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Gilbert Gottfried


Japan Tsunami Jokes

3/14/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As the death toll creeps towards 3,000 ... and the fear of a nuclear disaster looms ... comedian Gilbert Gottfried decided the timing was right for some completely tasteless Japan tsunami jokes.

Japan Tsunami Jokes

Gilbert went to his Twitter page over the past 24 hours and dropped TWELVE tsunami-inspired jokes ... including:

Gilbert Gottfried Japan Jokes

So we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


I never liked the little idiot, but this is him he's always been this way wouldn't expect anything else.

1320 days ago


If you don't like it, don't read it or pay attention to him! while the tragedy is unthinkable he has the right to joke about it and its inevitable that jokes will surface.

Seriously, we have become a nation of whiners who pay more attention to Celebrities that we do serious world events or loss of serious liberties, rights and the fleecing of the US by the rich and their corporations...

1320 days ago

Davey Boy    

The first one was OK, but that second one was pretty gross quite frankly.

1320 days ago


I normally laugh at shock valued jokes like those, but c'mon man... that's just tasteless. The country is suffering, and there are three nuclear reactors that are begging to meltdown, and you're JOKING about this? How pathetic.

1320 days ago


Horrifying. "Just words" are the window to ones mind and soul. This man is devoid of conscience.

1320 days ago


So we gotta ask ...

No Mr. Levin, no you don't. You and your TMZ crew are starting to show your true agenda....make revenue at any cost...including posting jokes about the Tsunami in Japan.

Karma Mr. Levin, and it's a bitch.

TMZ....where small minds think alike.

1320 days ago


I like Gilbert Gottfried, however there is a time and a place for everything: Now is definately not the time or place. Very poorly timed and insensative.

1320 days ago


@Elle- He's also the bird in Aladdin! XD

1320 days ago


Gilbert, get over there and throw your cold-hearted carcass over those nuclear rods to cool them down.

1320 days ago


Not his funniest works, but mildly amusing.

If now is not the time for jokes, please let me know when the right time is, because I have a few of my own that I'm bursting to tell.

Remember, everything in life has the potential to be funny. Smartasses seize the moment while you're too busy being uptight. Lighten up.

I still say the tsunamis and earthquakes are pretty unbelievable. Godzilla is the more realistic threat here.

1320 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Those are the kind of jokes that you should just keep between friends, because your friends still chuckle even if they're slightly offended, but they know you and understand your intent.

For the public...way too soon.

1320 days ago


What a dildo!

1320 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

To poster #8, Jim -- GREAT post. Even before I read yours, I was going to respond and put the word "comedian" in quotes like you did, because GG is definitely NOT a "comedian" by any stretch of the imagination. He's a pig, NOT funny, and so strange I can't imagine how anyone could watch anything he's in.

Hiw "jokes" are beyond the pale, and even the lowest of the low should realize there's a time and place for most things, and this is definitely NOT the time nor is there EVER a time for crap like this.

TMZ, please. Show some class, eh? All because you CAN print it, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

1320 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Cold-hearted and cruel "words" coming from a many with very little talent.

1320 days ago



Good morning Mr. Mad. Curious that you continue to stalk and comment on most post's I add here.

Belly of the beast Mr. Mad, belly of the beast.

TMZ....where little minds think alike.

1320 days ago
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