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Lindsay Lohan -- Different Case, Same Attitude

3/27/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is rubber and everyone else is glue -- because, once again, she feels her latest legal troubles will just bounce right off of her... this according to sources close to LiLo.

As TMZ first reported, the Riverside County District Attorney's Office is once again pursuing possible assault charges against Lindsay stemming from the alleged altercation she had with a Betty Ford employee back on December 12, 2010.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she was completely aware the DA had begun interviewing witnesses in her case, but she wasn't worried at all. We're told Lindsay is confident those witnesses -- all her friends, by the way -- will see things Lindsay's way.

We're also told ... Lindsay thinks of the D.A. in Riverside County like she does Kamofie & Company -- just someone else trying to make a name for themselves by going after her.

If you're not with Lindsay, you're against her.


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Grandma Cracker    

Good gosh TMZ....what an awful picture! Of course she thinks everything is fine, would you expect anything different?

1305 days ago

Brigham Young    

Good God Almighty, she's still around?

I thought LiLo left the building.

1305 days ago


She's a retarded ****.

1305 days ago


Oh boy...what will TMZ do if Lindsay wins her case? You must missing Britney Harvey!!!

1305 days ago


Wow @pony princess your little girl has been busy,of course team trollhan knew about the new 1am post ,they should they sold it to Harvey.That fake busted half laugh of Lindsays in the post picture is the moment in court that the judge called her on selling stories and breaing non disclosure of their in chamber plea deal ,Sorry but I must state the obvious this girl and her parents are vile maggots ..

1305 days ago


This young loss is a walking train wreck. And the court system is going to keep letting her get away with this until she is dead, or kills someone with her antics. Then her idiot parents will blame everyone in the court system for failing their daughter.

1305 days ago


BOYCOTT anything and everything Lindsay Lohan. Is anyone else tired of this bitch? Send a message to those who write her paychecks and BOYCOTT everything she is associated with unless you want your children looking up to her as a role model.

1305 days ago


Another waste of a post, TMZ. How is this news? Everyone already knows this fool is a delusional ****. The only question is what does DUIna have on Harvey that there must always be a post or two about Loser Lie-ho on the front page at TMZ. Does DUIna have pictures of Harvey swimming naked in a vat of buttercream or something? Honestly, this post was a total waste of time. C'mon TMZ, you're better than this.

1305 days ago

Pony Princess    

"If you're not with Lindsay, you're against her."

Apt summation to the story.

1305 days ago



1305 days ago


Riverside County doesn't play around. LL should be going to jail in at least one of these cases. She's had too many chances.

1305 days ago


Can you imagine how crazy Lindsay's haters will get if she is found "not guilty" and goes free? That would be something really funny.

Why don't these Lindsay haters spend more of their time and energy hating rapists and murderers instead of this mixed up, troubled young woman who is trying to break a drug habit and straighten out her life without the benefit of "role model" parents?

Not saying she is blameless or an angel, but there are a lot of people in America who have done a lot worse things than her.

1305 days ago


we can say whatever we want.Lindsay Lohan stole a one of a kind custom made mink coat from a young lady in a N.Y nightclub and was photographed wearing it to another party later that same night.When LL was confronted with a civil lawsuit for stealing the coat Dina and LL through Blair Berk authorized the hush money payoff settlement of approx.$12,000 to the victim and demanded she sign a confidentiality agreement and Lindsay did not have to face a criminal trial or admit that she was guilty of the theft not that it did not occur..big difference..NOW this and a jewelry heist so much for this being a isolated incident..Dina/Nicole start the spin..

1305 days ago

Pony Princess    

If you had any wits about you, you might have noticed that many of LL's stories by TMZ seem to pop up at 1am PST or thereabouts. That being said, guess you don't have any wits about you.

1305 days ago

Pony Princess    

sorry, my bad, I spelled your name wrong. It's naes (national association of electroshock survivors) not neas.
Do pesky assed flies abound with all the electroshock survivors in your group???

1305 days ago
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