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'Talent' Contestant Sues -- Hotel Hobos Killed My Wife

3/9/2011 9:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former "America's Got Talent" contestant Joe Finley believes a homeless person snuck into a ritzy L.A. hotel and killed his wife last year ... and now Joe is suing the hotel for wrongful death.


According to his lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Finley claims his wife's death could have been prevented if the hotel would have done a better job of keeping out transients.

As TMZ first reported, Joe was questioned by cops after his wife's body was discovered in the staircase of the hotel back in October.

Cops have not officially identified the killer -- and the investigation is still open -- but in his lawsuit, Joe seems pretty confident a transient was responsible for the death.

In the docs, Joe claims the Biltmore was aware that there had been several recent disturbances inside the hotel by "transients and other uninvited third parties" ... including assaults and theft ... but the hotel failed to take proper security measures to keep their guests safe.

Joe claims there were several items in the staircase that suggest homeless people were even living in the building the night his wife was killed ... the items included, "Filthy clothing ... bottles full of urine ... and dirty blankets."

Joe is suing for unspecified damages. So far, no comment from the Biltmore.

Joe's lawyer, Sean Macias, tells us, "The tragic death of Laura Finely was preventable and The Biltmore failed to provide basic security measures and precautions."

Macias adds, "There has been prior serious criminal incidents at the hotel. They were understaffed with security and they had construction on first and second floors where uninvited transients and third parties were staying."


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If in fact the hotel knew of vagrants and unwanted guests causing harm to others, they are responsible. It is their duty to let guest know of such things and provide security. However, the story is shady..

1237 days ago







1237 days ago


Just trying to present an alternate theory to the potential jury pool before he gets indicted for the crime.

1237 days ago


Homeless people do no congregate at the Biltmore, and who hangs out in stairwells at a hotel I think her husband tricked her and set up.

1237 days ago


He better fess up and tell cops it was an accident because any jury will send him to death row. He killed her, then went to his audition. HEARTLESS!

1237 days ago


I think the best thing Joe did was hire Macias. I mean, this guy represented Gourjian in the Conrad Murray attorney issue. Macias has the experience to take up any giant.

1237 days ago


#25 Norm, If I am correct you are dating Mr. Macias' Mother so your thoughts are biased and #39 Lola sounds a lot like Mr. Macias himself using his sisters alias.......Shame on you Mr. Macias for your self serving plugs. I think you have been hanging with Charlie Sheen drinking tiger's blood to much. If I were the Client aka suspect I'd hire Mark Geragos or even Matt Geragos the less famous, but decent attorney, brother of Mark. He has more experience in these matters!!!

1237 days ago


@#40 REALLY? Mark Geragos? The attorney whos celebrity clientale are ALL found guilty! i.e. Winona Ryder, Scott Petterson, Chris Brown, etc. Why dont you get your facts straight before recommending an attorney to anyone!

1237 days ago


@#40 REALLY? Mark Geragos? The attorney whos celebrity clientale are ALL found guilty! i.e. Winona Ryder, Scott Petterson, Chris Brown, etc. Why dont you get your facts straight before recommending an attorney to anyone!

1237 days ago


Uh hello they WERE GUILTY. Not the attorney's fault that the clients were incredibly guilty Julia....DUHHHHH!!!!!!!

1237 days ago


@ Anya
So True...Plan B

Wheres Betty Carroll aka Ishka Marie? Almost like Wheres Waldo?

1237 days ago

texas gal     

I've been to the Biltmore several times. It's a beautiful, top notch hotel and YES there are transients who harrass you every single time you step outside. They even allow them to loiter under the protico area where you wait for the valet to bring your car. It's disgusting. You can't cross the street without being approached for a handout. It's truly harrassment and should be stopped by the city and the hotel working in sync. I don't know why it is allowed. The hotel seems to be numb to the impact on it's guests. I don't blame the man for suing if what he says is true.

1237 days ago

loo loo    

jesus christ mr.finley does so much coke he pisses high carbon diamonds... dude get your guitar and some lucky coins and fly to the philly swamp where you came from... bitch

1236 days ago


#40, Dear John, aka Stannnnnley, Nice Comments!

1236 days ago


@ 40 Talk about self serving plugs...who are you to judge Mr. Macia's ability as an attorney? Are you Mark Geragos's PR rep??

@43 Is that why right after Michael Jackson FIRED Mark Geragos and hired a better attorney he was ACQUITTED of all charges when half the world said he was guilty?

1236 days ago
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