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Charlie Sheen Threatens Custody War with Denise

3/4/2011 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been yakking with Denise Richards, threatening to strip her of child custody ... sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ.  

Denise Richards Charlie Sheen
We're told Charlie has gone on an attack campaign against Denise in the last two weeks, accusing her of being an awful mother, a loser, and wishing her a slow death. 

We're told Charlie is particularly enraged at Denise because yesterday he asked her to bring the kids over to his home to shoot a segment for  "Dateline" today.  We're told Denise refused to bring the kids over, and Charlie went ballistic.

And, sources say, Charlie has communicated with Denise since we posted the story this morning -- that Denise will not allow their kids around Charlie -- threatening to go to court and change the custody order, among other scathing comments.


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Good for Denise. She needs to do all she can to keep her children from being infected by this virus until he gets himself together.

1326 days ago


He shaved his body to avoid a REAL drug test for cocaine.

To understand Carlos, you need to know that EVERY SINGLE THING HE EVER DOES IS A COMPLETE FAKE AND LIE.

1326 days ago


so u surface fo

1326 days ago


uh u need to learn about any of those things u just listed. i can give u an answer to each one of those quotes.

1326 days ago


1.usa =blue blood queen +all the lizards.
2.lockerbie files to gold on bottom floor 911
3.sarah palen + kissenger = winning
4.morgellens imam as a leader anga khan ,dynasty of ganga khan
6.cover up =ur ass all over r tv

thats 6 i will keep going

1326 days ago


i live in a small house and dsit on small furniture. i drive a small car also :)))))

1326 days ago

Rolex sucks    

I'm sort of a renegade commander in the Sheen army. With that being said it's hard reasoning with the Colonel when he's on one of these suicide missions. However, Charlie should leave this woman alone and focus the attention of his ground troops on that Brooke parasite. Fighting a war on two fronts is never a wise military strategy.

Denise from all appearances appears to be the only person who is showing acceptable parenting skills. What the Colonel should do now is let things chill with Denise and work out a very hush hush agreement. Right now he's advancing way past the front lines. It must have been all the Twitter success and now he falsely believes these people are all his loyal troops. When in actuality the number is around 200,000 the rest are just ghouls watching a trainwreck. I have ordered a retreat of the platoon I control in this particular battle and the hell with the Colonel. If he doesn't like it tough!!!

1326 days ago


The weed model has scare crow hair and a f*cked jaw alright! What's up with that? Oh that hair.....get that girl a flat iron!

1326 days ago


Please get better. My brothers and sister need you. You are our father and we look up to you. Do what's best for us. We want you back. Help yourself so we know we can if things get bad for us later in life. We miss you DADDY! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

1326 days ago


weed chick is grinding. thats what its called the other one is normal but as by someone telling me earlier she screwed a chair leg so idk.

1326 days ago


It doesn't matter anyway because when they're told to hit the curb, they will turn on him and spill their guts for a payday, that's not attractive...

Posted at 7:43 PM on Mar 4, 2011 by therock

The one standing in the middle will probably be the first to bolt..she didn't look happy at all. The "I used to ride the bus and have an 8 dollar an hour" chick and her "mostly I watch alot of Two and a Half Men"...pfft.

Hah..and the part where you couldn't hardly see all the people around his table thru the cigarette smoke: "uh, we're just all smoking like this cuz the kids won't be here for a few days"...guess they realized in the middle of taping that it looked like a flop house with a bunch of losers

1326 days ago


Again, everything about Carlos's life currently is fake and a lie, to try to distract from what is really going on.

For example, he says that "I'm ruled by two lovers" ... blah blah.

In reality, he is a control freak with two hired sex workers. Unemployed, losing, and spending the last of his money. Everything he has done and said about his family is fake and for image. He KNOWS he is a loser and is FRANTICALLY trying to hide that.

1326 days ago


Just caught the Charlie Dateline show. He seems to look harden. I do know for a fact that you can get sober at home. I did it ten and a half years ago. I lived with a full blown alcoholic. I watched him go from living on the top to rock bottom in five years. I learned to hate the smell of alcohol. Charlie is right about AA. He doesn't need AA. He has been in treatment enough to know what to do. AA made me want to drink. Dr. Drew lives off of celebrities. His success rate could be 1% if that much. Charlie you know what you need to do to live a clean life. You are doing all of this for yourself and your children. I'm sure the harden look that you have is from all of the pressure that you have from all of these "turds" trying to tell you how you should work your self treatment. Hey all I can say is keep on doing what you are doing for yourself. People just are waiting to see you fail. You don't have to prove anything to anyone but your self. I see you as a winner. Dr. Drew and AA can't top that. Take care.

1326 days ago


ah, groovey the chair leg would have been fine with me, it's the Anal performer of the year that got me.

Posted at 8:10 PM on Mar 4, 2011 by therock
I didn't see it, but someone here said she had an*al with the dining room chair leg. She did it to herself!


1326 days ago


Who is he kidding?! Denise is clearly the better parent and an absolute saint for putting up with him. No one in their right mind is going to give custody to someone as unstable as he is. He's fulfilling everyone's expectations of him with his current behavior. I feel bad for all of his children.

1326 days ago
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