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Mel Gibson Strikes Plea Deal -- NO JAIL TIME

3/10/2011 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has struck an agreement with prosecutors and has made a plea deal in his looming criminal case ... sources connected with the L.A. County District Attorney tell TMZ ... and Mel will not get jail time.

Our sources say Mel will appear in court Friday and will plead no contest to simple battery -- a lesser charge than corporal injury on a spouse. 

As we first reported, Mel had been agonizing over the impending criminal charge -- related to the January 6, 2010 blowout with Oksana Grigorieva -- worried that a prolonged court fight would be a strain on his family, particularly his children.  We're told ... even though Mel believed he could win the case -- he struck the deal to protect his loved ones.

We're told the deal involves counseling but NO JAIL TIME.

When contacted for a response, Mel's lawyer, Blair Berk, released the following statement to TMZ:  "I know from almost 20 years as a criminal defense lawyer that sometimes justice can come for a client at too high a personal price.  That is particularly so for Mel, whose right to due process can only be exercised in this case with an enormous media circus attached."

Berk goes on, "Mel's priority throughout all of this has been that the best interests of his young daughter Lucia and the rest of his children be put first in any decisions made.  It is with only that in mind that he asked me to approach the District Attorney with a proposal that would bring all of this to an immediate end."



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I'm confused. IMO this plea deal and Mel's lawyer's statement makes the situation seem even worse. Unless this was part of a "truce," and Oksana has also cut some sort of deal, why would Mel not want to see this through? He wouldn't go to jail for just a slap anyway. The media will have a field day with this and he will now forever be lumped in with real abusers like Chris Brown and OJ. I'm usually not into conspiracy theories, but maybe Oks really does have Russian mafia ties and these people have threatened Mel's family.

1324 days ago


ROL version

Alexander "Sasha" Dalton, Oksana Grigorieva's 13-year-old son with James Bond star Timothy Dalton, was going to testify in the criminal case against Mel Gibson and considered the star witness before Gibson cut a deal on Wednesday, has exclusively learned.

"One major reason why this case was being brought against Mel Gibson, more than a year after the alleged incident took place, is because Sasha was made available to testify at a potential criminal trial against Mel," a source close to the case told "Sasha's involvement and cooperation in the case was absolutely essential, and because he is a minor, both of his parents had to agree to let him participate, and that took some time to make happen."

Mel cut a deal with prosecutors on Wednesday in the case stemming from his violent encounter with Oksana on January 6, 2010 at his Malibu mansion.

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Sasha was in the bedroom as an eyewitness when Oksana says that Mel punched her in the head, cracking the veneers on her upper front teeth. She also says Mel put his arm across her throat while she was holding their infant daughter.

The criminal case took a long time to investigate, the insider told, because the incident wasn't immediately reported to authorities, and Grigorieva is battling Mel in family court.

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"The case most likely wouldn't have been filed against Mel had Sasha not been made available to the investigators, and assurances from Oksana and Dalton that if the case goes to trial, Sasha will testify," the source told "Sasha was there on January 6, 2010 -- the day that Mel has admitted to getting physical with Oksana during a very heated argument.”

Grigorieva, 41, claims Gibson, 55, punched her in the face twice during a fight, leaving her with a concussion, and knocking out veneers on her two upper front teeth. While Gibson hasn't denied a conflict occurred, he's described it through his lawyer as a loud argument and in a declaration described getting physical with her to control her and calm her so she would not hurt their daughter Lucia.

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Now he’s cut a deal with the District Attorney, sources confirm to

The source said Sasha is a "very soft-spoken, but an incredibly brave and smart" boy, who committed to testifying in the case against Gibson.

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"Oksana and Tim are fiercely protective of Sasha, and they know the media glare that this will bring ... however, it doesn't negate the fact that Sasha is a key witness in the case,” the source said.

According to the source, the holdout in Sasha giving testimony had been Dalton, who "was very concerned about the toll this could take on his son.”

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Sasha's recollection of events from that day has "never changed" in multiple interviews with the D.A. and Los Angeles Sheriff's Department investigators, the source said.

Mel’s plea deal is a headline-making turn of events in a case that exploded publicly when exclusively released a series of tapes of an enraged Gibson ripping Grigorieva with a tirade full of racist, sexist and threatening words.

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Among the low-lights of Mel's diatribes included the Lethal Weapon star telling his baby's mother, "You're an embarrassment to me ... you look like a f------ pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n------, it will be your fault."

Another memorable excerpt include Gibson telling Grigorieva, "I am going to come and burn the f------ house down... but you will b--- me first!”

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Outrageous meltdowns have landed The Passion director in hot water before, most notably during his infamous 2006 drunken driving arrest in his hometown Malibu, in which he allegedly said, "F------ Jews ... the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," before turning to a female officer and saying, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar t---?"

Stay with for the latest news on Mel Gibson as it breaks.

1324 days ago


so gossip, you like the fact that the wench looks free to do this to more men? ugggg.

Posted at 8:55 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by azlee

from the beginning I stated that I wanted both of them charged with every crime possible -- so that we'd finally see *EVIDENCE* instead of being fed kaka from *sources close to...*

1324 days ago

M. Gabriel    

@Sam: I completely agree! I'm so disappointed!

1324 days ago


The more I think about it Mel made the right decision. He's taking responsibility for his actions and protecting his family from further media scrutiny.

The truth about Ox will come out and that should prove very interesting, IMO. She should get back to the plastic surgeon and get a full face transplant. First, because the one she has is asymmetrical and fug and secondly, because she will not want to be recognized when the truth starts to trickle out her. And it will.

1324 days ago


you think we will see evidence now? I wish so, but I have my doubts. She really is rotten to the core. You want to be introduced to her she could make you smile? (snicker)

You could record her and ......

1324 days ago


Maybe Mel could buy Baby Lucia the necklace Lindsay supposedly stole. Winning. I can't stand Mel.

1324 days ago

B Smolens    

comming from a abused woman that had a young child. this is my innitials BS. He didn't spare the kids or he would keep his mouth shut forever. and keep his hands to himself!

1324 days ago


Whore have to be charged with all her crimes. Otherwise, next her step will be extort money for her another plastic surgery, botox for her ugly face

1324 days ago


I agree Tammy, time will tell all the way around.

It is also nice to read dalton was concerned for Sasha, but I wonder how much that article really is a ROL twist like normal.

1324 days ago


So the witch will probably get away with everything. I think she and Charlie should get together. They would be perfect for each other. Maybe they could adopt Lindsay.

1324 days ago


Ox wasnt battered she was slapped once he didnt beat the crap out of her like she wanted everone to believe.

1324 days ago


What about the OTHER CASES?

There is still a totally separate case of EXTORTION isn't there? I want to know what the DA is going to do about THAT CASE -

you know the one that includes:

illegally recording someone
using a created tape series and the media as an enforcer

I personally think Oksana and CO used the media "channels" to pollute the jury pool and to create a negative public perception of at least one of Oksana's previous attorneys.

BTW- what happened to the case Mr. Garbus mentioned during the Larry King Live appearance? Mr Garbus said in NOV the DA opened in investigation about stolen court do***ents?

Considering what has been published and what has NOT, I really am curious if the DA of Los Angeles or the County Sheriff out there is capable of tracking down stolen do***ents?

They couldn't seem to do it in 2006. This is 2010/11 - they've had half a decade to improve their skillset!

1324 days ago


Obviously Mel should have stayed with his wife. But he like many men including alot of you who are reading this right now,
have chosen to think with something other than their brain. This results in the disaster we are watching now. However, this gal seems to be a real she-devil and deserves her share of the responsibility. Mel, get on your knees and ask forgivness from your Heavenly Father and your wife. Things will improve after that. The rest of you married men out there who complain that your wife doesn't like sex and you therefore think you have the right to chase after other women, put on your big boy pants and grow up. You want to sleep around but you don't have the nerve to leave her. Yes, I'm talking to you. And alot of you ladies, you unsuspecting married ladies that think you have a great marriage. I am a single nurse and I have been hit on by men who are married, wealthy and extremely high profile who would be destroyed if they were found out, but they take the chance anyway. You don't really know who you are living with.

1324 days ago


chris, I could see how you could have a hard time with it, but you know you hear that you are forgiven of your sin and go and sin no more? Well, I think he knows this whole affair whalloped his kids and maybe, just maybe this time he is thinking with his heart instead of the head he was thinking with while with ox.

M Gabriel, cause we know what she tried to do and stood up against injustice. I wonder if this is the curtain call or their is more to come.

Posted at 8:54 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by azlee
Hey There!

I agree with you that this time he's thinking with his heart and the head on which he wears a hat!
He needs to ask God for forgiveness which I'm sure he's doing.

I still find it odd that once MG and the DA got outta town, this whole Plea Deal story got out....a tad to "convenient" for me.

I think now is a good time for MG to lay low for a few months or a year...regain his composure and comeback bigger and better and strong then before.

Oksana now begins her long lonely life, one she created for herself. There's not a man on the planet BRAVE ENOUGH to want to date her. Sucks for her, but she did it to herself.

1324 days ago
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