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Bam Margera K.O.'d in

Bloody Texas Hotel Fight

3/21/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Bam Margera was knocked out cold after getting into a fight on the 11th floor of a Texas hotel last week  ... TMZ has learned.

Bam tells TMZ ... he was at the SXSW festival late Thursday night, walking through a crowd of a bunch of drunks, "when someone said something rude to me, so I began making fun of a big girl in the group."  Bam said, "I called her a sea otter and asked her why she's in Texas.  She should be in Alaska laying on an iceberg because she's a beached whale."

Bam says the woman's friend punched him in the face and the two began fighting.  Bam fell  to the ground and the woman then delivered the knockout blow.   Bam was out for 7 minutes.

Bam says his face was "covered in blood" and he has a black eye.  On top of that, he lost his $500 bracelet.


No Avatar


How is he even famous again?

Karma is a bitch, you ****y SOB.

1277 days ago



1277 days ago


He looks like something left on the beach after high tide recedes.

1277 days ago


poor sad michelle lonely and bitter much? at least you have the internet honey xxx btw your grammar is terrible seriously poor poor you

1277 days ago


how many times does Bam Margera have to get his ass kicked by girls before he can hit back.

1277 days ago


If that is him in the photo, who is he to call someone overweight!? Pot, meet kettle ....

1277 days ago


Bam is fat himself!! And it obviously does run in families look at him, his mom, his dad, his uncle Don Vito!!! Dont understand why that beautiful girl Missy married him!! Hes a childish, pathetic, sorry excuse for a human being! I feel he got what he deserved! Just wish that there were more people out there willing to stand up for themselves and not let this douche get away with those kinds of actions!

1277 days ago


wow, I used to be a huge fan of Bam, but this is just...embarrassing and also kinda sad. And like many of you already said, he's not that skinny himself anymore. What a *****! I wonder how his friends can handle his pathetic behavior currently. Most of em are pretty smart guys and they should kick his as sometime as well, he needs to ****in wake up!

1277 days ago


she doesn't even look fat! Bam, you've turned into a huge loser. **** ain't funny anymore when your used to be fans are all adults now.

1277 days ago


okay you read? he admitted to making fun of the drunk group. idiot. you're probably his agent.

1277 days ago

Matt Goldsmith    

I wish that BAM and Travis Barker would die simultaneously, together, of auto-erotic asphyxiation.

1277 days ago


I think one more Texas retard needs to remind people not to mess with them.

1277 days ago


lol Oh that wacky Michelle! She's a charming little bundle of ignorant venomous ooze.

I love how your angry ego-driven hate just explodes with the tiniest little prod. It reveals all of those ugly layers that comprise the mound of foul subhumanoid that is you.

Being a bigot doesn't make you pretty. It doesn't make you look intelligent. It doesn't make people think you are any better than you actually are. It might make you feel a tiny bit better about yourself for half a second, which may or may not ease those low self-esteem issues that reside in that scarce and clearly traumatized gray matter inside your thick skull, but honey, you need professional help.


The Snoogster

1277 days ago


Ha ha ha, douche!

1277 days ago


haha, dont feel bad for this chick. shes from my home town and this isnt the first fight shes gotten into with a dude. its her MO. her name is sarah price and she IS a fat beached whale. trust me, if you knew her, youd feel bad for BAm instead.

1277 days ago
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