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Negotiations with Brooke


3/7/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller negotiated all weekend, trying to hammer out a custody settlement, but sources tell us it didn't happen and now everyone's getting ready for court.

We're told several issues stand in the way of a settlement.  For starters, Brooke insists that a monitor be present whenever Charlie has the kids at his house. And Brooke wants to make sure any current or future goddesses are blocked from exercising parental responsibilities.

We're told both sides are gearing up for a court fight on Tuesday. In order for that to happen, Charlie's lawyers must give Brooke's lawyers notice by 10:00 AM Monday.

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After last nights "I'll sneak up and slit your throats, I'll slit your childrens throats" Charlie isn't going to be allowed to have those kids even WITH a monitor without some serious psych evals. Especially since that was one of Brooks claims that he's twice now threatened to slit her throat/cut off her head.

1293 days ago


We are organizing a grassroots effort to knock Charlie Sheen out of the Guinness World Records by creating a Twitter account and reaching more than 1 million followers in the first 24 hours.

We would love you assistance in helping us reach our goal.

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1293 days ago


@Sonja he also threatened Denise the same way

1293 days ago

steven katona    

i'll be the monitor brooke! i'm more than qualified to deal with charlie!!! we all love you in canada! look for me on tmz brooke i'm too hot for tmz!!!!

(troll nation united).


1293 days ago


Both parents should be monitored. Brooke is no better of a parent, she has cash on her mind, first and fore most BEFORE her kids and crack/booze usually came first, too.

1293 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

#63 Sammie: YOU are the hater, and a stupid one at that. How DARE you besmirch Schizophrenia sufferers by saying Charlie Sheen has this illness?

If you ANYTHING about Schizophrenia and it's symptoms you would NEVER say that. I have a friend afflicted with this illness and you are COMPLETELY WRONG. I have never said this to anyone before, but I hope someone close to you gets this illness so you arrogant, pretentious voice will be silenced. You pathetic bully.

1293 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

#63 Sammie: YOU are the hater, and a stupid one at that. How DARE you besmirch Schizophrenia sufferers by saying Charlie Sheen has this illness?

If you ANYTHING about Schizophrenia and it's symptoms you would NEVER say that. I have a friend afflicted with this illness and you are COMPLETELY WRONG. I have never said this to anyone before, but I hope someone close to you gets this illness so you arrogant, pretentious voice will be silenced. You pathetic bully.

1293 days ago


Isn't it amazing how fearful and responsible Brooke is when she doesn't have a spoon up her nose? She is so worried about her kids, but ONLY as it pertains to their father, not herself. It would be a different matter if she was a responsible person, but despite the most expensive treatment available on the planet, she can't stay away from the COKE, time and time again. And how come only when she is in jeopardy of losing the kids (due to her coke habit) and possibly a big cut in child payments (due to his show being cancelled) that suddenly Sheen is a monster again. Can we really trust the word of a gold-digging drug addict?

1293 days ago


I couldn't get through more than five minutes of the first UStream video, but I just watched 13 odd minutes of the second podcast.

It was....disturbing. Sheen chain-smokes, rambles, is erratic, angry, and disconnected. I've posted this before; I have a close relative who is severely bi-polar (refuses to take meds) and TRUST ME FOLKS---this is EXACTLY what "mania" looks like.

I'd be interested to see what his pulse and blood pressure are 'cresting' at, because at this rate, he is headed for either a cardiac event or a stroke. His father, Martin Sheen, was around this age when he suffered a MASSIVE and near-fatal heart attack.

He boasts that he never sleeps, and that he is banging out a grueling workout at 5 am. Newsflash for Mr. Sheen: Those ciggies you are constantly inhaling are putting an enormous strain on your heart (and lungs.) You cannot be healthy AND a chain-smoker.

It is possible that his behavior is the result of drugs; if so, then the drug is definitely something that speeds him up: coke, crack, meth...maybe even weed (isn't one of the goddesses the 2010 "Cali-Chronic girl?") Pot mellows some folks out, but for others, especially those with an underlying mental disorder (bipolar illness, paranoia, narcissism, generalized anxiety) marijuana can put your thoughts, moods and behavior into overdrive.

If I had children with this man, I wouldn't let them within 100 feet of him. Where is his mother? The elder sheens are only in their 60's...isn't there some family member ANYWHERE who is planning an intervention of some kind?

It's hard to feel sorry for Charlie, since he has more opportunity and sheer luck than 99% of anyone reading this. That, and the violence towards women. One sketchy incident where both parties were drunk or drugged up MIGHT be understandable. Sheen, on the other hand, has been dancing to this tune for 2 decades now. Multiple arrests (several of which he pleaded GUILTY to assaulting his female partner du jour), plus many times fighting drugs and booze. More chances to make it right than he deserves, frankly.

The grandiosity and sheer pomposity are hardest of all to least in this writers opinion. Having never done cocaine, I cannot imagine what the effects are on one's sense of self importance. People say you feel 'superhuman' when high; do people also exhibit Sheen's exaggerated sense of greatness?? Is this something normally associated with cocaine/amphetamine use?

I cannot believe that in the years of medical treatment and multiple stints in rehab, that doctors would have missed a diagnosis of mania...and his VERY defenive reaction to the questions about bipolar illness lead me to conclude he has been told this before.

In the end, Mr. Sheen has become a cartoon caricature of himself. He is not the first Hollywood actor to implode; what's unique about this particular situation is that we now have 24/7 media to capture the meltdown.

Were this technology availble in the 1940's and 1950's, the public would have seen similar behavior in many legendary stars...Errol Flynn, William Holden, Humphrey Bogart.

This is actually a fascinating event in pop culture; the private anguish and turmoil of a famous person being played across computers and tv screens daily..with comments to boot.

I stopped watching anything Charlie Sheen did when the reports of his violence towards females was revealed. Out of sheer curiosity, I forced myself to view 10 minutes of 2 1/2 men, and found it to be mediocre. Sheen has occasional moments of good comic timing, but nothing I would deem 'outstanding'...the writing is sometimes funny, but there are probably 50 other actors who could do justice to the same lines and receive just as much audience response.

It's clear that, despite his constant and unrelenting self praise (and its sad that he does not and cannot realize how nauseating that is) he is NOT a great writer. He is repeating himself...the same lines, the same theme, over and over and over.

Finally, I have to end this comment with the following speculation: Sheen has set the bar pretty high with his recent behavior. The typical American viewer has the attention span of a fruit fly; in order to keep people watching, he is going to have 'outdo' his past performances...and considering that that behavior includes racism, obscene language, and death threats, this has the potentioal to get VERY VERY ugly.

His 15 minutes of fame are in the final countdown; how will he keep the public's attention? I shudder to think of how high he'll have to reach; how out-of-bounds his ramblings will have to get in order to NOT become a sad, washed-up version of yesterday's news.

For all his millions of dollars, fancy cars, expensive homes, etc, I wouldn't want to trade places with him. If I screw up, or act in unhealthy ways, I have family and friends who love me enough to step in and yell "Stop!". Sheen is surrounded by 'yes' men...from this "Bob" guy in the latest UStream video, to the high-pitched and adolescent "Rick" in the first one, to the porn stars he pays to stay around him (and if I may enjoy one catty moment, how 'bout some make-up, girls? Natty, you look like an unmade bed with dirty sheets.)

Alice Echols, in her famous bio of Janis Joplin observed that many famous perfomers end up in the unfortunate situation of having "all their friends on their payroll."

My sister works in a psychiatric hospital; after watching one of his interviews, she remarked "if he weren't rich, no one would be paying attention to him...he's just be another psychotic patient."

And that pretty much says it all...


1293 days ago


Good-bye Charlie

1293 days ago

Made it Past 27    

Charlie admitted on 20/20 there are possibly still drugs in the house. That is dangerous for the kids. A monitor won't hurt anything.

Posted at 1:25 AM on Mar 7, 2011 by kylie

No he did not. They asked him if there were any drugs in the house and he said No, none that he knew of.
I watched the interview.

He may come off as crazy....HE'S CRAZY LIKE A FOX!!
Charlie was NOT sure the drugs were gone. If he was, he would have said so. He obviously needs a monitor present. All the experts say Charlie is presenting classic signs of mania, he is INSANE. You should know that if you watched it. He brags about taking large amounts of cocaine. Would you want your kids left alone with someone who is batsh*t crazy, beats women, who is "proud" of his cocaine and alcohol benders (and said he will brag about them to his kids one day), who surrounds himself with sleazy drug addicts, drug dealers, porn stars, and prostitutes?

1293 days ago


Scooped again wiping you off the bottom of a shoe.

1293 days ago


Slipping a bit Harvey? Your competition has "scooped" you once again....but then again, that's what you do with dog crap.

Go for the money shot Harvey. And Charlie's outcome will be on your hands......

1293 days ago

Scott T. Kay    

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't drop boulders from helicopters, especially if they live at the foot of a stone mountain prone to avalanches during earthquakes™ . . . cuz Charlie Sheen-stein and his attorneys will rock their world . . .

My Two Cents™ . . .

1290 days ago


being sent to your crazy Dad's with all your friends as witnesses is how you make the children suffer. The needs of the children to protection should superseds the parents desire for connection which incidentally is usually only a temporary concern as in they only show up when it works for them and not at a time when it's good for the children. I'm sure Charlie knew when his child's bday is/was and planning should have been done before the day; not as a PR stunt after the day.

1290 days ago
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