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Charlie Sheen:

You Got One More Chance,


3/10/2011 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyer has given Brooke Mueller's legal team an ultimatum -- either settle up today or face a judge tomorrow ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

Both sides have been trying to hammer out a custody settlement for nearly a week, but negotiations have stalled.  Charlie's lawyers threatened to go to court earlier in the week, but they thought a deal might be close.  Now, it seems, it's not in the cards.

Sources connected with Charlie tell us ... if his lawyers go to court tomorrow and try and undo the restraining order that is keeping him from his kids ... they will pull out the big guns and expose Brooke's drug issues.

Tick tick tick.


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FACE THE JUDGE BROOKE - the Judge is going to be rolling on the floor laughing. So what if she used drugs - it's not going to be any craziness close to Tiger Bloods.....

1289 days ago


Are Charlie's Lawyers on the same drugs he's on? Your nutcase client has plastered himself all over the news admitting to massive cocaine use, has two total bimbos around, rambles like a complete idiot. See you in court.

1289 days ago


WINNING: Like Brooke's drug use is a secret?

WINNING: Like Charlie doesn't use?

WINNING: Does Charlie think the judge is as crazy as Charlie is?

Dug! Winning!

1289 days ago


Brooke is a current and raging addict with no concrete plan to quit using.

Her children should be taken away TODAY.

Charlie is passing drug tests. That makes him one step better choice to have the boys. Or, Martin Sheen but NOT this DINA LOHAN type mother of Brooke's either.

Anyone is better than Brooke at this point except her own mother.

1289 days ago


You are all missing one piece of this matter.

Charlie is NOW PASSING drug tests.

Brooke cannot.

To state that Charlie is using as of today is a lie. The drug tests prove that.

Brooke, by her own admission this week, was using in the Bahamas. She's continuing on with her addiction. He's not.

1289 days ago


If I were Brooke I'd come out and put it all on the table and take the power from Charlie or any of his legal and PR henchmen to use it over her. Take the hit no matter how bad and move on to protect your boys from their unfit father unless and until he proves over a long period he can provide a loving, STABLE, SAFE, healthy environment while in his care. Dont be afraid of the truth's Hollywood how bad can be it be? Whatever you've supposedly done others have probably done and worse. Protect your babies FIRST! You'll regret anything less.

1289 days ago


Both of them need to settle now. How much more grief can we take in a week?

I feel like I need a shower after watching either one of them, gross !!!

1288 days ago


Why doesn't someone just put him out of his misery and off our TV's. It seems his parents are not doing anything. At lease Britney Spear's parents helped her not matter what her age.

1288 days ago


LOSING! Get an island put Charlie Sheen on it, Lindsey Lohan, Mel Gibson, Roseanne Barr, a couple street people from downtown Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, and the guy down the street who thinks he's the real Santa Claus, film it. Call it Fantasy Island II. The plane only comes to drop of drugs, alcohol and tiger blood.

1288 days ago

Debbie did it    

Is either parent going to do what's best for the kids ? Get Clean !! Staying sober doesn't have to cost anyone a single penny....Why do the kids always have to pay with their childhood and happiness when parents over indulge in their egos and addictions? Wake up mom and dad !!

1288 days ago


I had an ex that tried to blackmail me the day before the trial. He lost with a 100 year restraining order against him. The law is not determined by star rating. The best parent for the children must be determined by their mental, physical care. Sorry charlie, brooke is a big fish and will be best for the children. We had money as well, the children got the house, savings, monthly income. I took no money for myself. Just a connection I don't need.

1286 days ago

sandra hughes    

im neeed luv sandie

1161 days ago

sandie hughes    

Were great whers everyone we r here,,,,,,,,sandie

1161 days ago
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