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Denise Richards: Charlie's Too Risky for Our Kids

3/4/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards will not let her two kids near Charlie Sheen because she thinks it's just too risky ... sources tell TMZ.


Denise, we're told, is "disgusted" with Charlie and the way he's living, and believes he would put 6-year-old Sam and 5-year-old Lola at risk.

Denise thinks Charlie is unstable, but also thinks the goddesses should not be anywhere near her kids -- partly because of allegations that at least one of them may be using drugs.

We're told Denise believes Brooke Mueller's allegation that on the way to the Bahamas, Charlie told everyone he "violently" hated Denise and was going to have her hair shaved off.

We're told the day before Charlie allegedly made that comment, he had asked Denise to sit for a photo shoot with him, their kids, Brooke and her kids, along with the goddesses -- and she refused.

We're told Charlie went ballistic at her, sending her vicious text messages, so she believes Charlie was in a state of mind to make the head-shaving comment.

As one source says, Denise just doesn't trust Charlie.



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GREAT head on your shoulders, Denise! This man is showing definitive symptoms of bipolar. He needs help NOW. The goddesses don't give a hoot. He will/is going off the deep end. Such a terrible environment for a child/children to be subjected to. I truly believe he is too unstable for your babies to be around. And you have the right to protect yourself and your children. He thinks he is above he is "god-like". More like a "TRAINWRECK to LOSERLAND". Once again...great parental choices you are making, Denise!

1338 days ago


Charlie got pretty quiet after his lawyers got involved.

This is when Denise gets work, well goes on talk shows and becomes a lil relevant again.

1338 days ago


Charlie comes off as all talk. She does have the right to be concerned but Charlie has made a lot of threats he hasn't dared to try. He should seriously get placed into a mental facility and get him some proper meds and therapy.

1338 days ago


Don`t bother putting 2 1/2 men back on, I`m done with this show, I won`t be watching anymore. Where does he go from here, since he is clearly mentally ill, nobody should be so arrogant and disparaging with people who have given them so much. And he`s aged so much in the last year. Look at what all the drinking and drugs have done to his face and teeth. Don`t let either of this idiots get custody of the twins. Maybe Denise should be raising these kids, she appears hands on and had the good sense to drop Charlie early. Not a fan anymore because I don`t want to encourage this ego tripping loser.

1338 days ago

G. Howie Belches    

Somebody call Martin Sheen. It's time for an intervention.

1338 days ago


more talk show hosts could take a lesson from Criag Ferguson...good analogy.

1338 days ago


JON CRYER, "train wreck" is right.
One week later and it' a media frenzy (big surprise).
I know this is a terrible comparision but like 9/11, we need to watch the footage of the planes crashing into the towers to remind us why the TSA has to do their job, and thank you troops for keeping us " the land of the free."
Sorry, my point is...go back and listen to Thursday's call into "Alex Jones"; it reminds me that this is a person with serious "problems". Watch and listen to the interviews of Denise, Brooke and various other "goddesses" describing Charlie.
I believe them in a second! Because they have seen/done things most of us will never be witness too (let' hope).
Shame on you "Entertainment Weekly", didn't want to use a recent picture. Shame on you "Extra", for having your "who's winning" pole. Take a lesson from Criag Ferguson.

1338 days ago


She was right all along about him. I have said it before and will say it again. TMZ owes her a big apology because they participated with Sheen and his sickos in trying to destroy her and her reputation.

1338 days ago


But doesnt anyone think it is funny! That when Charlie wants to take them with him here and there. Their ass's are right there. Or get them house's. But if the nuts finger points at them they run. Golddigger's. Charlie has a problem! but if you are used all the time why would you trust any woman or think well of them!!! I'm 57 and I see what they are doing! Charlie get help and leave the bitches alone. Pay for your sex and let them go home. Stop having anymore childern!

1338 days ago


# 46 Check it out ! While back but old habits never die ,they just hibernate ! Denise has love for the nose whiskey also !

1338 days ago



Tell me more daddy, what does it mean when you say on ABC national TV "I bang 7 Gram Rocks"?

1338 days ago


C'mon, the guy is always good for getting used until it no longer suites the women.

The way Sheen is acting no judge would side with him. He's no winner here. He may be a great Dad but this current situation is not helping one bit.

The Family Photo was over the top even for Sheen. I completly agree with Richards on this one.

1338 days ago


"Well, son, thats what you get when you cook up and freebase a quarter ounce of cocaine in your bong. When you get close to 18, I'll show you. Of course, I'll be sixty then, but smoking crack is like riding a bike, you never forget!"

1338 days ago


I agree wtih the other poster: Someone needs to give Denise custody of Bob and Max!

1338 days ago


Denise Richards - keeps kids away from Charlie when he's in his manic phase, doesn't want them around the drug-using "Goddesses," refused to be photographed with Charlie and the "Goddesses," made sure she got full custody of the kids back when Charlie was being violent, thinks he's currently unstable, believes the threat he made about her.

Brooke Muller - gives the kids to Charlie when he's in his manic phase, allows her children to be around the drug-using "Goddesses," allowed her children to be photographed with Charlie and Co., still willing to negotiate with Charlie on custody, unknown if she thinks he's unstable, has reported that he's made violent threats.

Interesting comparison between the two former Sheen wives' lives and the lives of their children.

1338 days ago
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