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Charlie Sheen No Longer Restrained!

3/21/2011 7:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller's lawyers have notified the court that they want the restraining order against Charlie Sheen to expire ... TMZ has learned.


The temporary restraining order prohibiting Charlie from having contact with Brooke or twins Bob and Max expires tomorrow.  Brooke had the option to seek a permanent restraining order but she will not do so because she's settled her differences with Charlie.

The restraining order -- which was issued March 1 -- is set to expire Tuesday, and Brooke's lawyers have told the judge to take the matter off calendar. 

Translation:  Case closed.



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So, this was NEVER about fear. It was about her getting what she wanted. I have lost all respect for her and whatever happens to her by his hands is HER fault and she deserves what she gets.

Where the HELL is this girls family? Wake her the hell up!!

1310 days ago


She is a skank. Who would want anything to do with her vagina. How bout that stupid picture of her, with that Japanese head gear.

1310 days ago


We'll see how long it lasts. Abusive men don't stop abusing without a lot of treatment. Years of it. And CS has been at it a very long time. He's probably a great manipulator, a control freak and he's got Brooke buffaloed just like he does all the women he wants to do what he wants them to do. There are a million guys like him out there and a million more women ready to forgive them until the next time.

1310 days ago


This chick is wacked out of her skull! She is so off and on with Sheen and their kids. He is winning once again and will get a raise when his show starts up in a couple of months for next yr.

1310 days ago

anna mouse    

Great, now Charlie can go back to working on the worst sitcom ever filmed for network TV.

Charlie is a womanizer, the brother is a pig, the big kid is obnoxious, and most of the female characters are either b1tches or airheads. Same jokes over, and over, and over!!!!

I would say all TV, except for MTV. MTV must scour the bottom of sewage systems to come up with their new shows.

1310 days ago


"Charlie Sheen is no longer restrained" but still crazy as h3ll.

1310 days ago


Sigh. I'm afraid that "translation" might = "money," as in more money for Brooke. Not so sure that she's really looking out for those kids.

1310 days ago


OK...what does she want???????????

1310 days ago


Give it a day or two and something else will turn up!!! Like last time!

1310 days ago


Both parents are crackheads!!! What do you expect? She is always claiming to protect the kids, but does more public photo ops with them, than all of the hogasstrashians put together. She's as crazy as he is and they both deserve each other. The kids however, deserve so much more!!

1310 days ago


TMZ needs to poop or get off the pot.WTF is hervey ON? tryin to sing like a muffia`ohso forget it keep your day jobs and start a TMZ week ender up date part time day care crew staff and lodgeings.SHEEN always wins get used to taht!

1310 days ago


Someone please send Brooke the story of "The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf". She needs to read it and learn.

1310 days ago


I hope Brooke gets sober & gets some self esteem. As for Charlie he is sh*tty in relationships so he should just remain single. However just because a person is sh*tty at relationships does not at all mean they are a bad parent or friend.

1310 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

TRANSLATION: He gave her some crack buying money!!!

1310 days ago


I HATE these gawd damned women who ABUSE the system like this to get what they want. They make it harder for women who really need to obtain a restraining order!!! I think Brooke needs to be punished somehow or FINED for abusing the courts like this. She makes me SICK!

1310 days ago
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