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Brooke Mueller

Shut Down In Custody Fight

3/1/2011 8:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller couldn't get her kids this afternoon ... because cops told her the custody arrangement she signed put Charles in Charge -- at least for today.

Brooke Mueller Charlie Sheen
Sources connected with Brooke tell TMZ ... she's upset that Charlie Sheen is cavorting with a porn star and an Internet model, and feels the twins shouldn't be around the group.

Charlie, on the other hand, is telling people he questions Brooke's sobriety and thinks the kids should be with him, because he's sober.

Charlie tells TMZ ... he's angry at Brooke for stirring the pot and thinks her move today -- going to the cops to try and get the kids contrary to the custody order -- is "absolutely ridiculous."

Lawyers for both sides are already involved, and the dispute shows no signs of resolution.



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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Just think of all the other kids out there that are worse off that we never hear about unless it's too late. People are bitching about no interventions, no this, no that. First of all, there were attempts at family interventions that were ignored. Charlie is 45 and unless he wants to cooperate, they are futile. I would guess that with all the publicity, CPS may have their ears ****ed (no pun intended), but there are factors regarding Charlie that only the people who know him well, know about. We only know what we perceive and I am not saying I don't have certain personal opinions, but............

1295 days ago


CPS needs to step in since it seems no other relative, on either side, is looking out for these children. Both Charlie and Brooke are not competent at this time.

1295 days ago





Poor kids - I wish the local police would bust this nut before he hurts the children too.

1295 days ago

steven katona    

bravo charlie! she's jealous and hurt. its time to reconsider what winning is and make sure you take care of all your ex's. you created this charlie now take care of your women. she's obviously still in love with you and has had two kids by you. please reconsider your values and make sure to give her ample room to negotiate a new way of life for herself. she's a beautiful woman and you've gotta balance this. try harder charlie! she's a hurt woman that needs your care. not everyone can snap their fingers and change their lives. you need to help those you've influenced. keep your head up. you'll take the moral high ground. take her out for dinner and ease her worried heart. she's still in love with you! let her know you still care! be good to her charlie! she's the mother of your sons!

1295 days ago


His funeral will be the best news yet...besides, he's already dug his own grave.

1295 days ago


God, are these poor kids doomed. The drama will never end until one of these wayward adults kicks the bucket. There is no winning answer for poor Bob and Max.
Never thought I would say it, but I am starting to respect Denise. She's not dropping the girls off with the whores, is she?

1295 days ago


I feel so badly for the kids/having said that it seems that the Mom went to the police Station very publicly thinking perhaps with all the TV/etc they would rally to her side. Kind of out there/why not just quietly call the police and see what can be done. I am always hesitant when one goes wide open when custody is involved I fear that there might be an additional agenda.

1295 days ago



1295 days ago


One of the "godesses" was arrested last month for a DUI. Not exactly a role model either.

1295 days ago


Didnt Brooke just get outta REHAB recently?? any judge would hand over kids to her.

1295 days ago


How sad for these kids.....babies actually. He may be sober today, but I doubt the court would agree that he is in a situation to have the children. If someone was knowingly doing drugs, and hanging with porn stars having parties with all of them, the children would be removed immediately. Brook must have a serious problem of her own, or they would be with her already full time. Maybe because he's got all these people at the house watching them (his words), they feel they are safe. But it's a toxic situation. Someone else in one of the famiies is going to end up with those children. Maybe Denise should try to adopt them....she's the only sane one in the bunch.

1295 days ago



1295 days ago


Jesus, do any of you morons really think that drugged out, alcoholic, I love porn stars and hookers Charlie Sheen is BETTER with two young kids, get real people, have you gone off the deep end with Sheen? No wonder he still has fans, the world is filled with idiots.

1295 days ago


The best thing to do with these two and Mel Gibson and Oksana whatever and anyone else like them is not to give them a forum. Maybe then they will just fade away.

1295 days ago


Brooke is crazier than bats***t. Charlie is the picture of sanity compared to her. And that's not saying much!

1295 days ago
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