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Standoff Continues at Michael Jackson House

3/15/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alejandra Jackson -- the squatter who has been living at Katherine Jackson's family compound against Katherine's will -- just bought more time in the house, thanks to a judge's ruling.

Judge MJ Estate Alejandra
Alejandra -- the baby mama of both Randy and Jermaine Jackson -- has been living at the Encino compound for nearly 20 years.  The Estate wants her out and has offered her a condo in move-in condition, but Alejandra has not budged.

Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman said the snag in the move was that Alejandra refused to sign a confidentiality agreement and he claims she's in the process of hocking a tell-all book.  Alejandra refused to sign the agreement and was also demanding money in addition to the condo ...

The judge just ruled that Alejandra could stay in the house for another month, until there's a full trial on whether she can be evicted.

Trial date is April 14.


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Why would you want to stay where you are not wanted? Leave now with your dignity.

1318 days ago


according to the papers i saw that this woman filed, katherine does not want her out.
katherine signed something before when jermaine couldnt support her saying she could stay there, so in a way this isnt all this ladys fault..
except for the sleeping with brothers while you are still legally married to somebody else and having kids part of

anyway mj knew she was there with no means to support herself and his brother not paying support either.she is saying katherine acted as mj agent and that implies she has some kind of rights /contract to live there free of charge..
they will eventually get her out but she is holding them up for a big pay day.
i find it ironic that even in death people are still trying to rob mj and get a deal setting them up for life...when all he did was be kind and try and help.
no good deed goes unpunished..:(
poor mike

1318 days ago


Even Katherine wants the woman out out out!!! so why aren't Jermaine and Randy doing anything?

She doesn't want the house as much as she wants to write a tell-all book. The snag is she gets the condo but has to sign a confidentiality agreement. She's been in the works since Michael Jackson died to sell a book and is trying to get a reality TV show.

I say just give her the condo without the confidentiality agreement, there's little the world doesnt' already know about this strange family.

1318 days ago


She was offered MJ's big Condo, furnished AND an allowance. All by MJ's estate even though it's his brothers ho! She just wants to avoid having to sign a confidentiality agreement and wants to negotiate a bigger allowance.

I bet she doesn't care about moving elsewhere, but the more publicity she gets the more likely she can sell her tell-all book

1318 days ago


Thats the house that MJ bought for his momma. Katherine ad MJ's 3 kids live there. Alejandra had nothing to do with MJ, she needs to get the hell out. Randy and Jermaine should support her, not MJ..Katherine has been trying to kick her out for years but the judge always rules in Alejandra's favor. The judge should make Randy and Jermaine responsible instead, not grandma Katherine.

1318 days ago


Wait one minute!! When did Trannies evolve the ability to bear children? This is just shocking!!

1318 days ago


Is this case simply in Housing Court or is it convoluted by the fact that the Estate and Probate has been brought into the picture? Judges back in Brooklyn Tenant/Landlord are notorious for being paid-off in cahoots with Tenant counsel to delay eviction, even with no lease and non-payment and no other accusation against Landlord muddling the clear-cut right of Landlord to evict. Vulgar & Obscene. Harvey & Jason, how do you condone this travesty which demeans our legal system at the hands of sleazy lawyers and "professional tenants"? Seems to me there are not enough jails for both of them.

1318 days ago


Its not your house. Pack your sh*t and Go.

1318 days ago


if this womans children havent been supported by their fathers then she probably expects to be supported in the manner her and her children are accustomed to by mj estate.

who else is going to feed clothe and educate these young children.
who is going to pay for college so they can get a profession?
this is like mj imaginary ex wife , it is so weird...

1318 days ago


She's a gold digging whore that needs to get a job and get off her back!

1318 days ago


I've never heard of a case where the deadbeat dad doesnt support his children, instead the judge forces the grandparents to support not only the grandchildren but also their mother. Only in America.

1318 days ago


she shouldn't do this to them they been 2 good 2 her letting her stay with them 4 twenty years that along time to live with your mother in law that not right that's the last thing the Jacksons needs is somebody back stabbing them by telling the public their business if this does happened this will surely backfire right in her face

1318 days ago


just another member of the fan club ..looking for a hand out.What with these judges anyway.Not on the lease or own the home ..bye-bye

1318 days ago


That is ridiculous that you can't kick some freeloader out without going to trial. Why? She doesn't own a thing or do a damn thing. Obviously the only thing she can do is screw any Jackson brother that will have her. I hope she gets kicked out on her butt without anything and actually has to get a JOB.

1318 days ago


Of course, she's trying to get a better settlement and not be obligated into signing a confidentiality agreement. Legally, she's been a resident for 20 years, so she has some standing, but also, look at the Jacksons' for enabling her duplicitous and financial shena****ns. They should have cut off her gravy train years ago!

1318 days ago
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