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TMZ Live -- Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller: It's On!

3/2/2011 6:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What's REALLY happening in the Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller custody battle? We answer this question and 26 more on today's TMZ Live!! 


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(0:00) Mike accidentally flashed crack during yesterday's TMZ Live ... and we made fun of it on the TV show today.
(1:10) The Charlie Sheen restraining order -- why it was so easy for Brooke to get.
(2:50) Charles put on the spot: Does he believe Brooke?
(4:50) Kim Kardashian's song -- how bad is it?
(7:18) Is Sheen an anti-Semite?
(7:55) Harvey has big Lindsay news ... but not for now.
(8:30) Skype question all the way from Sweden!
(10:55) Who are "The Three Wiseasses" who stand in the back? We talk to one of them ... Rick.
(16:00) Should Christina Aguilera go to rehab?
(17:10) Props to Josh for his "Single Ladies" dance.
(20:50) Twitter lightning round: Charlie vs. Brooke, TMZ Intervision, why Max killed his Twitter account, & the Mel & Oksana case.
(27:20) Can Selena Gomez be punished for hooking up with Justin Bieber because he's under 18?
(29:50) Story time with Jason and Harvey.


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were is harvey and charles

1334 days ago


Who thought it was in the "best interests of the children" to take the kids away in the middle of *their* night?

1334 days ago


Here's the deal. If a camera is pointed in your area, pretend it is on even if you "know" it is off.

1334 days ago


Any more 'Dancing with the TMZ staff" today?

1334 days ago

who dat    

Dr. Drew with his celebrity rehab has become a carnival barker, a freak show. No self respecting real doctor would act like that. Time to strip the Dr. from his name.

1334 days ago


The phone text that Brooke cites appears to predate the controversial statement he made regarding Chuck Lorre when he called the Alex Jones radio show. That call took place on February 24th and this text allegedly took place on February 19th. Unless Mueller is psychic and knew he was going to go off on Lorre in an anti-Semitic rant five-days in the future this seems like a kind of odd text to fake. Also, was February 19th supposed to have been the day Sheen fired and rehired Mark Burg? If so, it appears even less likely this text was anything but authentic.

1334 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

TMZ Ego Mike is ugly enough. Don't need to the douchebag close up.

1334 days ago


can you confirm/kill the rumor about jim carrey getting killed in a skiing accident?????

1334 days ago

Politico Pablo    

It's show time!

1334 days ago


Stop the echoing in the audio. Can't understand

1334 days ago


is this echoing for others?

1334 days ago


Why don't ya'll (translation: "yous guys") ask Charlie to prove no other instance of him using the spelling of 'stupid' as Brooke claims he did (ie: "Stoopid") in order to help prove his allegation that Brooke, or someone else sent her the anti-semetic text - At-least it would put some holes in her story, or vice-versa.
*Charlie doesn't seem like he would ever text like a goofy teenager, to anyone, at anytime - it's just not a Winning way to interact! :)

Ps: Can I have a job?

1334 days ago


Since Brooke is getting treatment and her mom is taking care of the twins then do Charlies child support payments got to Brooks mom now?

1334 days ago


Charlie Sheen + Millions + Alien Ego + Old Age + Disgusting Behavior + Vile Speech = An ASSTEROID Imploding and Exploding

1334 days ago


Had sound for a second there, then it disappeared again.

1334 days ago
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