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Lohan's Ex-GF:

I Was Assaulted 'Very Badly'

3/23/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims she was attacked by Michael Lohan was an emotional wreck yesterday -- claiming she was assaulted "very badly" in the alleged incident ... and sustained injuries.

Major Problems
Kate Major was at LAX -- one day after she filed a police report against her ex-BF -- and explained, "I was pushed and shoved" by Lindsay's dad.

As TMZ first reported, Michael was arrested Monday night ... but instead of going to the police station -- he was transported to a local hospital after complaining of chest pain.

Michael has since been released from the hospital -- and has been given a notice to appear in court at a later date.


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She is always complaining about something including him and afterward goes back to him. She is as nuts as his is and I don't feel sorry for her at all - not at all, not do I really believe her. She is a fame bitty.

1308 days ago


She was assaulted "very badly" guess that means he didn't do it right LOL

1308 days ago


Kate Major is a hag. Seriously, she was sucking on Jon Gosselins peen- she will do ANYTHING for attention- shes not pretty enough to get attention by going out, she looks like someones publicist. What is Michael Lohan thinking, I mean seriously, she makes Dina look like Bo Derek.

1308 days ago


This chick looks like an even fatter Brittney Spears. Lohan has bad taste in women.

Michael Lohan is such a p.o.s. He deserves a good beating by a bunch of thugs to hopefully render him even more useless than he already is.

1308 days ago


bottom line, anyone who dates Mihael Lohan knows they will be bullied, beat, and abused. NO sympathy for her. When involved with ML, That is the price you pay for the anti-fame that comes with lettin him stick it in ya.

1308 days ago


Stupid woman for hooking up with a loser. There is a saying that birds of a feather stick together!!!

1308 days ago


What Michael Lohan taught Lindsay:

1) Commit serial felonies

2) When you get caught, blame/bribe/slander the victim and claim you were set up

3) Slash yourself and do whatever it takes to help the lie

The problem for Michael this time is he already used the fake self-slashing for publicity in October 2010 and was caught by TMZ and others. He was not thinking clearly enough after this crime to come up with a better alibi.

1308 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

This poor girl was beaten senseless by ML!! It's disgusting that TMZ readers refuse to acknowledge the horrendous assault that took place. I hope she recovers soon, she's so brave.

1308 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

First off - no woman should be hit. But come on - women have to know when they go for the "bad boy" they will be alot of "bad" with the situation. Is this totally unexpected really? This chick is only going with F-list celebrities because she likes the papparazzi following her and the attention it brings.

1308 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

#46 - why is she brave and why is this so surprising to everyone? Again, this or something similar happens always when women go with guys like ML who are *******s.

1308 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

OMG, I just puked on my keyboard.... And I thought yo, crackerhead, tgLou, sean, little kitten, and midnighttoker were full of

Posted at 8:50 AM on Mar 23, 2011 by therock

therock must have a pretty disgusting keyboard/computer. Now clean up that filthy hole you live in turd.

1308 days ago


@therock Why do these beasts continue to harass Mike Sr.?????????LOU LOU the troll with nothing to doooooooooooo.I dub Micheal Lohan king of all media!!Stern is so 20000----------May VH-1 Celebrity Rehab you can see what a REAL man MiLo has become and his future stardom is payback to the dumazzz that doubted him

1308 days ago


she has assulted me....with her face!

1308 days ago

Davey Boy    

I doubt it was that bad, but who knows. On a side note, it looks like she assaulted the food plate with a fork and spoon.

1308 days ago


First The Sahlahi's took advantage of your kindness and ripped MiLo off then KM tries to mooch in on your newfound fame after being invited to participate in a family recovery setting and explodes in anger when it is revealed that MiLO wants to try and reunite with the mother of his children and save his family, K.M has cried wolf everytime she is dumped and uses the d v card trying to glomb on to some old lies about abuse.Take the high ground Micheal and rise above it Brother you are WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!

1308 days ago
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