****ing around with you all and you all actually took what he said seriously.... TMZ are ""geniuses""

1338 days ago


Does anyone really care about this?

1338 days ago

H to the izzo    

YEs i am confused, lol, try to explain this to kacey jordan hahah

1337 days ago


just to clarify, the girls on the album cover arent sisters. i know this because ali and her brother used to go to my dance school and we were in drama together. i remember her being a little girl and saying "i dont know why we are supposed to be twins when we arent even family?" thats a 6 year old for you!

1337 days ago


Too bad Corgan has turned into such an epic famewhore. I guess talent and character don't always walk hand in hand.

1336 days ago

Juan C. Montiel    

I really don't see what all the fuss is about. So what if the new bassist is one the girls on the Siamese Dream cover or not. Siamese Dream is a really good album. It's better than Gish, but I personally think that Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is the best album by The Smashing Pumpkins. You only have to listen to it to see that the band really put their best effort into it. It's the mix of moods in the songs on both discs that make it a musical piece of art. Plus, the album cover's pretty cool too.

1336 days ago

fuck off    

the werent siamese twins look on the cover of quiet and other songs.

1317 days ago

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