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MJ's Kids Give Away $10,000 to Honor Dad

2/26/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's children definitely have the bug -- the one that makes you give away large sums of money -- because they just helped make a $10,000 donation to one of MJ's favorite charities.


Earlier this week, Prince, Paris, and Blanket presented a check for $10K to the L.A. Housing Corporation -- a group that provides shelter for homeless families. Sources tell us Michael used to take his kids to volunteer with the group.

We're told the massive chunk o' change came from grandma Katherine Jackson's memorabilia biz.

MJ's heirs made the donation on behalf of his Heal the World Foundation. All three of them joined the group's Youth Board of Advisors last year.


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Tina Beasley    

Tara, I read your stuff, but Branca hired a very capable PR team from Citrix and they have been so capable manipulating the fan community into taking on a view that the estate executors wants them to have. Before the executors were given the reigns who questioned the goodness of

katherine jackson
brian oxman
and others...

You see these are people who have good to Michael over the years and now we are being manipulated by Citrix's viral posts framed as grass root efforts...and so many are reposting their vial viewpoint that they are snickering in the background...

1333 days ago


I am glad to see children are embracing their father's passion to heal the world and start by your own city and community. In rich America and rich LA there are people who have a hard time to make the ends meet or just need a little support for what they are doing. Like a scholarship to a child can give him/her the opportunity to get educated, get a job and pay their own expenses. MJ was well aware of that and he did many good things for the inner city kids

But I don't trust that "Heal the world" foundation which is not MJ's. Here is the thing. I looked at the web site shortly after MJ's passing and was very saddened. Michael Jackson did not deserved his memory in his passion to be used in that way. That site had pages defending MJ against child molestation allegations. But that was settled by the time and should have not been mentioned at all. Next thing I see whoever was running the foundation was calling for monthly donations and requiring too much personal info from the donors. In an economic downturn asking for monthly donations is a bit too much. I could easily see that woman bringing donors to court for not meeting the monthly donation without caring too much if they had issues of their own or not. And finally that site had little information about the charity work, like where the donor's money go. This part is taken seriously by charities and they don't say who is reaching out to people on the charity's behalf. Just don't put the personality of the helping people in the spot light. Most charities have this and write regular reports. Look at the red cross for example.

I am glad kids are doing good things, but there will be a lot of work to make a good charity in Michael Jackson's memory. A charity that people will trust and donate without fearing that someone has too much of their personal info.

1333 days ago


An court injunction was issued upon HTWF in 2010 in which HTWF cannot used MJ's name, logo's, etc. in anything on their website.

Legal Do***ents for the Preliminary Injunction against HTWF by MJ’s Estate.

PDF Pg. 11:
Beginning sometime in 2001, Ms. (Melissa) Johnson began her bizarre, unsolicited and deluded campaign to revive and insinuate her way into Jackson’s Foundation, as well as her harassment of Mr. Jackson and his representatives. In a July 2001 letter to Mr. Jackson’s executive assistant, Evvy Tavasci, Ms. Johnson wrote:

“I would not be bothering Michael, nor did I, for Eight years because I just couldn’t fully believe it all myself. But I have seen, in a 1993 near death-type experience, the future of many things.....…Michael will find me, and we will go to work for the Children of our Father. Michael will not go forward with Heal the World Foundation, without me.”
Not only are MJ3 being exposed to Ms. Nutty Johnson, but to Mr. Porno King Mann. What is Katherine’s problem?

Just as the TMZ headline states "MJ's Kids Give Away $10,000
to Honor Dad". Katherine wouldn't part with a penny. She receives $5000 per interview which equals $10,000 from the Oprah interview and the GMA interview. Mann is fronting her $10,000 per month until enough profit comes in from her book. When that happens she has to pay back Mann the each $10,000 per month and after that is paid, she only receives 25% of profits from her business venture with Mann.

Wow, Mann and Melissa Johnson are making money off Katherine and Katherine hasn't figured it out yet. She and MJ3 are fish bait for these crooks.

1333 days ago


Erroneous reporting - this particular HTW organization has NOTHING to do with Michael Jackson: the Estate released a statement to Good Morning America about this, so stop feeding the BS Howard Mann and Melissa Johnson are giving you. Michael's kids are being used!

1333 days ago

Master Po    

The only difference between them being used this way and being used before is now at least they dont have a predator following them around in a surgical mask using them for photo ops.

1333 days ago


there is something wrong with the little one.

whats up with blanket why is not aloud to go to school with prince and paris?

1333 days ago


oh my goodness
you can tell the whole thing is totally a setup
10,000 for donating to cherity? wow ok.
I bet that money didn't come from katherine.

1333 days ago


So Oprah has to use her TV show to do a good thing??? Why bother having a telethone to do a good thing? Why have celebrity endorsements to do a good thing? please just give the BS a rest for a change............

,,,,tmz, haters, clones, internals: MURRAY HAS NO DEFENCE!!!

The real BS is the PR people parading these kids and Katherine out to the public to enhance the Jackson public persona, and getting paid very well for it, by the way. Celebrities get paid for their endorsements, and telethons raise millions for good causes. Many celebrities donate anonymously and they don't use their children to do it either.

1333 days ago


This is for the person that hasn't researched the background on Brian Oxman or Leonard Rowe.

Rowe is an ex-con. He also lost a lawsuit brought against him as a concert promoter by R. Kelly and was ordered to pay $3.4 million. He also had to pay NeYo $700,000. Rowe launched a lawsuit against the William Morris Agency, CAA and other group claiming racism as the reason he couldn’t promote more concerts. On December 30, 2005 ,after losing the case and appealing it, Rowe was finally crushed by a federal appeals court judge. “Rowe spent time in federal prison in the early 90′s for being convicted of wire fraud for his role in the cashing of a fraudulent insurance check. He has had multiple arrests for writing bad checks.”

Brian Oxman, representing Joseph Jackson, wants to file a wrongful death suit against AEG Live. And he is going to accuse AEG of violating the Americans With Disabilities Act, saying that they knew he was a drug addict. Oxman was disciplined by the California State Supreme Court last December, for the second time in a dozen years. He was fired by Tom Mesereau, Jackson’s criminal attorney, for among other things falling asleep in court during Jackson’s child molestation trial.

1333 days ago


This was taken from HTWF website:

Board Members of Heal The World Foundation
President – Melissa Johnson
Vice President – Mel Wilson

Youth Board of Advisors within Heal The World Foundation
Chairperson - Katherine Jackson
Advisors – Joe Jackson, Prince, Paris, Blanket and 3 other children.

1333 days ago


What a nice thing to do :)I Don't understand the politics of the heal the world foundation but these kids did something nice because it was in them to do (something they obviously learned from their father)keep up the good work.

1333 days ago


Thatt's great, bless the jacksons

1333 days ago


1) The State of California and the IRS oversee charities; not Internet bloggers. If there is anything illegal going on with the HTW Foundation, both of these watchdog agencies will handle it. They don't need your dumb advice, or backwards misinformation, to help them.

2) There is a reason for hateful postings about MJ's kids. Michael Jackson sold more albums and has the highest FACEBOOK following of anybody, dead or alive, since June 25, 2009. So the only tool for these no-talent, poor CD selling, low concert tix sales, can't compete/sing/dance, begging for attention Haters, is to badmouth MJ's kids. And like sore losers and cowards, do it on a website. Really . . . Get a life!

Success is the best revenge! For every one (1) hater posting on a website, there's ten (10) out here who love you, and have your backs. All the way; all the time. Keep shining, Babies! Keep shining!

1333 days ago


there is something wrong with the little one.

whats up with blanket why is not aloud to go to school with prince and paris?

Posted at 12:15 PM on Feb 26, 2011 by glory

There is nothing wrong with him. Prince and Paris too were homeschooled when they were his age.
Blankie doesn´t feel comfortable in interview situations. What eight/nine-year-old would? He shouldn´t be PUT in those kind of situations in my opinion.
From video clips which made it out of Havenhurst somehow to Youtube, you can see him as a very lively, outspoken, funny, imaginative and very NORMAL child.

1333 days ago


Michael was always very protective of his children because he did not want them to have to endure the constant lies and garbage that the tabloids would spit out about him. He wanted them to have a normal childhood, one that he never had. It is obvious that he brought them up well. They are very articulate, well mannered and caring, just like their daddy.

Of course, there always the posters that have to spew their hate, even towards innocent children. Let's hope none of them actually have kids and if they do, God help them for having parents like that!

1333 days ago
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