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Michael Lohan's Ex: He's a National Danger!

3/27/2011 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major is afraid of Michael Lohan coming after her from coast-to-coast ... TMZ has learned she has asked a judge 2,500 miles away to protect her from him.

Kate got a protective order from a judge in Sarasota County, FL -- ordering Michael to stay 500 feet away from her and have no other contact.

The protective order is a byproduct of an alleged incident last week in which Kate claimed Lohan threw her up against the footrest of the bed. She claims in the court filing Lohan "took a wet towel over my mouth + nose + was strangling me."0327_kate_major_doc_rip

Kate goes on to claim that Michael sliced himself with a razor blade and said if she went to cops "he would say I injured him. He is insane."

Michael claims the opposite is true -- she's the one who assaulted him.

Mind you, Michael is ensconced across the country in Venice, Calif. -- but Kate says she doesn't want to take any chances.


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People really don't understand why Lindsay behaves the way she does. what choice does she have with 2 wackco parents! My grandma use to say that children are their environment and this family proves that to be true!

1245 days ago


I bet these two love birds will get together again soon. Hell,last week, even after the police got involved, she was following him o twitter...

1245 days ago


Michael was, is, and always will be a con man. He may deserve legal punishment. But the women who keep going back for more are no less guilty. Neither is the media who keep feeding him money for all the attention he garners. Everybody knows he's a scorpion, yet they continue to try and change him. Meanwhile, he stings them. Because he is a scorpion.

1245 days ago



1245 days ago

Anony Moose    

"That is a scary police report."

That's not a police report, dummy. Unless Kate happens to be a cop.

1245 days ago


Did you read the part that says he possessed an illegal handgun ??being a convicted felon that is a big no no,hmn he is such a poser I wonder if she took any pics of fat Mike Lowhand holding his little gun in his hand??

1245 days ago


As someone already stated the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I believe he is a control freak and we have all seen evidence of his threats but she is a NUT too. She dated him again after he leaked naked pictures of her passed out and he allegedly hit her.

They are both dumba@@'s. They both seem DESPARATE for 'fame'.

1245 days ago


I don't believe him to be a "national" danger or insane but yet another narsistic scammer who doesn't like to be challenged or lose.
The woods are full of Michael Lohans and even fuller of woman like Kate Major who keep returning to the predictable scene even as the behaviors escalate.

1245 days ago


As if this is the first time she has reported some abuse from Him.....

Like .."what's new "

1245 days ago


This is Harvey Levin / TMZ trying to generate posts. That is just so fake. Harvey, where are the names?

Gibson/Ox, that put TMZ on the map is in limbo, nothing there.

Of course Harvey and his TMZ staff will make something up about Gibson to generate posts.

1245 days ago

Pony Princess    

She's the one who went to california and attempted to get back with him. After what was happening in their relationship prior to this if she felt she had to leave, the reasonable thing would have been to ask for a police escort to the apartment so she could collect her things and go. But she didn't take this measure. I think she's nuts labeling him as suffering from Insanity on the form. If he's never been diagnosed as insane and she's not capable legally of diagnosing him, he has a great case for libel here, because people will believe what they saw written here.

1245 days ago


I totally believe her. You can't make that stuff up. What a creepy mental case! No wonder Lindsay's such a mess! It's great that she went straight to the cops.

1245 days ago

Tammy LM    

I believe her. And I'm sure she's been a drama queen in the past as well. Look who she's attracted to and was in a relationship with. They do have things in common. But in this case, Michael lohan has cut himself before. I've seen self inflicted wounds. I know alot about them. Everytime he has a cutting episode he's got to say something or do something in the press to explain them away. A stalker attacked him etc. He's already on mental drugs as it is. This time, she went to get her things. Granted she should have taken a police officer with her to watch her pack, but, that's beside the point. She didn't go to the apartment that she had already moved out of and left, to get her things and slash Michael. That's ridiculous. She went there to get her stuff. She was over it. HE was the one that wouldn't let her leave and he's been violent before. If she even did slash him, I'm sure it was in self defense but I believe her. He acted like any other crazy ex boyfriend that wants to control their girlfriend and not let them leave. He needs to be locked up.

1245 days ago


There is very damaging information about Lindsay's past evidence of thefts, including a stolen Rolex, which a friend of hers reported as stolen last April 2010, which will be made public if Lindsay doesn't take the plea deal. Lindsay was investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department last spring after a friend reported that after leaving the Rolex at Lohan's apartment, it wasn't returned immediately. Actually, it was quite a bit of time later that the watch was returned to the person. The watch was valued at a whopping, 35k, and like the current theft case, Lindsay was photographed wearing the watch. Lindsay wasn't charged in that case because the victim became uncooperative as soon as the watch was returned. The D.A. will be sending investigators out from the office to talk to the victim. Meyers wants to know if there was a financial pay off" a source close to the situation tells us.

1245 days ago


Lohan, 24, was also accused of stealing a mink coat from Maria Markova in New York City in January 2008. Markova said at the time that Lohan took the coat at a nightclub, 1 Oak. The coat was valued at $12k. Markova claimed she was sitting next to Lohan at the club when the coat was allegedly stolen. Markova said the next time she saw the coat, Lohan was wearing it in a magazine picture. Lindsay was not criminally charged in that incident either. "Meyers will be reviewing that information as well. It will absolutely be brought up either at the preliminary hearing or the trial. This will establish a pattern of behavior on, that Meyers will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Lindsay is guilty in this case." story developing in april watch CR cocaine relapse stay tuned..

1245 days ago
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