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Elizabeth Taylor

The $11,000 Casket

3/25/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed the finest things in life ... and she will in death ... because TMZ has learned she was buried in an $11,000 casket.

We're told the casket is a top of the line, traditional Jewish casket -- built entirely out of wood using a special glue ... no nails whatsoever.

According to sources,  the casket is made out of mahogany -- lined in red velvet with a matching red pillow.

Hopefully, it's comfortable.


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Comfortable? That's sick!

1307 days ago


$11K for a wooden box!?
She didn't bargain very well, did she?

1307 days ago


Ok ummm sorry you don't die and they bury you the next day, sorry. that just don't happen, not even for Ms. Taylor

1307 days ago

D. Johnston    

$11,000 for her casket is quite conservative by most funerals. I know someone that was cremated in a $30,000 casket. Liked the 15 minutes late part for her funeral. She always had a sense of humour.

1307 days ago


W O A H .

1307 days ago


Who cares, TMZ? The wood is biodegradable and will rot in the ground. The money her family paid will be plowed back into the economy. She earned her money and could spend it any way she wished. Would you be happier if they put her in a $99 pine box? Would that get your approval? Are you trying to engender hate against someone because they spent so much on a casket? Who cares?

The money spent on the whole funeral was spent in America on American products and services and goes back to the American economy. If a family spends more money on a more expensive, fancier casket for their departed loved one, it's to comfort themselves. Do you think they're not mourning their loss? The money spent on an expensive casket goes to feed the families of employees who worked on the service. Nothing is lost here. Even the owners of the companies involved will reinvest the money in the American economy.

There's no story here. Move on. And stop trying to ridicule the dead. The dead deserve to rest in peace. And the family deserves the right to mourn without stupid, sensationalistic, intrusive stories. It's unseemly even for you, TMZ. Not everything is funny as Gilbert Gottfried found out. When people are suffering, it's time to lay off and give people room to recover.

1307 days ago


"Hopefully it's comfortable."? You guys are f-cking disgusting.

1307 days ago


To #3, Jewish custom is that the person is buried as quickly as possible. It's considered humiliating to not be buried promptly.

Only thing that doesn't make sense is the expensive casket. Jews believe in simple caskets, and a funeral isn't a time to show off wealth. Kinda of weird considering how proud she was of her faith.

1307 days ago


@ArthurBach, Post #8: I hear what you're saying and I can't say I disagree with you. Still, a $11,000 casket, if she had a net worth of say $10 million, is relatively less costly to her family than a $1,000 casket would be to an average American family that has a net worth of $100,000.

I'm sure her family felt that they should pay for a funeral service that befitted her status as a world renowned movie star. Everyone know "you can't take it with you" so who cares? The money for it went back into the American economy. Nobody lost here. Let's show a little respect for a family that is in mourning like any other family that loses its matriarch.

1307 days ago


This is like putting a beautiful and precious diamond away in a gorgeous and worth jewelry box.

RIP Elizabeth. You are the most beautiful and giving celeb ever.

1307 days ago


That's a disgusting joke at the end. Really, what the ****...?

1307 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    


Whoever the idiot you have writing these "articles" is a moron who obviously hasn't got a clue about real life costs and values.

Harvey... get new staff with a real education.

1307 days ago


Well, Good for her!! She deserved everything she wanted.Why should'nt be comfortable. You did it your way Liz.

1307 days ago


All I have to say is RIP Elizabeth, IT WAS A GOOD AND EXCITING LIFE. My condolence goes out to your family.

1307 days ago
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