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Rock Legend Arrested for OD'ing in Front of Son

3/14/2011 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Social Distortion" drummer Casey Royer was arrested in Orange County last week -- after the 52-year-old punk legend allegedly OD'd on heroin in front of his 12-year-old son.

Casey Royer
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Casey was watching TV with his son when he experienced an overdose ... at which point his son ran next door for help ... and the neighbors called cops.

According to law enforcement, his house was littered with garbage and drug paraphernalia -- including needles -- when police arrived.

Casey -- who currently sings for the punk band D.I. -- was immediately hospitalized nearby and survived. He was arrested soon after.

Casey was officially charged today -- with one count of child endangerment, and one count of being under the influence of heroin. He's currently being held on $120,000 bail.



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Poor kid. Where is the mom? I'd feel even worse for the kid if dad was the "good" one...

1287 days ago

Leigh Ann    

What a no good selfish bastard! Grow up and be a father you s***bag. No sympathy. You're a child abuser.

1287 days ago


This is really sad. What a frick'n' idiot! Hope SS took his son away for a while. AND, I never heard of this guy - and I'm older than him! Jail! Jail! Jail! Slam!

1287 days ago


I used to see Social D twenty years ago when they were a top act in the punk and heavy metal scene, but these guys haven't been more than a club band for ever. Nine out of ten people you ask probably never heard of them. To state that this poor excuse for a father is a rock legend is not only absurd, but it just goes to show that anyone can be labled a star or a legend as far as the TMZ staff is concerned.

1287 days ago


Just for the record he's mainly the singer for DI and always has been. TMZ only put Social Distortion because the name is most recognisable.

1287 days ago


This is horrible. This is why Sheen's ex's don't want the kids around him. Not that he uses Heroin but because of things he has said, the way he has said them and the horrific threats he has made. Plus, who knows when he'll be ripped again. This guy's kid did not need to see that and Sheen's kids don't need to hear it. Even if they don't understand the words, they get the tone.

Posted at 12:37 PM on Mar 14, 2011 by Sammie

Charlie made threats in front of his kids? When did this happen? What did the kids see and when did they see it? Please provide a source for you information about what Charlie has done in front of his kids b/c, as far as I know, he's always away from the kids when his drama happens.

1287 days ago

Joe Camel    

He's more famous for being the drummer in the Adolescents, and the singer for DI.

He looks like Ric Flair in that picture.

1287 days ago


Casey Royer for President 2014! Yeh!!

1287 days ago


what a loooooser

1287 days ago


Low life douchebag. Your poor son...who probably loves you to no end. That poor boy.

1287 days ago


What happened to the son?

1287 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Rock legend??? WTF have you guys been smoking?

Never heard of this idiot.

1287 days ago


Never heard of him. What a F-ING LOSER! he should have died!

1287 days ago


HOLY BATSH*T!! WTF gives TMZ? This is just as disturbing as a picture of Gary Busey!! WTF is wrong with these people? Heroin OD in front of your child? This POS doesn't deserve to be anywhere near this child! All b.s. aside, they ought to put both parents in jail for child endangerment. Him for doing drugs in front of or around his child, and the mother for allowing the child anywhere near this POS. Damn, look at this guy, he's doing more than heroin! Now that's some visual birth control right there!

1287 days ago

Lux Interior    

Social D was the epitome of my childhood waaay back in them thar days. Sadness all around. Hope this bloke gets his balls in a better place for the sake of his son.

1287 days ago
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