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Politicians, Sports Stars

Targeted By Hacker Ring

3/18/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hackers who are now being investigated by the FBI for allegedly pilfering nude photos and videos of 50 Hollywood celebrities have also been targeting sports stars and D.C.'s most powerful.

Sources connected to the hackers tell TMZ ... the cyber-crooks currently have 100 active email addresses of celebrities, politicians and sports stars.  We do not know the identity of the sports stars or politicians, but they are all high-profile.

TMZ broke the story ... the hackers have snagged nude photos and videos from female stars including Vanessa Hudgens, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Ali Larter and Demi Lovato.  There are no male celebs on the list.

The FBI knows the identity of the ringleader, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As for Vanessa Hudgens, our sources say the hackers may have obtained the pictures and videos through a friend who betrayed the actress.

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"As for Vanessa Hudgens, our sources say the hackers may have obtained the pictures and videos through a friend who betrayed the actress."
In other words, whichever guy(s) she was emailing her disgusting naked pictures to.

1314 days ago

Captain Obvious    

Stupid to hack all these celeb now a different beast hacking into the government.
Well when they caught him he's going 20 to maybe life to the slammers.
By the way no females(if this person is a guy)in thew federal prison where he'll be for awhile there is a guy name bubba friendly with the guys good luck stupid!

1314 days ago

Holly G    

Call me crazy but if you don't want the nude photo's out there then don't take them.

1314 days ago


the internet is serious business

1314 days ago


Hackers get their kicks out of getting a reaction from people. Then once a hacker gets caught, Microsoft hires them. I'm being dead serious. Microsoft hires hackers after they are caught. At least the hackers I used to know were.

1314 days ago


lol i love the picture of the hacker ninja tmz puts up, pretty much mocks the situation..fck all them ppl who got hacked they are all full of themselves anyway

1314 days ago


Did any of these celebs make attempts to protect their data such as encrypting the files and or putting up firewalls? Or are the hackers so skilled that it doesnt matter if a firewall is in place? Just curious.

1313 days ago

william arnold    

You don't post such material on the internet or email acconts that you don't want to be seen , if it is not what you would put on a billboard in Time square for everyone to see. The celib's are soley responsible for the leaks as far as I am concerned. If you have a skelton in your closet and you don't want anyone to know about it, you don't hang it out on a clothsline to be veiwed. Any teenage kid if they are sharp and capable can and will access such material easily.

1313 days ago


Such self righteousness. I wonder what all of you have to hide. How many of you are teenage parents or have a mother who was a teenparent or have had abortions or had drug issues or been convicted of something.

These are pics compared to some of you this is a walk in the park. But since you've been so nasty about this more than God's going to let your dirty laundry surface too.

1313 days ago


sounds like a list of nobodies

1313 days ago


I have a co-worker who puts on ski mask while typing feverishly with one finger - perhaps he's part of this hacking ring.

1313 days ago


Hackers, the new TMZ "celebranoia" word of the month.

Next month's celebranoia word? Radiation.

1313 days ago


Hey, if you are stupid enough (and often vain enough too) to 1: take dirty, naked or skanky photos of yourself and 2: actually post them anywhere -- you get what you deserve.

Lesson? Don't let a camera snap a shot of you that will embarrass you.

1313 days ago


You know what's disgusting? The fact that we'll NEVER get to see these pics thanks to some guy who wants money and nothing more. He shoulda done the ethical thing and released them freely and anonymously for all to see.

1313 days ago



1313 days ago
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