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ABC Star -- Cops Pulled a GUN On Me!!!

3/9/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Romany Malco -- from ABC's "No Ordinary Family" -- tells TMZ he had a gun drawn on him by a police officer last night ... for no apparent reason, he claims ... and he even videotaped the aftermath of the incident.

The video shows a verbal confrontation between Romany and a police officer in Hawthorne, CA  -- just outside L.A. -- moments after she pulled him over ... and approached his car with her gun drawn. Here's what Romany says went down right before he started recording the incident.

The officer pulled him over shortly after 7PM, and Romany claims she immediately began yelling, "Roll all the windows down and put your hands out the window ... everyone!!"

Romany says he grabbed his wallet and put his hands out the window -- which is when he noticed the officer had her gun drawn.

Romany says he shouted, "Since you've made the assumption that I'm a criminal ... you've got your gun drawn .. are you gonna shoot me?  I dare you, please."

He says the officer approached his car -- a white Lexus sedan -- and began to explain, "Two guys were seen ... " Romany claims the officer cut herself off when she looked into his car and saw his dog -- an American Bulldog named Doodle -- sleeping in the back seat. 

Romany says he gave her his wallet and when she walked back to the patrol car ... he began recording on his phone.

In the video ... Romany asks the officer for her name and badge number -- which she provides. Ultimately, he was not cited for anything and went home.

Hawthorne PD tells us they had just gotten a call from a nearby T-Mobile store that three black males -- suspected of casing the store -- had fled when a security guard approached them. Police say Romany drove out of the same parking lot where the suspects had fled.

Police tell us they've reviewed their in-dash camera and Romany's video and believe the incident was handled correctly.

Romany says he just wants to know why the gun was pulled. He went to Hawthorne PD this AM to discuss the incident and request records ... and says he'll only get lawyers involved if he feels he was treated unlawfully.


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"... are you gonna shoot me? I dare you, please."

Stupidest thing you could say to someone pointing a gun at you. Idiot.

1271 days ago



1271 days ago


What a **** this guy was from word one. He needs to watch Chris Rock's vid on how NOT to get his ass beat by cops. don't reach for a wallet, DON'T sarcastically mouth off, and do what the cops say..oh, and dont video something AFTERWARDS...tape DURING. ass.

1271 days ago


That's common procedure in Hawthorne, because it's ghetto as hell there... I don't know why he's acting all surprised! I've seen it happen many times to others! Stop your crying!

1271 days ago


For Martin, post #70, how is this "driving while black"? being stopped for no reason? the reason they got stopped is because the police suspected it was them (romany and crew) who were involved in the t-mobile store situation. They were seen pulling out of the same parking lot and they fir the description..they had good reason to believe IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN them. That's what happends.

1271 days ago


What a baby!! She drew her gun b/c she thought he was a criminal, so he wasn't, BUT he could've been! His bad luck he's black and has a stupid name!

1271 days ago


Given the facts with regard to the store and the three black males they believe were casing it, this was reasonable. What's his bitch about the gun drawn if he's so innocent? It's typical in this scenario and certainly nothing to worry about unless you've done something you shouldn't, or you resist arrest.

He's a bit too sensitive.

1271 days ago


If i get pulled over I turn off my car and I put my hands where the officer can see my hands.
I wait for them to get next to me and I tell them my moves.

I havent get any tickets because I give them my respect and Im cool with them.

They like that.

1271 days ago


First of all, what crime had been committed that the police had to investigate - dudes walking around a T-Mobile store? No crime, no suspect - no need to pull him over.

1271 days ago


Have friends who are cops and you should NEVER immediately go for your wallet when you get pulled over. Best thing to do is put your hands on the steering wheel and wait for the officer. Sounds like we live in a police state and perhaps we are, but the officer is just protecting his/her self.

1271 days ago


Ah the joys of living in Hawthorne. At the same time the police chopper was up broadcasting a lost child alert.
Hawthorne the city where the mayor who's charged with 2 felony counts of grand theft keeps his job.
Gotta love it.

1271 days ago


Put your big girl panties on and stfu! She was doing what she was trained to do. More officers die on routine traffic stops than anything. They don't know who you are or what you may have in your car. If you have tinted windows they are going to cautiously approach the vehicle and tell you to the put them down. Any idiot also knows that you don't reach for anything when being approached by a cop until told to do so. The officers safety is much more important than his feelings being hurt because she was protecting herself. Why doesn't he talk to a family member of a fallen officer and see if they agree that she acted inappropriately?

1271 days ago


This is another reason why I don't talk to the cops. They hate us black people. I can think of at least 2 times when I got stoped by the cops for NO REASON!!!!!!

1271 days ago


This is another reason why I don't talk to the cops. They hate us black people. I can think of at least 2 times when I got stoped by the cops for NO REASON!!!!!!

P.S. If I see one of you get killed I won't cooperate with the police.

1271 days ago


What's with these out-of-control cops these days? First it was the wrestler with three cops digging their knees into his back as they had his face in the mud, now this trigger-happy cop treating an ABC celebrity like he was a thief. I can only say that I hope these cops are brought to justice, especially the Columbus, OH police--fat asses all of them--with their bony knees in the wrestler's back.

1271 days ago
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