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Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

Take Drug Tests

3/11/2011 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just left a drug testing facility in the San Fernando Valley, and it's part of his custody agreement with Brooke Mueller.

Part of the agreement requires Charlie to get tested.  It likewise requires Brooke to submit to drug testing, and we're told she's on the way to the facility right now for her test.

No test results yet.

UPDATE: Outside the facility, Brooke said she was confident she passed the test.



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TMZ leaves out the salient portion. What will happen if one of them tests positive? Or both? Will their children go into "care" with a relative? Will all supervision be denied, except for supervised visits?

1320 days ago


PERECT! That is exactly what is best for everyone, ESPECIALLY the kids.

They both look awful... this is the toil drug abuse extracts. I have always thought she was a hard, rough looking chick.

1320 days ago


ok you mean to tell me that THING standing next to him is a "goddess"???? IN WHAT WORLD??

1320 days ago


These two have worn out their welcome.
They need to move to a small town and raise their family on minimun wage, take the bus, and be thankful they are alive.
Shame on them for such terrible values and behavior.

1320 days ago


Charlie Sheen blows millions of dollars on coke, hookers & gambling. He is a cancer to society & his family. He would be nothing without his father. He certainly didn't deserve that Oscar for Platoon. Vietnam Vets were coming to light & the movies release was good timing. You could say he got that Oscar from his Dad's coat tails too. Sheen is better at making people laugh than anything. If his personal life wasn't so tragic, that would be funny too. Is he so disillusioned he doesn't realize he is losing? How can a guy say he is winning the same day his children are taken away from him?? Now he has money problems so he whores himself out. His ego needs to take a hike along with the drugs, enablers & money. Down to Earth Charlie might keep Charlie alive, of course his own stubbornness could do him in too.

1320 days ago

Hey Now    

He looks a lot better in that picture. Hopefully he is feeling better. Getting some of that treatment he doesn't believe in :) He actually looks pretty good there on that bottom picture.

1320 days ago


Charlie Sheen is playing you guys like a fiddle. He has said in the past, right before all this public craziness started, that it really irritates him to have the media pay so much attention to his private life when there are real important news stories out there. He's always been a private guy. He's doing this on purpose because in his mind he is now thinking: well, if they won't leave me alone I will just f**k with them and give them what they want. He wanted off that sitcom anyway. It worked out perfect. I figured this out about 2 days into the Charlie Show.

1320 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

At least the their 2 kids are better off with Brooke than being at Sheen's place with the 2 porno hooker's(godesses my azz) as "baby sitters". Good Lord.

Posted at 3:52 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by Barry Limbaugh

Why do you assume sexual things are happening in front of the kids? I don't how you were raised or what goes on in your household, but sexually active parents don't normally engage in front of their kids.

Posted at 4:13 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by Tammy
Ok...but my mom was/is an attorney and mother of 4. Her professional vocation wasn't showing her doing sexual "3-ways" and getting "it" in every orifice at the same time on internet downloads and DVD's. That ****'s going to be out there forever...for these 2..and all his kids to see.C'mon...these 2 hookers ain't babysitting material. I'm sure you wouldn't want them taking care of your kids at a party house while you were working..or playing.

1320 days ago

J Johnson    

Those pants are a really "winning" look, aren't they?

1320 days ago


Is he down one goddess? In unrelated news, he looks totally gay in this picture.

1320 days ago

January Jonez    

CharlieSheen: You're lookin good - Casually sexy ++

1320 days ago

Hey Now    

He looks a lot better than he has been lookin. Sometimes he looked like he was about to die. He doesn't look bad in that pic.

But that girl looks like she's about 12 years old.

1320 days ago



1320 days ago


funny thing about crazy... just when you should say can't STFU. MILLIONS of people have been sorta where CS is right now, although being singularly the tops in his unique career doesn't do anything to combat the grandiosity that comes with the territory.

I think he's angry that Warner Bros just piled on consequences for his behavior that he never bargained for. He never once told himself "I'm gonna party like a rock star and unemploy my friends!" never made that deal with himself... did what he wanted and what they let him do for years, then suddenly they change the game on him and penalize his co-workers to zing him.

1320 days ago


The goddess and her grampy, out for a day of drug tests.

1320 days ago
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