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Dr. Murray: Arnie Klein Made MJ a Demerol Addict

3/22/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers just filed blistering legal docs, claiming Dr. Arnold Klein -- Michael Jackson's longtime doctor and friend -- addicted him to Demerol and another powerful narcotic.


In legal papers obtained by TMZ, Murray's legal team claims Klein fueled MJ's drug dependency by giving him scores of Demerol injections in the months prior to his death.  TMZ broke the story ... in the 3 months before Jackson died, Dr. Klein gave MJ 51 Demerol injections.

The docs claim, "Due to Mr. Klein's actions, Mr. Jackson became physiologically and psychologically dependent on Demerol." 

Murray's team wants Klein to produce all his medical records, claiming "Dr. Klein is a relevant and highly material witness to the defense."



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Here we go again! Reading some of these comments makes me believe a lot of you have ADHD.
I'm sure the defense is counting on some of you joining the jury pool.
This is yet another tactic by the defense to wane the fault away from murderous Murray and his
actions--or lack there of--and plant them on anyone associated with Michael.
Murray had the smoking gun in his hand but we are suppose to distrust our eyes and believe someone else put it in his palm. I'm waiting for the lawyers to come out with the ultimate defense by saying MJ's not dead. There's an impostor in the crypt. As ridiculous as that sounds, I wouldn't put it past them.
Anytime they can imply Michael killed himself by injecting, ingesting or increasing the Propofol drip within the two to three minutes Murray was suppose to be out of the room... they will stop at nothing to deceive you. Think. If Michael was hounding Murray all night for Propofol as he suggested, and Murray only gave in after nothing else worked-- then MJ gave himself the fatal dose--why wouldn't Michael tell Murray to leave for the night and just inject himself with one of the bodyguards watching over him instead of arguing and begging Murray all night for the stuff? Because it didn't happen! Mike kept Murray up all night, so Murray put Mike under with the one thing that worked and then decided to catch up on his overdue matters. Murray left him alone and Michael died.
Case closed!
Michael being a drug addict (abuser) has nothing to do with this case. It's all smoke and mirrors for those who are easily mentally maneuvered into believing anything.
Anyway, the coroner's report proved Michael wasn't an addict. Those closest to him said he only took certain drugs when he was depressed or had nothing to focus his attention on. Klein had supposedly given MJ Demerol as a pain killer because he was doing work on his face for the pending concerts. Mike wanted to look his best. He wasn't taking Demerol to satisfy some addiction. Some of you pseudo journalists need to hang up your keyboards and pads and stick to just reading cuz you sound like idiots.

1312 days ago

2 And a Half Cents    

Hey here is a thought:

They are both responsible. Except one made it out alive and one did not. That is as far as it goes. Michael was served his consequences, now it's time for Murray's.

Is there still an Elvis blog alive discussing if Elvis's doctor will get justice?

Or wait- are there still some fools that "beLIEve" Michael and Elvis are still alive? Wow- and to think that Libya and Japan has problems.

1312 days ago


They say and I quote " demerol and another powerful narcotic". What is the other powerful narcotic he is supposed to be addicted to?

1312 days ago


Ok, yes MJ was the greatest. But he suffered the greatest too. From childhood, family, associations with kids (where molestation charges were frauds), from disappointment of fans. He stayed medicated on a variety of drugs and potions for a long time. His latest was that hyber tank where he could sleep in a coffin. Maybe he should have been checked on, maybe no one knew how long he was out for, but his death is a combination of many many doctors and false scripts from others. He died too soon in our opinion but all that hurt catches up with ya and all he wanted was sleep. RIP

1312 days ago


For the love of God people need to grow a brain--Klein's invoice did not say he gave Demerol injections--you do not feed an addiction on an "as needed" basis--or then it is no longer addiction. Michael did not see Klein that much in June, anyway. Oddly enough Klein gave MJ an "injection" 3 days before he died--was not Demerol, the toxicology report came back CLEAN. Demerol stays in the system for about a week. Had he been abusing pain medications they'd been in the damn house. A REAL junkie can shoot up to 51 times a DAY people. Michael was getting injections at Klein's office--they are called Botox and Restylane. Klein would bill for the oxygen in the room if he could--he's a ripoff. The prosecution has already said there is NO evidence to an addiction to Demerol. Stop taking from the ignorant hands that feed you, folks. Yeah, Klein is shady but Murray and his team need to stop deflecting the obvious--it was Murray who let Michael die, not Klein. Murray would blame aliens if he could.

Posted at 1:36 PM on Mar 22, 2011 by NOYB

Agree. This is such a BS story, let's see the do***ents TMZ. There was NO demerol or ANY nactotics found in MJ's system, and actually they can be tested/screened for up to and past 6 months.

IM injections could just simply mean a local anesthetic. I believe MJ may have had some hair transplant work done, which involves tons of local anesthesia (injections, pain meds too) and yes...fillers. There's NO Proof it was demerol, period! Klein's already been investigated and was cleared.

Such a BS proof what so ever MJ was on demerol, using demerol, addicted to demerol...NO demerol found in his sytem. Only meds that CONRAT gave him, period!

Again, IM injections could just simply mean local anesthesia, botox, or whatever..! He also had skin conditions and was losing his hair due to his autoimmune diseases.

1312 days ago


Murray is truly pathetic ......

1312 days ago


Here we go again Murray covering for himself. Michael didn't
have Demerol in his system when he had the cardic arrest. It
was Propofol and two other sedatives administered by Murray
without the recommended resuscitation equipment that caused Michael's death. Murray is guilty of gross negligence and his license should be revoked. The trial is in May.

Justice For MJ

1312 days ago


JUSTICE FOR MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1312 days ago


if anybody remembers those christmas photos before mJ died.
The kid was sitting on arnolds lap in the photo grinning next to him? that is so weird? how does somebody take a photo like that without anybody esle raising serious questions? has prince seen that photo? would he raise questions? I don't understand how everything is just silent.
espically since prince was photod with the dermotologist more then once? whats really going on here?

1312 days ago


Jeez... why is it even an argument that the docs are responsible....

Guys yes Mike was responsible as well but you can't say that what the docs did is not illegal.

Just because he asked for it and paid for it doesnt make what was done legal.

If someone asked and paid you to murder someone does that make the fact that you did it legal just because someone else paid you to do it... NO YOU BOTH BURN... think people.... !

take it a step further its equivilant to not only murder for hire but imaine if the hired was actually a police officer even worse! same as a doctor helping kill someone the money and the fault of Michaels is no longer a factor. He can't do jail time but it shouldnt get the others off the hook

1312 days ago

D. Davidson    

Congrats Chic. You are absolutely correct. The only drugs found in Michael's system were drugs purchased and given by Murray. No demoral was found in his system at all.....

1312 days ago


Here we go again Murray covering for himself. Michael didn't
have Demerol in his system when he had the cardic arrest. It
was Propofol and two other sedatives administered by Murray
without the recommended resuscitation equipment that caused Michael's death. Murray is guilty of gross negligence and his license should be revoked. The trial is in May.

Justice For MJ

Posted at 2:20 PM on Mar 22, 2011 by Chic

well, it's at least been suspended...let's hope the guy never practices medicine again...a cardiologist without even the knowledge to do CPR...huh. A cardiologist who didn't even have a heart monitor, a defibulator..nothing at hand in case his little death bed hook up went haywire.

Justice for MJ

1312 days ago


Lets remember that Dr. Arnie Klein is on the FDA board there in California now! How anyone who can lie as he does, and do the other things in which he does and get appointed to that position is beyond me. Just more evidence in the fact that California laws & law makers & law enforcement, etc. are inept, incompetent, ignorant, etc. And I still maintain that they are an embarrassment to the rest of the USA as well showing the rest of the world what A**H***s they truly are. Other examples of how they look foolish or are made to look foolish is the Charlie Sheen or Lindsey Lohan, or countless others.

Also, I too believe that Dr. Klein should turn over all of his records. The problem with that is, after all of this time, I am pretty sure that Dr. Klein has either eliminated or altered most of his records by now. All of that should have been - and I reiterate - should have been done in the very beginning - not now. Just my thoughts.

1312 days ago


Let this poor man rest in peace. Sadly, yes he is dead, but bringing stuff back up isnt gonna bring him bad.

1312 days ago
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