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'Basketball' Wife's Quitting Plans -- Ocho to the Rescue

3/20/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada has an incredibly lucrative back-up plan in case she decides to quit the show -- why, a NEW reality show of course ... co-starring her NFL star fiancé Chad Ochocinco.

Sources close to Evelyn tell TMZ -- as soon as E! execs caught wind that she wanted to quit "Basketball Wives" ... they approached her with a new TV offer.

We're told the new show would feature both Evelyn and Ocho living the life -- which is kinda difficult ... because she lives in Miami ... and he lives in Cincinnati.

Evelyn hasn't made any official decision yet -- but according to sources, the couple is seriously entertaining the offer.

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I miss the good ole days when TALENT and APPEAL was needed to entertain the masses.

1312 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

she's a whore.. she thinks that ocho wants to get married to her lol! Cheap as ring she got from Ocho to make it look like he is going to get married to her. He spends that type of money in one night like it was a cup of coffee. Nice trick Ocho!!!

1312 days ago


I stopped on what I assume was the reunion show while channel surfing. They looked like hookers, fighting on the street.

1312 days ago


Nobody is interested in these two or their reality show.

1312 days ago


I see Royce was right....Evelyn and her receding hairline are still running to TMZ. I HOPE she takes the offer, annoys Shaunie (bite the hand that fed her), do a show that only hoodrats of the worst kind will watch, and then get dumped by Chad Johnson. Yep....that is a brilliant plan. Maybe you will be MFing factor then....who knows lol.

Royce=legs closed=dignity=#winning

PS Evelyn - I know u will be reading these comments. You are really uncouth. You make every hispanic stereotype come true. You are loud, shallow, brash, uneducated and promiscuous. Your daughter must be embarrassed. Chad doesn't care. The more you act the fool the more his name is mentioned, the more his ego is stroked. You are also looking really old...eat something. That Herve looked a hot mess with those matchy shoes. Big giant LE SIGH!

1312 days ago


Evelyn made the show. This show is a hit, all with her help and her loud mouth and her surprise at the end of this season where she reveals an affair with Kenny. He is good looking by the way and then there's Tammy who really made the show too.

It takes a brave person to admit the truth and she did that and that means she is not as bad as some of the things people out there are saying. At least she told the truth and some people cannot handle the truth.
People are still talking about the show like crazy. She should be paid more and she should return to the show. As a matter of fact, Kenny should be on the next episodes to tell his side of the story. There is more to this story that would keep the viewers tuned in. The show is a hit! If rapper Trina joins the show it will even be more juicy.

1312 days ago


No Need for the racial comment though!! I see women of all races acting the fool on these shows!! They were showing some legs for the ratings for eye candy and nice legs they do have which I give credit..But I feel they are using there bodies to keep a certain lifestyle because all of them have been dumped by baller husbands,boyfriends,or jumpoffs...Why is it called Basketball wives in the first place??? Who is married to on on the show now??
It should be called 'Hoes with rich Ballers you pass around'
They need to act like ladies and not put themselves out there like that for the world to see..
Its not a good look for women of color and who young girls can look up to as role models..

1312 days ago


Hope Ocho and Evelyn are being responsible when they are together being they both sleep around alot!!

1312 days ago


All yall haters out there hating on Ev. Here ring cost more than your entir life.. PPl are so jealous these days. Why ppl cant just be happy for them. I dont thing Ocho will buy a ring like that for fun and games.. ingorant of these comments on here..Ev is the show..She made the show without her and Tammi there is no show. Ev u have my wishes.. These woman just made because u have a sexii black handsome man.. And that he is.. Ocho is HOTT!!!! and u are too.. I luv u Ev keep doing ur thing..Keep making these haters hate.. good Luck in the future..

1312 days ago


Plus he will get tired of her and move to the next one..He's got women lined up like you wouldn't believe..So why would you wife up Evelyn so soon..This is common within a long distance relationship so she cant cheat and is a kept women now so he can cheat where he lives...You better believe he likes it this way:):)

1312 days ago


oh and Royce fake azz.. like Ev stated Royce isnt the mf factor..Royce talked all the wind on the reunion. Kick rocks.. she talked all that smack bceause she was sitting next to Tammi.. Ev roasted here.. royce get more than one pair of shoes...lol and thanks for getting ur hair done for the show.. CFFU... lmao!!! Royce dont deserve to be on the next go rounnd.. Stay home and take care of ur baby.. he need u more instead of being a follower on the show.. Royce sucks!!!!

1312 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Slow news day eh? Then again, it is Sunday.

1312 days ago


Only Shaunie is for real. Like Royce says, Evelyn bangs for shoes LOL, but I don't see anything wrong with that and they are some damn nice shoes! And Royce is a total busted ass pancake-breasted mess with that yellow dress and stripper boots from Payless she wore to Fashion Week. Also I thing Jen is a man, and Suzie's eyes so far apart she look like a Walleye Bass. And that other chick...I forgot her name...Gloria? Anywayz her necklace on the reunion show looks like she ripped it off Wilma Flintstone. HAHAHAHAA. Nasty.

1312 days ago


That is NOT a good picture of Evelyn. Ocho said he was gonna improve her looks but she looked better before she hooked up with him. She did not look good on the reunion show in that hot pink dress and her hair pulled back and oily was not flattering, and made her look like a drag queen or maybe that was because she was sitting next to Jen the drag queen hahahahaaa.

1312 days ago


These ole women need to show more class. Don't most of them have kids? What can you tell your teenage kids, when you sleep with someone on te first date? Evelyn has a 18 year old daugher, and doing something like that on national TV is unreal. How many nannies do Shaunie have? I think Tammy and Royce is the only ones that will say it like it is. But, none of these women are wives. Just rename the show, Basketball wives wanna bees, Basketball women jumpoffs, of Basketball Groupies. Get some real Basketball Wives, exwives on the show.

1312 days ago
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