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Criminal Battery Case

Full Steam Ahead

3/25/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just when Lindsay Lohan thought her legal problems couldn't get any worse ... TMZ has learned cops are reigniting their investigation into allegations she attacked a Betty Ford staffer.

Sources connected to the investigation tell us ... in the last two days, the Riverside County District Attorney's Office sent investigators to meet with key witnesses who were with Lindsay on December 12, 2010 -- the night she allegedly got into a tussle with Dawn Holland

We're told cops told the witnesses they were conducting the investigation because the D.A. is still determining whether to pursue criminal assault charges against Lohan.

Sources tell us ... investigators wanted to know if the witness could testify if it was Lindsay or Dawn who was the "aggressor" during that fateful night. They also wanted to know if the witness could describe any sort of injury Dawn may have suffered during the incident.

We're told investigators also wanted to know if the witnesses would cooperate with authorities if the case went to trial ... but sources say the witnesses wouldn't give a definitive answer. 


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oh please let me be furst!

1306 days ago


So another chance for Lindsay to go to jail for her probation violations.

1306 days ago

not a lawyer    

This illustrates how vulnerable controversial celebrities are to fabricated accusations. There will always be a lot of people making up stories at them to get fame and money for themselves.

1306 days ago


The state is trying its best to put Lindsay behind bars. That is as it should be. Her lawyer will do her best to defend her and get her off. That is as it should be.

I feel worse for the people who are accused of crimes and cannot afford to hire defense counsel, and have to rely on a public defender. Those are the people who usually get stiffed by the legal system. Maybe most of them are really guilty and deserve the harsh sentences they will get or worse, still some of them will have been innocent but will go to jail because they couldn't afford a competent and motivated lawyer to defend them.

If Lindsay loses the court case, she'll only be able to blame herself. She chose her lawyer and she put herself in a position in which reasonable jurors could decide she stole that gold chain. She should have exercised more caution at the very least. At the worst, she may be a kleptomaniac since she's been accused, but not in a court of law yet, of stealing other expensive, luxury items like a Rolex watch and a fur coat. It's time for Lindsay to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. Maybe it's past time. I'm not saying I'm sure she's guilty but I'm certainly not sure she's innocent. We'll see.

1306 days ago


LA prosecutors are really out to crucify this girl, aren't they?

1306 days ago


This illustrates how immune controversial celebrities are to having justice done for felonies. There will always be a lot of people making up stories to defend them to get fame and money for themselves.

But in Lindsay's case she has done too many crimes, and even with her father paying people off and threatening them, she will now do the time, finally!

1306 days ago


LA prosecutors have really let her off the hook so far, haven't they? Finally maybe they will do their jobs and get her off the streets!

1306 days ago


Ok, I am no Lilo fan. Actually can't stand the girl ... but at some point, it begins to look as if the District Attorney's office has made Lohan into a personal crusade or vendetta.

1306 days ago

steven katona    

omg what sorta witchhunt is this? like what's goin on over there in the DA's office? kinda hard up for criminals? obviously this woman was in need of medicalized attention and any caregivers that get into 'incidents' should tally it up as job experience and nothing more. to charge someone for some 'scuffle' is sickening to the justice and the courts and this taxpayers peace of mind. when you are in a clinic getting attention you deserve you should expect the unknown unknowns of recovering addicts. unbelievable. the DA needs to reconsider what is medicalized treatment and incidences that take place in treatment faculities are no considered criminal. restrain the patient more like it. the DA is crossing the line between medicalization and healthcare and the dangerous betwixement of charging ill patients with acts that they might not be aware of doing in their state of mind. miss lohan is not a criminal. unbelievable witchhunt. yeah bring it on! let the DA embarrass themselves. they crossed the line and any professional that's dealing with addicts needs to know what they face when they assume the responsibilities of care givers in such institutions. miss lohans frame of mind was contested. anything else is outright a violation of her rights. the DA needs to go back to the books and look up mental illness and standard of care. i'm ashamed i even read this. to attack a person when they are most vulnerable is a shameful act! shame on the DA for this intrusion into the private personal lives of hollywood stars that are trying to rehabilitate their lives with professional care. another set-up. how much more victimization can this poor girl take?! first the nurse then the necklace!? like give me a break. there's too many hustlers in hollywood. just ask lohan's dad. eh DA? its a scam of epic proportions. so yeah take it to court. any lawyer will shoot it down in a minute. she's innocent. she was having her monthlies. enough said. next case.

1306 days ago


Ok, I am a big Lilo fan. Actually I love the girl ... but at some point, it begins to look as if she has made criminal activity into a personal crusade or lifestyle.

1306 days ago


Its our fault, LiLo is innocent

1306 days ago


Michael and Lindsay are always innocent. Everyone always just frames them!

1306 days ago

Sad sad    

Let it go. Riverside has nothing going on. This is their big excitement.

1306 days ago


The best thing that could happen here is if they charged her. This is a young woman who thinks she can do whatever she wants in life and get a perpetual free pass for it.

Consequences. Onces she suffers some harsh ones this will all stop.

1306 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

Man in wheelchair behind Britney Spears in ‘Christmas time at Walmart story’ rides through post wearing a bright, orange t-shirt that reads IRONY. Drives off whistling ‘time passages’ by Al Stewart.

1306 days ago
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