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'Teen Mom' Star

In BRUTAL Catfight


3/25/2011 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans ferociously ATTACKED another woman in North Carolina this week ... while her scumbag friends cheered her on ... and the brutal assault was all caught on tape.

19-year-old Jenelle is clearly the instigator -- spewing all sorts of nasty insults at a woman named Britany ... before the reality star suddenly socks the other woman in the face with a closed fist. 

The two women tussle to the ground ... where Jenelle continues to pummel Britany ... even AFTER it's clear she can no longer defend herself.

With Britany bleeding from her face, one of Jenelle's scumbag friends pulls the reality star off the other woman ... while Janelle continues to drop verbal insults.

It's unclear why Jenelle wanted to fight Britany ... but sources connected to the incident claim it had something to do with Jenelle's boyfriend.

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ddddaaaannnggg!!!!!!!!!white girl got mest up notracial...promise but wow!:):D

1273 days ago


I agree...but it was a good fight omg she nailed her fist on her good...good fighter ha ha :p....what did you watch the fight for then....i did to be entertained and i was...

1272 days ago


i liked it. this is how we used to settle disputes and it worked then...

1272 days ago


It makes me sick how women think that this is the way to act... how, in ANY WAY does this make you look nice? Sophisticated? Attractive?? This is horrifying, I hope that her child is safe, and I pray he has a good life, despite what he was born into...

1271 days ago


Haha, That chick needs to learn how to fight. Its not Jenelle's fault she had to put the smack down on her. She was talking **** and she couldn't back it up... But Jenelle can. I just think she is hanging out with the wrong people. She could be a great mother to her son, she just needs to get her life straight first.

1270 days ago


really thats pathetic she is suppose to be a mother and than beating up someone give me a break grow up and the people who actually egged her on PATHETIC GROW UP

1265 days ago


oh great shes the kind of person tht tars all of us young mothers with the same brush god help her child

1263 days ago


WOW! With friends like that you sure as hell don't need enemies. What in the hell is this girl thinking? She is out of control and something needs to be done about this. Thank God she no longer has custody for her son. I could imagine what she would be teaching him! Grow Up! Get A Job, and become an upstanding citizen!

1263 days ago


lets just sit on someone and hit them - her mother should of swallowed

1263 days ago


jenelle ur ****ing bitch first take care of ur son
i wish u go to jail

1261 days ago

Don F    

That is one low-life, skanky, poor excuse of a human being. If the reality show doesn't fire her and allows her get away with that type of behavior, they ought to be taken off the air. It's people like her that are creating more s***bags that go around encouraging such ignorant behavior. Look at that pathetic Jerry Springer. He pays uneducated fools to come on his show and make asses of themselves. And, we buy into that? What is wrong with us? Is our nation falling into the depths of this depraved and insane so-called entertainment? Television, in years past,would never had allowed these shows to go on the air. So, I must say, Janelle is nothing more than a stinking example of a mother and wife. Who would want that trash for a wife? She is an ignorant s***bag herself. I hope that battered girl sues her for battery and gets most of her money. However, the money doesn't matter because Janelle, being so ignorant, will go through all of the money she recieved from the show in no time.

1260 days ago

ali robinson    

shes a loser and a piece of trash! shes not worthy of having custody. at all. who the **** is she to beat up that girl? i hope she gets a good amount of jail time. guess what janelle? karmas a bitch and what goes around comes back around. you need a reality check. youre a trainwreck. going around doing whatever the hell you want and assaulting people. youre not rambo either. always someone bigger, stronger, and tougher. and you should be ashamed as a mother and as a ****in human being at that. i feel bad for the child who will grow up knowing that his mom is a sick **** and a piece of trailer trash and sets no good example in any way. she needs to get locked up with all her kind. ( the sick ****s, trailer trah, worthless pieces of ****)! i dont know what started the fight.. but, two wrongs doesnt make a right. more than ever , i hope the beaten up girl presses charges and the worthless s***bag ( janelle evans) gets the book thrown at her and she gets locked up and let the authorities throw away the key. she doesnt deserve to have custody. why? so her innocent child gets witnessed to violence, drama, and the bull**** janelle evans creates? and since karmas a bitch.. giving the fact she will most likely go to jail for a long time.. im sure as hell theres mean,low -class people like janelle evans who would give her ass a real ass kicking. she deserves the maximum punishment for all reasons! ( drugs, assault, and being a cold, ruthless bitch that she is. im not at all usually cold and hateful towards anyone.. but, anyone in general should not like the girl and feel at the least a bit of hatred for her. cuz shes a cruel, low life person,and she doesnt give a damn about anybody but herself, walks around doing whatever the hell she feels like and not giving a damn about the consequenses and all that result from it. i hope her mom gets custody for all eternity.

1255 days ago


This Is ridiculous...if I could I'd kick all their asses my self...everyone there should've been charged with premeditated assault bc not only were they ebbing her on but she probably would've just kept talking **** until her friend pushed her...and she realized the girls friends weren't getting involved! I think there should be a penalty for witnicing a fight and doing nothing about it...I hope the girl got new friends cuz they're not worth ****! All this over a boy whom if he hasn't left her yet he will when he's done using her...I'm scared for the future

1255 days ago

Jeff Hufman    

This Janelle from the "Teen Moms2" program is a real piece of work. You are no where near an adult Janelle. You discraced yourself in this fight over...What? Some pretty stupid childish BS if you ask me. Just the fact that you are the instigater and that you kept on beating this girl even after she was down and over fighting you just shows how immature you really are. And to all those "Kids" around you! You have nothing to be proud of either. Is this the future of our youth. Are you really going to be able to run this country in the future! Hell No!!! Grow up and act responsible. Not to mention Janelle, you act not half the age of a girl who's suppose to be a parent to a new born child. I feel so bad for your childs future. She's as lost as you are if you don't change your ways and grow up really really soon. That's all I have to say about all this. Offensive and Desctructive with no logical reasoning!

1255 days ago


smh. this bitch don't deserve to be a mother it seems everything else is more important than her baby boy. she need to be locked up for real!

1254 days ago
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