TMZ Live -- How Chris Brown Escaped Arrest

3/22/2011 4:30 PM PDT
The REAL story on how Chris Brown avoided a brush with the law following today's tirade at "Good Morning America" ... Plus, what Michael Lohan faces following his arrest on Monday for domestic violence and false imprisonment!

We answer these questions and 23 others on today's TMZ Live!
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(0:20) Chris Brown didn't learn much from his anger management classes -- because dude went ballistic after his "GMA" appearance this morning.
(1:30) Lawrence Taylor's attorney put Gloria Allred on BLAST today.
(3:48) Michael Lohan is SCREWED over his domestic abuse arrest.
(4:29) Why is everyone so mean to Harvey during TMZ TV? Evan explains.
(7:05) Will Howard Stern win his lawsuit against Sirius?
(9:35) Did "GMA" set up Chris Brown?
(10:30) "Spaceballs" gets two thumbs down from Harvey.
(11:35) Skype question from the Philippines ... but all Harvey wants to know is if he'd be killed there for his version of "My Way."
(14:30) Do news organizations submit the questions they're going to ask beforehand? Harvey says no ... Mike says yes.
(17:50) Would Harvey swap his role in "Volcano" for one in "Airplane?"
(19:30) Live from TMZ's office in New York.
(23:10) Will Bruno Mars 's prosecutor lose his job over his coke bust?
(24:33) Facebook question -- what's the worst that can happen to Chris Brown?
(26:00) Twitter support for Harvey's horrible shirt from yesterday, which looked like Puff the Magic Dragon's throw-up.