TMZ Live -- LiLo's Likely Deal

2/23/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Why Lindsay Lohan will likely go to jail ... plus, will Kim Kardashian get an offer she can't refuse? And, how much hair is too much on a supermodel's legs? We've got the answers on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:45) Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend -- supermodel Irina Shayk -- has hair on her legs ... but does it really matter? Dax weighs in.
(4:00) Everything you need to know about Lindsay Lohan's hearing today.
(5:40) Charles gets props for asking Harvey an impressive question.
(9:45) Lindsay's latest court outfit ... better than the last?
(13:34) Is Charlie Sheen in love with his "goddess?"
(15:25) The return of the TMZ Zebra!!!
(17:45) Carmelo Anthony joins the Knicks ... Charles is stoked.
(19:30) It's a full blown sports argument now -- so Brian joins the fray.
(23:00) Anna critiques Lindsay's outfit ... and she doesn't rip it!!!
(25:00) Another slow Twitter lightning round!
(27:00) Harvey claims to be a huge car enthusiast ... so Evan sets the record straight.
(29:00) Skype question! Why do people care what Lilo wears?
(36:00) Kim Kardashian in talks to do a big movie? We show you why.