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Michael Lohan's Ex: He's a National Danger!

3/27/2011 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major is afraid of Michael Lohan coming after her from coast-to-coast ... TMZ has learned she has asked a judge 2,500 miles away to protect her from him.

Kate got a protective order from a judge in Sarasota County, FL -- ordering Michael to stay 500 feet away from her and have no other contact.

The protective order is a byproduct of an alleged incident last week in which Kate claimed Lohan threw her up against the footrest of the bed. She claims in the court filing Lohan "took a wet towel over my mouth + nose + was strangling me."0327_kate_major_doc_rip

Kate goes on to claim that Michael sliced himself with a razor blade and said if she went to cops "he would say I injured him. He is insane."

Michael claims the opposite is true -- she's the one who assaulted him.

Mind you, Michael is ensconced across the country in Venice, Calif. -- but Kate says she doesn't want to take any chances.


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Did you notice on the pic of ML's arm, several other healed slash wounds? Take a look at his arm closely and see if you see it too.

1309 days ago


actually she should worry, he's in florida this weekend.

1309 days ago


Michael Lohan slashed himself on the arm in October 2010 and TMZ has the photos and story about that, too. He claimed some stalker guy attacked him but the wounds were clearly self inflicted. He said the stalker guy must have done it to keep him from going to watch Lindsay's trial. What an idiot.

1309 days ago


Is Michael Lohan being tested for alcohol and drugs? Is he under a physician's care? If he's taking "mood stabilizers", does his prescription have to be adjusted? That is a scary police report. Is there any reason to believe what she wrote is not true?

1309 days ago


If he did that I am a monkey's uncle...


1309 days ago

Anony Moose    

He's got a history of stabbing himself and claiming others did it for attention. How else is he going to stay in the gossip rags? He doesn't have any talent and his only claim to fame is a spoiled bithc daughter.

1309 days ago

Davey Boy    

Three sides to every story: her, his, and somewhere in the middle. I think she's a bit of a drama queen myself. Did anyone watch the video where she was crying on que. Scam artist.

1309 days ago


Hasn't he attacked her in the past, several times? Here is a the plan Kate, don't go back to him again. If he is insane, why do you keep going back?

1309 days ago


Actually, TMZ, no; Michael Lohan and Kate Major were both in Florida last night. Michael Lohan did another disastrous celebrity boxing event (he was Canseco's "trainer"), so no, they WERE both in Florida last night. Seems weird to me that Michael Lohan found some reason to be in Florida at the same time as Kate Major (who is no stranger to "crazy" herself), but then again, I think Michael Lohan IS bat**** crazy.

1309 days ago


Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. Too many women say you are abusive so we have to believe that you actually are.

Your ego proceeds you and you think you are above the law because you are the father of a washed up out of control lying, stealing and druggy daughter. Your entire family is nuts and all of you should be in jail.

1309 days ago

J Johnson    

Who f###ing cares? These people are only "celebrities" because TMZ keeps ramming them down our throats.

1309 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

another fine example of the private/public sector's attempts to smear the fine name of Lohan, always nitpicking......don't hit people, don't steal stuff......pretty unreasonable if you ask me.

1309 days ago


Whenever this Michael character gets into trouble, he involkes GOD, why doesn't he keep GOD in his daily life and start living as if GOD means something. I do not see his PASTOR strolling in front of the cameras on days like this day, defending this guy. Come on PASTOR, defend GOD!

1309 days ago


I agree he's a mess--but with their history, I wonder why she keeps going back, or even around him, at least without someone with her. I hope she has learned from this.

1309 days ago


Well maybe this time she'll leave him and not go back to him.

I'm sick of seeing these stupid woman crying about being abused and the next two weeks they're back together with the one they claim abused them.

1309 days ago
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