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Pregnant Jewel

Involved in NASTY Two-Car Crash

3/11/2011 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jewel -- who announced she was pregnant two months ago -- was involved in a two-car collision this morning in Texas ... but thankfully, we're told the singer -- and her baby -- are doing fine.

Jewel Car Accident

Sources at the scene tell TMZ ... the accident occurred at around 11 AM CT in Stephenville, Texas. We're told a volunteer fire truck smashed into the passenger side of Jewel's car (see photo below).

According to Jewel's rep, "The singer was taken to the hospital and current medical tests conducted indicate that she and the baby are doing fine."

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I use to live right outside Stephenville. Miss those exquisite fresh cut waffle fries from Jake and Dorothy's. Nothing in Minnesota compares to the yummy food of Texas.

As for how they drive there... I'd share the rode with Texas drivers any day of the week over Minnesota drivers. Talk about idiots that don't know how to drive! Plus the roads in Minnesota suck a$$!!!

God speed, Jewel! Looks like he was already watching out for you and the little one.

1330 days ago


Don't bash Texans and their driving. Speed limit signs are merely a suggestion.'re right, most of us don't drive the speed limit, if you are, than move your a$$ outta the way. Although I speed, I always use my blinker.

1330 days ago


She looks beautiful even just after a car wreck, without make-up, pregnant. Glad to here she's OK.

1330 days ago


You all need to get lives, seriously!

So sad.

1330 days ago


What I wonder is what was she doing in a podunk town like Stephenville? And I live in a different poducnk Texas town.

Posted at 12:24 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by TexasAnn

That is where she lives.

1330 days ago

Dirty Martini    

She lives in the area. As far as the question: "Where's the fire?" In all seriousness, north Texas is under a "red flag" fire warning, and there are reports of multiple fires across the area. Dry/low humidity and windy weather (35 mph) does it every time.

Glad she and the baby are OK. Hope the folks in the FD truck are as well.

1330 days ago



1329 days ago

Brown Eyed Girl    

So happy they are safe and healthy.

1329 days ago


My personal experience at that intersection is different, Courtney. Your comment would be correct IF the car was facing the other direction. Visibility is harder coming towards Stephenville, but you can see the intersection from quite a distance coming from Stephenville towards Alexander.

Most likely there is some fault on both sides.

I hope everyone recovers and I really hope this will not hurt the Harbin VFD that is just getting started and desperately needed in that area.

1329 days ago


Hmmm... I grew up in California and now live in Austin. I find that drivers here don't drive like maniacs (I also have lived in New England and Connecticut drivers drive like maniacs, I can tell you). When I first moved here, I couldn't believe how laid back the driving was - I was very used to the speeding that is usual on California freeways. I'm sure car accidents (and bad driving) occur in all 50 states... don't they?

1329 days ago


Glad she is okay!

1329 days ago


I don't know Pearl. I just relayed what was explained to me earlier. I'm not from the area so my information is secondhand. It was repeated to me that she was not at fault. Glad all involved walked away with no injuries.

1329 days ago


There are wildfires blazing in several different parts of North Central Texas today and tonight due to low humidity and high wind conditions (aka "red flag warnings"). She was in a county where those blazes were being fought. That is what the volunteer fire truck is for.

By the way, TexasAnn, I live in Dallas and speed limits on tollways and I-35 are posted as 70 mph here. On some sections of public highways (I-20 or 67, for instance) the speed limit may be lower depending on the town, city or rural area you are driving through.

1329 days ago


i promise u there are good drivers who have weird days or freak accidents happen, there are bad drivers and then there are just freak accidents , for this person who is "sick and tired of bad drivers", there are people who drive professionally for years and yrs on end , perfectly driving every day of their lives and then have some moment or one second of a freak accident happening or not seeing a motorcycle or car on any given day, it is the same reason a lot of accidents happen in medicine and everywhere else, nothing and nobody is perfectly on every single second of their lives, it is just almost impossible in today's world to be alert and perfect for your entire life at everything , that really is why many accidents happen in general , stress, over or under sleep , prescription meds and other stuff not related to drugs or alcohol for everyone who gets mad as hell about every single car or other accident, there are professional drivers who swerve to miss hundreds of "bad drivers" for yrs on end and then one day have their one off moment themselves, that is sorta why we have insurance and no fault accidents a lot of times, or accident forgiveness for people who have been in ONE accident

1329 days ago


most of you who have never caused an accident OR even been in any accident, do not drive even half of the mileage that a lot of drivers do, so before you get mad as hell at everyone on the streets, not everyone drives 1 mile per day total to and from work for their entire lives, it's a matter of time with people who drive for a living or drive 25,000 plus per year for their jobs or commuting

1329 days ago
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