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MMA Star -- I'll Help Chuck Lorre Kick Charlie's Ass

2/27/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MMA badass Daniel Puder is taking Chuck Lorre's side in the "Two and a Half Men" creator's epic battle with Charlie Sheen -- telling TMZ, he'll even train Chuck if he accepts Charlie's octagon challenge.

Daniel unloaded on Charlie in L.A. on Friday -- telling us, Chuck's not even Charlie's type ... because Charlie "usually likes to beat women."

Yeah, he went there ...


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Douchebag gives his opinion.

I will help Charlie beat the hell out of this poser. I am a measly 6'6" friend willing to help out.

1334 days ago


Whatever. Agree or not, you can't insult with anti-semetic over tones on producers in Hollywood as you will find yourself quite undesirable. Sorry if anyone has a problem with that, because that is reality.

1334 days ago

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney    

Mel Gibson does not play dumb about 9/11 either.

1334 days ago


Puder is neither a star, nor a badass...Charlie Sheen is a LEGEND!!

1334 days ago


I don't know who this guy is...BUT I LIKE HIM ALREADY!!!

1334 days ago


really i mean seriously really a dude taking up for another dude to fight if this isnt the epitome of a flake not gay or queer but a flake like it would do all the rest of the dirty bids that the dude wants and i do mean dirt like fowl nasty s***my at whatever rate like any effin' hack of a wh-re that gets an argument going just to prove how much of an wh-re s-ck up it is for a bit of distortion at attention - this dude has to be part jewish there is no other flippin' point right the majority of posters at this site - not that some jews are a problem but just the same it gets old attempting to explain the differance of particular groups of people especially jewish because of the whole anti this anti that because they are not anti anything but that of old laws to get in line for better relations and using others with hoarded money other than as a tool for trade off --------

1334 days ago


Puder is neither a star, nor a badass...Charlie Sheen is a LEGEND!!

Posted at 12:52 AM on Feb 27, 2011 by DarrenBeckley

A legend for smoking his career & family away???? You must be a loser too to defend his crap. Charlie Sheen is dead to his fans! At least he can squander the rest of his $ on porn stars and his equally trashy ex, Mueller (not gonna win mother of the year). That ought to keep him happy for a few weeks.

1334 days ago


HEY themediajerk... he already promotes fighting... he makes a living out of it! DUH.

1334 days ago

Mike L    

The only think Puder can do for Lorre is guarantee a loss. This little ***** couldn't beat anybody. He likes to talk like he's something special, but he's a nobody. He never will be anybody. He couldn't beat anybody, and that includes a woman. Dude either needs to put up or shut up.

1334 days ago


Stay out of it, pea brain.

Sheesh. Like with give a crap what he thinks.

1334 days ago

Jim in Cali    

STFU Puder u troll. You are a loser and as a proud member of Charlie's army we will kick your ass and Lorre's. We are winning the game buddy. Its called "Winning" Check yourself fool.

1334 days ago


Daniel who? No wonder he has to run his mouth about Charlie's situation to get any attention. lol

1334 days ago


Publicity stunt fail, NEXT!

1334 days ago


Charlie has a hard time even walking. The only thing Charlie will be fighting is his body's increasingly dominant desire to shut down completely. And that fight ends quickly with a scared look and a death rattle.

1334 days ago


that knob-smoking nobody daniel "who?" puder is an arse-clown loser - a total come-gummed F@&&ot nancy-boy!

1334 days ago
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