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Ke$ha -- High and Waisted in New Bikini

3/15/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With her industrial strength mature black bikini showing off her girlish figure, pop sensation Ke$ha soaked her sexy bones in the waters off Australia on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old has let herself go two-pieces.



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WTF!! she wasnt like this last year. ****ing fat...

1266 days ago


wow.....that does not look like kesha am i blind and sexy or watt?

1259 days ago


She doesn't look fat to me. She isn't an unhealthy looking stick, if that's what you mean. And to all the folks leaving nasty comments, boy I wish you were required to submit a full body shot to go along with your names because with the things you're saying, I'm sure you all MUST be skinny and fabulous looking, yes? A bunch of beauty queens and weight-lifters, right? LOL! No one is as anxious to drop the 'fat' bomb as the porker sitting at home shoving a cheeseburger into his mouth and dripping grease onto his keyboard.

I think she looks healthy and beautiful and judging by the way she's flaunting it while she knows the cameras are on her, she doesn't give a **** what you people think, either. :)

1259 days ago


I am all in favor of women's self confidence and one wearing what they want, however, this bathing suit is just NOT figure flattering AT ALL. It's not that the suit is a 'granny' bikini as I've saw coined on other sites, it's her body shape. She is literally shaped like a rectangle-a mattress-a cereal box, a fridge! One report called her figure "curvy" but I soo beg to differ. There is NOTHING curvaceous about a woman whose waist is as wide as her broad shoulders. Her hips are not full and rounded, and her azz is totally FLAT! I don't think the public expects perfection from celebs, but such a miscarriage of swimwear selection is something you would expect from a 60 year old, not a twenty-something pop star!

1258 days ago


Okay - true story- I was shopping today for jeans and felt kinda bad about my little "problem areas" that all chicks have ( yes you do dont lie!!) But now -I swear to gawd I feel so much better about myself. Thank you Ke$ha............whoever the fk you are.

1254 days ago


For you people who can't figure it out....TMZ is being facetious. That means making fun of her.

1252 days ago


At least we know she ain't on Crack!!!

1195 days ago


hey you guys lay off!! im pretty sure half of you dont look that good in a bikini either so just shut up and stop saying all these things!! i mean i dont really like her songs but i think that kesha is pretty!! and so wat if she dosent have any curves that might be her body type and she isnt fat she just has boyish figure!! she looks better than a stick like model that everyone thinks is sooo hot now a days.. at least she is healthy looking!!

1188 days ago
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