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Charlie Sheen -- You Ain't Comin' Back to 'Men'

3/23/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is "no chance" of Charlie Sheen coming back to "Two and a Half Men" -- this according to sources connected to the production of the show.


A story has been circulating that CBS wants Charlie back on the show. Fact is ... Charlie was hired by Warner Bros. and, as TMZ first reported, fired by Warner Bros. Only Warner Bros. can bring him back, and sources directly connected to the production tell us there is "no chance" of that happening.

"Men" creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre has been holding meetings about the future of the show and possible re-casting, but Charlie is history.

The story that CBS offered him his job back is simply bogus.  CBS can't rehire Sheen -- period.


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Never say never. The prospect of making another ton of money might eventually bring all of these jerks together.

1273 days ago


Rehire Charlie would be to reinforce the bad,the additions,the abuse,the drugs.Charlie is bad news.Someone need to show the reality to him.No actor is bigger then the show.Actors know they have their privacy exposed and that they are role models to kids.Reinforcing or agreeing or rehiring him is to agree with the bad.I hope FOX don't hire him either.It would be very disapointing.I'm sure that is a reason he is so quiet lately.He knows he went too far.He is crazy but not stupid.

1273 days ago


HA HA.....Charlie is winning.....oh wait!...He's losing.

1273 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

Sheen's image has been completely destroyed in the last 6 weeks with all this video of him ranting about the live in porno sluts,7gram rocks,and calling everybody 'trolls',as well as all that tigers blood,-tigers-blood,- vatican assassin garbage.No sponsors other than porno products and would sign on now... even if they did want to try "Men" again.So it would never work.Sheen has now become an industry joke like Pee Wee Hermann and Mike Tyson.

1273 days ago


So this time your story is true? hahahahahahah

1273 days ago


Not surprised. Let's see how his shows go. That will be the true test. If those tank he's is real trouble. Sheen is good but the show had great writing.

1273 days ago


Hey read Chuck Lorre's recent Vanity Card for Mike and Molly. He is so egotistical comparing the tsunami with the problems with Sheen....Since when does a studio back up a writer? Warner Bros? Give your head a shake. Its going to be interesting if the writers have another strike...hmmmm. It would have been nice to have the other episodes in the can. Warner Bros. you made a financial boo boo. You took the words of a drug-induced porn star over your star...If I was an actor I'd be watching your companies' every move. Warner Bros you might find a lot of actors putting in extra clauses in their contracts for your conduct as a company...Its like years ago with Barry Diller and Steven Spielberg when the big trash fest with his divorce from Amy Irving..."I'll never do anything with Fox." Well if everyone pays attention with Warner Bros.'ll find a lot of people leaving you.

1273 days ago


Seriously, this is what is wrong with our society today... we keep glorifying these people who do wrong. GEEZZZ a briefcase with 6 - 8 ball of coke and paid ho es and it's just not Charlie but look at Woods and all the others. We need to get a life and I will let you in on a secret "EVERYONE IS REPLACEABLE"... even Charlie.

1273 days ago


Chuck Lorre is a ****. He writes these funny but counter culture sex comedies and then acts all high and mighty. Big Bang is very funny with sex. Mike and Molly has sex and drugs. Charlie had sex and alcohol. He then gets upset at real life with counter culture sex and drugs. Chuck Lorre is a ****. I will not watch any of his **** until they put him in his place.

1273 days ago


The show was getting old but still good. The re-runs will go on forever and Sheen will always get money from that.

For now Sheen is laughing. If his shows should tank that would be not so funny. He will become the real troll.

His 15 minute rant was too long and he's going for 90 minutes. That's too long saying the same things just in different words that everyone has heard already over and over. Why pay for a ticket. Just have to wait for the reviews.

But, you never no.

1273 days ago


Could this all be an act by Charlie Sheen. People have done some crazy stuff for money. Think about the money he is making doing these road shows and with the other stuff he is selling. Compare it too what he made for a season on two 1/2. I just think there is more to what meets the eye.

1273 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

People forget that it was Les Moonves that kept Howard Stern on terrestrial radio during the most turbulent times in his career. When he was fighting with the government,going through his divorce, even infighting with his crew. Most importantly when Howard was was fighting tooth and nail with cbs radio executives and management, it was Les Moonves that stepped in and reminded everyone that in the end it's all about making money.

Right now Two and a half Men has stopped making money (ok forget about reruns for a minute) Les will bring the parties together in order to start up the "Two and a half men" money making machine. If Lorre is too much of a jackazz to jump back in, CBS will buy him out and continue without him.

1273 days ago


"I want nuts on my ice cream". No way, we're not letting you have that anymore cause we don't like working with nuts, here's the ice cream without nuts, give us the money. " F you, I'm not buying the ice cream"

1273 days ago


Why doesn't the man just get the psychological evaluation and treatment that he needs to get back to work and most importantly, to being a father? Is this little tantrum of his worth all of what he has lost?

1273 days ago


CBS Can cancel Two and a half Men, so if CBS does want it, it will happen!

1273 days ago
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