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Mel Gibson

Pleads No Contest


3/11/2011 8:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson just entered a plea of no contest to a charge of simple battery ... and with a little community service and counseling ... it's like nothing ever happened.

Mel's no contest plea relates to a domestic situation in which the alleged victim had a child with her.

031111_mel_arrival_small_videoMel's entered what's called a "West Plea" -- which means he is allowed to maintain his innocence.

Under the plea agreement, Mel will do NO jail time.  He must perform 16 hours of community service with a philanthropic organization, Mending Kids, and undergo 52 weeks of counseling -- he's been seeing a counselor since January but will not get credit for the accrued time.

Beyond that ... Mel is required to have only "peaceful contact" with Oksana Grigorieva -- it's the same order he's under in the family law custody case.

Mel was placed on 36 months informal probation. One of the terms of probation -- he cannot use force or violence against anyone. He was also hit with a protective order that gives Oksana the right to record their calls.

Mel's lawyer, Blair Berk, told the judge her client entered the plea in the interests of his children -- so they wouldn't have to endure a one-year legal fight, and that's why he entered the plea.



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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

“She doesn’t support us with money, but she always sends us presents.
“In Britain, she is self- sufficient and lives on her own earnings.”
Ludmilla has been to London once – ironically at the time when Oksana met Dalton. But she never met the actor.
Meanwhile Oksana has concentrated on acting, recently appearing in two low-budget British movies – Looking For Atlantis and Pushka And The Sandtrap.
Friend say that despite visiting Dalton on location and joining him on trips to Europe, Ireland and the Caribbean, she is insistent his name should not be used to open doors for her. Dalton’s latest film The Beautician And The Beast opened r ecently in the US and is expected to be screened here later this year.
Since making his name as 007 in Licence To Kill and The Living Daylights, the heart-throb actor has played Rhett Butler in the pounds 25 million follow- up to Gone With The Wind and is lining up roles in other Hollywood films.
As for his relationship with Oksana, one of Dalton’s friends was recently quoted as saying: “When they met, they struck up an instant rapport.
“Oksana had been living with another man but I don’t think it was going very well when she met Tim.
“When you see them together, you know it’s serious.
“I was at a dinner party with them and there were lots of looks between them across the table.
“They seemed to be looking out for each other.
“Although they enjoyed the party, it seemed they couldn’t wait to go off by themselves.
“Tim spent his Bond days fighting the KGB and trying to outwit the Russian girls.
“Now he’s having a baby with one. I suppose that’s what they everyone means by Glasnost.”
Oksana’s road to Mel: From Russian poverty to Hollywood royalty via an embittered British husband and a Bond actor
Created 10:48 PM on 02nd May 2009

1321 days ago

What the?    

All the anti-Mel comments makesme wonder who voted in the poll. He verbally and physically beat his wife and is a racist. And Lohan will get time for 'stealing' an ugly necklace. Maybe don't buy her something just beat her. its cheaper.

1321 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Given their respective ages, and the £640million divorce that provides the backdrop to their relationship, Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva could hardly be described as love’s young dream.
But when the couple took to the red carpet together last week for the Hollywood premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, they looked besotted and untroubled by the controversy that surrounds them.
The 53-year-old actor clutched his new love’s hand and gazed deep into her eyes.
Hand in hand: On the Hollywood red carpet with Mel Gibson at last week’s movie premiere his 39-year-old Russian beauty responded in kind.
Her long dark hair looked luxuriant and glossy, her dress was surprisingly conservative with just a hint of sexiness. She looked every inch the Hollywood consort.
Even those who had been quick to dismiss the relationship as a mid-life crisis writ large were forced to admit that Gibson and his ‘Oksana of choice’ seemed a pretty good match (bizarrely, in the weeks since the end of his 28-year marriage he has been linked with three women of that name).
But there was one man who watched Oksana’s red-carpet performance with a rather more critical, and rather more cynical, eye.
Thousands of miles from the clamour of Hollywood he is a man who, he suspects, Oksana would rather forget.
Yet, in all likelihood, he is the man to whom she owes everything.He is her ex-husband, 58-year-old graphic designer Nicholas Rowland.Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, he admitted: ‘I was amazed when I heard about her and Gibson.‘I was married to her only very briefly. It’s a period of my life that I would rather forget.’I don’t have any pictures of her. I threw them all in the bin. If I’m honest, once it was over, I wanted to forget the whole thing completely.
‘As far as I’m concerned he is a rubbish actor and he and Oksana deserve each other.’Asked what sort of a woman Oksana was, Rowland replied: ‘You should ask all the other men – there were enough of them.’ Perhaps a degree of bitterness is understandable when a former husband is met with images of his ex-wife so evidently in thrall to another man.
Rowland’s life may have moved on and he is remarried and living with his second wife, Alison, in a quiet cul-de-sac in Cambridge, but he’s only human.
It seems, however, that there was very little love to be lost between Rowland and Oksana in the first place.
He was introduced to her through a former business partner, Andrew Aldridge.Last week, neither man would elaborate on how the romance began that would end in that notably brief union.Indeed, the most permanent thing about their marriage was the British citizenship that the ceremony at Brighton Register Office on April 6, 1992, afforded the Russian musician.
Oksana, then 22, would not be the first young woman keen to forge a life for herself in the West. She was prepared to use her talent and undeniable beauty to secure that.

1321 days ago

Fidel's niece    

If you can't come up with your own
(I know it is a BIG word for you)
stop using my posts and editing
them and re-posting them as your own...

Like I said before,
go back to your porn sites!

***Team Mel***

1321 days ago



FROM TMZGossip's post:

nothing from today stops Oxy from filing a civil suit.

the only thing she can't do is claim that he "admitted" to the battery by pleading no contest.

any collected depositions and legal do***entation can be used.
witnesses can be called

the 2 biggest differences are

1. that Gibson can't refuse to testify in a civil trial (and you might want to look at what happens if he tries to avail himself of the '5th amendment) -- and

2. she is only required to tip the scales to 51%

Posted at 2:53 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by TMZgossip



1321 days ago

little aussie reader    

Char - well said. I agree completely.

1321 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Few could blame her for dreaming of a life beyond the poverty and grime of Saransk, the industrial town in the heart of Russia (under Soviet rule for much of her youth) into which she was born.
Her parents, Pyotr and Lyudmila, were music teachers and, when it became clear that their daughter had inherited their gift, they did their best to encourage its development.Schoolfriends recall Oksana as clever and hard-working, keen to hone her English and to one day experience life in the affluent West. She was a straight-A student and, though gangly and pimply in her youth, she blossomed in her late teens. She entered beauty and music competitions in a bid to broaden her horizons. She was, they say, impatient and determined. Perhaps that impatience lay behind her decision to marry for the first time at 19, while a music student at the prestigious Kazan Conservatoire.
Her mother, it seems, was horrified. Little is known of Oksana’s first husband save that he shared her desire to live in the West – and was a drug addict. According to neighbours of the family’s former home on Prospekt Lenin, Oksana met and married the man within a month.
It was, one said, ‘a very dark time in her life. She had a lot of trouble with that man.’ After six months, and much to her parents’ relief, Oksana ended the marriage. But her restless ambition was far from quenched. At the age of 20 she got just the break she was looking for – a ticket out of the USSR.The chance came when she heard of an exchange organised by family friend Sergey Kuzmin, who ran a cultural centre in Saransk.Speaking last week, he recalled: ‘She was utterly determined to get away and use her beauty to get on in the world.’
She applied to travel to Britain to be placed in a voluntary role by the Community Service Volunteers Organisation.
Oksana was put in touch with Elizabeth Hoodless – now Dame Elizabeth, the executive director of CSV – for whose parents she was to act as care assistant in Shoreham, Kent.The placement was not a success – not, that is, from the point of view of the Hoodless family.‘She didn’t really understand her duties,’ Dame Elizabeth says. ‘One day she asked my parents to run a few errands for her, such as taking her film to be developed. They had to remind her that she was supposed to be looking after them.’
In Shoreham, Oksana dated Matthew Simmons, the son of a local vicar. But after three months she moved on, securing a job in Hampshire. One family friend who refused to be named says: ‘Oksana was afraid that she would not be able to stay in Britain after her visa ran out.’She began looking for a man to marry because this would give her a chance to remain permanently in the West. She could not face the ignominy of going back home; of failing in her dream to be a success in the West.’ Conveniently, she met graphic designer Nicholas Rowland, a man happy to go down on one knee to this exotic beauty 19 years his junior.On their marriage certificate she listed her job as ‘music teacher’. After five months of marriage, Oksana wrote to the Kazan Conservatoire on September 7, 1992, requesting that she be sent what do***ents she needed to enroll in the prestigious Royal College of Music, London.
Oksana’s new life had begun. As her studies at the Royal College of Music started, her marriage to Rowland seems to have ended.A relationship with a much older man, well-connected and wealthy, seems to have followed, although he has never been named. According to friends, it was he who introduced her to London society and into a circle that led to her being photographed by Lord Lichfield and appearing in a calendar of his work. Her eyes were being opened to a new world of wealth and opportunity. It was a world that would bring her into contact with 007 actor

1321 days ago


One of my few comforts for this day is knowing that Mel and his team Mel fanatics will no longer have a platform. It's over, he may not have admitted guilt, but he sure as hell acknowledged the charges and did not dispute them. Same as guilty to me. End of the story.

Now, I hope The Beaver flops at the Box Office and goes straight to DVD. God Bless you Lucia, I hope your daddy truly does get help.

1321 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Timothy Dalton and, though the details of their meeting are not clear, the spark between them led to a relationship lasting ten years and to the birth of their son Alexander, now 12. News of the relationship filtered back to Rowland, so briefly her second husband but so vital to her new life in Britain and beyond. He reflects: ‘The last thing I’d heard she was living in Hammersmith, then the next thing I knew she was with Timothy Dalton in Hollywood.’ For all his awareness of his ex-wife’s beauty and ambition, Rowland seems stunned by her apparently rapid rise into the realms of Hollywood wealth and celebrity.
Classical pianist Oksana split from Dalton two years ago and the couple have since sold the home they shared in Chiswick, West London.
Eighteen months on it seems she is more a symptom than a cause of Mel Gibson’s marriage disintegration.
According to papers lodged in Los Angeles Superior Court, Gibson and his 52-year-old wife Robyn, the mother of his seven children, separated in August 2006 – though she agreed to keep the separation secret to spare the children adverse publicity and to spare Gibson, a strict Catholic, embarrassment.In the end it was the actor’s own actions that brought the truth rushing to the surface.Having already once admitted to ‘spiritual bankruptcy’ during a period in
the Nineties when he was addicted to drugs and alcohol and plagued by rumours of infidelity, Gibson once more struggled to control his behaviour without the steadying presence of Robyn.
For a brief and bizarre time a couple of months ago he was linked first to Oksana Kolesnikova, a composer and pianist at LA’s Beverly Hills Hotel, then 24-year-old singer Oksana Pochepa – a woman also know as ‘the shark’ – and finally to Oksana Grigorieva, who emerged as ‘the mystery brunette’ with whom the star was photographed in a clinch on a Costa Rican beach.
In fact, Oksana and Gibson met while he was filming Edge Of Darkness in Boston last August.She was a regular visitor on set and crew members claim that her visits to Gibson’s trailer would often hold up production. Gibson was apparently so smitten that he gave Oksana a part as an extra – she appears as an orderly during some hospital scenes.
It’s an ironic part for the Russian whose first defining role, the one that unlocked the path to her current lifestyle, was that of a care assistant in Kent.
Speaking once about her daughter’s romance with Timothy Dalton, Oksana’s mother Lyudmila described it in fairytale terms: ‘The Prince noticed a Cinderella,’ she gushed.Even the most impartial observer might feel that this particular Cinderella appears to have a history of lobbing her glass slipper into the path of a variety of Prince Charmings.
Whether or not Gibson is her ‘happily ever after’ is unclear.
But one thing is certain. When she stepped into the limelight with Gibson she didn’t look like a woman troubled by her turbulent past or given to backward glances. She has always had her sights firmly fixed on the future.Last week, as she wrapped her fingers around Mel Gibson’s hand, that future had finally arrived.

1321 days ago


Oh, and might I add, his lawyer looks more handsome and put together than he does. She's got the masculine look down better than him (and I don't mean that in a derogatory way--she is just sharp looking). He looks like a has-been, feminine girlish weenie.

1321 days ago

What the?    

And what's with Stephen King here....aka Sam. Dude let up!

1321 days ago


If you can't come up with your own
(I know it is a BIG word for you)
stop using my posts and editing
them and re-posting them as your own...

Like I said before,
go back to your porn sites!

***Team Oksana***

1321 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Translated from Russian -
The girl from Saransk be the wife of Mel Gibson
April 29, 2009
Oksana Chernukha cuckolded Timati Dalton and admitted that she is expecting a child from Mel Gibson
o_chernuxaDazhe now, when this story has received official confirmation, it somehow did not believe it. I agree, too fantastic news. A native of Saransk, lived half his life in an ordinary hruschobe near the railway station, managed to conquer the legends of Hollywood, the famous actor and director Mel Gibson. Yes, the man who, playing a major role in the blockbuster "Lethal Weapon", gangsters were shot on the streets of Los Angeles. The man who in the movie "Braveheart" bravely fought against the British for the independence of Scotland. And the same man who is so naturally took flour Savior in the legendary film "The Passion of the Christ". However, those who are not yet ready to believe in the possibility of marriage Oksana Tchernuha and Mel Gibson, it is worth recalling that one of Hollywood stars, our compatriot has already lassoed.
James Bond liked cooking Tiffany
Oksana Chernukha was born in Ukraine, but spent most of his life spent in Mordovia. The girl grew up in an ordinary family Saransk. Her father, teacher, mother - an accountant. People who knew Oksana, talk about it, how about a girl who knows her worth, but at the same time point out its inherent simplicity in communication. In the capital of Mordovia, Oksana won a beauty contest, and graduated from musical college named Kiryukova and left to enter the conservatory in Kazan. And then began a continuous tale.
In the third year Oksana unexpectedly written statement requesting to be removed from the conservatory. The reason she called the marriage to an Englishman. It turns out that an Englishman this is none other than famous actor Timati Dalton, familiar to Russian audiences for the films of 007 James Bond and the TV series "Jane Eyre". With him Oksana met when hit a volunteer in London. The girl asked the translator to work on the presentation of his movie, Oscar-winning Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov. There's something Oksana and liked Dalton, who was considered a confirmed bachelor. Roman Saransk Cinderella and the Prince of English has developed rapidly. Soon the couple announced her decision to marry, and later gave birth to a boy, who was named Alexander. Parents Oksana, all the while living in Saransk, went to Albion to visit her daughter, grandson and son in law.
Later, talking to journalists about his visit, mom girl Ludmila G. admitted that the choice of the daughter she approves. Of his son-woman spoke little. Recognized only that Timati Dalton liked her home cooking, especially vodka and hrenovina. Meanwhile, Saransk Khrushchev on Lenin Ave chosen local burglar. Three times, according to Lyudmila Grigoryevna their apartment robbed.
- The thieves probably thought that Timati us from England sends millions - then the woman said.

1321 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Gradually stir about marriage Oksana diminished. Living near the couple went on as usual. And about her relatives Saransk journalists are no longer remembered. And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue comes the news that the family boat Timati and Oksana broken - the couple plan to divorce. The reason, according to the tabloids, was adultery Oksana. Allegedly, some time ago she began to meet with Mel Gibson. Initially, all these stories seemed merely a figment of a diseased imagination secular journalists. After all, Mel Gibson was married, and could not believe that Oksana would risk family life. However, smoke without fire.
Three Oksana Mel Gibson
m_gibsonObektom increased attention from journalists American tabloids Mel Gibson has a long time. From time to time appeared in some editions of photographs of the actor was captured in society dark-haired girl on the beach in Costa Rica. And from the texts of some publications showed that the marriage of Mel and his wife gave a crack and its last legs (they, incidentally, has seven children, the youngest of whom was nine). Chroniclers claimed that Gibson carried away Russian singer named Oksana, even bought her a house and plans to marry her after the divorce. Naturally, these publications have played a role in the fact that some time ago, Gibson wife announced their divorce. He may be one of the most expensive in Hollywood history, as the property of the family Gibson estimated at 900 million dollars. True, the name of the new chosen one a successful actor and director for a long time remained for local journalists mystery.
Fuel to the fire poured out of the fact that the marriage with Mel Gibson except Oksana Tchernuha claimed two more girls. Both of them are related to music, and both are the same name of our fellow countrymen. The first "opponent" Oksana Tchernuha journalists believed 31-year old Oksana Kolesnikova from Barnaul. She and Chernukha, plays the piano, and Gibson, as the owner of the company Icon, it is producing. But a little later Kolesnikov denied rumors about his romance with the director. Simultaneously, another Oksana - Pochepa, known in Russia under the name "Shark", stated that it is precisely the chosen one by Mel Gibson. But it soon became clear that this was the usual PR stunt, designed for short-term attention to the person on the part of journalists. It became known late last week, when the London tabloid Sun published in its pages an interview with my friend Mel Gibson's wife Robyn Moore. British journalist that girl confessed that patience Robin came to an end after she learned that Oksana Chernukha tells friends about her pregnancy. Later it was reported that Oksana and his son Alexander moved into the house, bought her Gibson, and soon plans to begin divorce proceedings with Timati Dalton.
What kind of son-in cooler?
For fame and popularity among the audience Timati Dalton with Mel Gibson, of course, no match. Interest bondiane now much lower than a few years ago. And the actor himself in recent times less likely appear on the screen. However, Gibson and now is not the same as before. And if you compare, for example, its role in the movie "Mad Max" to the role of James Bond in the performance of Dalton, is still unknown who will be steeper. But it is, so to speak, the comparative characteristics of the actors who do not have a history with the novel Gibson and Oksana Tchernuha direct relationship. More interesting seems duel Mel and Timati motivated by love for the Russian in-law. Here Timati is a distinct advantage. He is a son-in with the experience, and Gibson, love and respect Ludmila Grigoryevna yet to win. And until recently, had every reason to believe that this will happen in Saransk. After all, the likelihood that Oksana can bring his new lover in the capital of Mordovia, was very great. On this basis the interest of

1321 days ago

little aussie reader    

Ludmilla said: “I have always believed she is doing the right thing.
“She is a thoughtful person.

Posted at 3:12 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by Sam

Oh yeah, she's thoughtful alright. Her thoughts are full of wicked schemes.

1321 days ago
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