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Sheen Allegedly Wanted Associates Killed

3/2/2011 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the restraining order Brooke Mueller got against Charlie Sheen ... which led to his children being removed last night -- among the most incendiary allegations ... that he wanted some of his associates killed.


 Brooke also says Charlie "spit on my feet.  He also punched me in the arm."

According to the docs, Charlie allegedly told Brooke he wanted her to give him back $20,000 a month in child support payments  -- "untraceable cash to knock off a few people because the people I hate violently are going to get severely punished."

As for Charlie threatening to cut Brooke's head off and put it in a box -- something we reported last night -- Charlie allegedly said, "If you are having this conversation taped, then consider it done.

Brooke also claims -- referring to the Aspen blowout in December, 2009, which led to the domestic violence case against Charlie -- "I should have killed you when I had the chance!"

Brooke also claims on the way to the Bahamas, Charlie randomly told people on the plane "that he hated his ex-wife, Denise Richards, violently and he was going to have her hair shaved off."

Brooke says while they were in the Bahamas last week, Charlie blurted out, "I'm untouchable!  I'm Charlie Sheen!  I'm more famous than Obama!"

Brooke also references Charlie's interview with TMZ last week, claiming he's made "bizarre, disturbing and violent statements to the media" and "I believe his rage is the result of an intense mental issue."



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they got the children's date of birth wrong on the do***ents. according to the do***ents, they aren't even born yet. 3/14/20 ??

1270 days ago


ppl need to get a life where do you think they got 2 1/2 men???helllllllo from charlie's real life. ppl acted so shocked that charlie would party get a f@#$ing life and leave him alone the media is trying to britney and linsey him he is a great dad and so he party's once in a while duh he is charlie freakin sheen. im sure he would die before letting his kids be harmed so get a life media and leave him the hell alone and he may sound crazy but he is in the right and i have 3 kids i would die for. brooke is no winner she's a drug addict so get a life and leave the family in peace. the kids are with nannies while he parties duh.......

1270 days ago


Charlie is one of the biggest s***bags to ever grace Hollywood. He is on OJ Simpson level to me - the worst of the worst.

However, why the heck did Brooke even get pregnant with his kids? Charlie being violent towards women is NOT a secret - it has been going on for 2 decades. Once Denise Richards revealed that Charlie was STILL an abusive,perverted sicko -- why would any other woman want to marry him and GET PREGNANT with his children?

But I digress.. in the do***ents - Brooke states that she moved back in with Charlie because he promised to buy her a new house in a gated community and she wanted a better "financial security" for her boys.

So Brooke placed herself and her children back in harms way for MONEY.

While Charlie is one of the most disgusting and vile creatures to roam the earth -- these women who are marrying him, getting pregnant by him, sleeping with him/moving in with him - just for money and fame-- are just as immoral as he is.

1270 days ago


Circling the drain people, he's circling the drain.....

That whooshing sound you will hear is CHUCKLES realizing he's a giant tool bag and instead of "WINNING" he has actually:

1. Lost his JOB
2. Lost his Wife
3. Lost his children
and most important

It's going to be a HARD landing for this dude...

1270 days ago



Hey's John Belushi on the phone, he said to stop by as you SPLIT HELL WIDE OPEN when you arrive!

Toot, Toot, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga.....

Departing...track 5150...from CRAZY TOWN.

TIME: Any DAY now.

1270 days ago


Read the application or the TRO. It is plenty credible. It fits with everything we have read and seen publicly about Charlie. She may have her issues, but there is too much in there that totally adds up.

Also, consider THIS. She says that suddenly, after barely seeing the boys, Charlie wanted lots of time with them (this is believable, since we went from never seeing even a single photo of Charlie with his sons, to him parading them with his porn stars on national TV). As soon as they are spending time with him, he immediately became possessive and uncooperative in sharing custody. This is CLASSIC erratic behavior, and an example of a dangerous man seeking to control those he feels he owns. He travels between extremes--ignoring them, to them being the family people are "trying to destroy, that I will go to war for." He probably started spending time with the boys to fill a void, not to truly be a good parent. And like everything else, became obsessed with it.
The man is a ticking time bomb.

1270 days ago


Brooke isn't a fit mother and Charlie isn't a fit father. Neither one of them need to have the children in their custody! My GOD - Brooke admitted to falling off the wagon just last week! She is NOT stable! Her friends are druggies (her BFF is Paris Hilton - need I say more?)

1270 days ago


#33: Making decisions about your kids safety and welfare, and wanting a secure financial situation for them, is NOT the same as marrying for money. While you are right, these women had serious issues to even get involved with him in the first place, everyone thinks they will change--themselves, or the man.
But, now, being lured into wanting to live in a house in his neighborhood, in a gated community, and with resources for the boys, is not wrong.
Also, remember, creeps like Charlie can pour on the charm and warmth when things are going their way. She probably believed he was being kind and loving to all three of them, and go lured into a crazy plan.
Mr. Tiger Blood does not change his stripes though, and as soon as she did not act exactly as he wanted, the the threats came and the folly of the idea was soon apparent.

1270 days ago


I don't know whether Sheen is "more famous, than Obama"...but he's definitely more interesting!

1270 days ago

LA Native    

He is starting to look like my grandpa...problem is, he's dead.

1270 days ago


He was going to shave Denise's hair off? Crack me up.

I don't know. I think Brooke is embellishing just a little bit!

1270 days ago


Everybody thought Richards was lying too. I'd say she's completely vidicated.

1270 days ago


Charlie said on national t.v. that he and Denise were fine. And Denise has also been very careful and polite about what she has said about Charlie when asked. I don't really think there is any more animosity between those two - not like there was.

Me thinks Brooke has HUGE jealousy issues concerning Denise, the money Denise gets from Chuckles each month, and obviously is jealous of Denise's gorgeous hair - LOL! She said Charlie was going to "Shave Denise's hair off" OMG....gmafb!

1270 days ago


Oh I NEVER doubted Denise for a minute back in the day. NEVER DOUBTED HER. But I do doubt Brooke for some reason.

1270 days ago


And she went to the Bahamas with him last week? Hard to tell which one is the dumbest.......

1270 days ago
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