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'Make-A-Wish' Kid -- Focused On The Dolphins

3/28/2011 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Make-A-Wish kid snubbed by celeb chef Ina Garten has MOVED ON -- in fact, we're told, Enzo is so excited about his back-up wish to swim with dolphins ... he sleeps in his bathing suit.


A family member tells TMZ, 6-year-old Enzo -- who suffers from leukemia -- has conquered his initial disappointment and is now focusing on his upcoming swim sesh with real-life dolphins.

We're told Enzo not only sleeps in his bathing suit -- but when he's awake, he spends a huge chunk of his free time learning to swim ... all to make his new wish a reality.

TMZ previously reported, Ina has officially REVERSED her refusal to see the kid ... after twice denying his request for a meet-up -- claiming she plans to call him today.

As of the time this story was published, Enzo's family had not heard anything from Ina.


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Enzo momma need a mink coat, send mo checks to Enzo momma please.

1274 days ago

Just Hanging Around    

"Let's focus on hoping this boy has a speedy recovery"

yes, let's do that little thing. of course it doesn't seem that the focus of his "family member" who brought this whole thing to TMZ was on Enzo and his recovery. THEY were more interested in starting the **** storm that this became. THEY were not focused on Enzo's best interests. THEY were only intent on harming Ina Garten. Before she even knew this was going on.


1274 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

LaxFlow #168, thank you as well for your thoughtful comment. It's nice to see some sanity amongst the sea of crude remarks!

Yes, I realize how it's so easy to have a knee-jerk reaction to a story like this. I mean, who doesn't feel for a kid with cancer or any other type of life-threatening disease? And you're right: people AREN'T reading, they're just spewing out what comes first to their minds, and that's to attack Ina in any way possible, facts be damned.

I knew this would happen. I knew that almost everyone here would jump on the "I Hate Ina" bandwagon and crucify this woman, even without her response. I'd like just ONE person to show me exactly where and when INA said she wouldn't meet with this boy. SHE didn't. Her STAFF did. Big difference there. She gets more than 100 requests each month from groups like MAW, and SHE is NOT the one who sifts through those requests. Even though I'm sure people will roll their eyes, I for one believe she had no idea this request from Enzo even existed...until it was too late. All the damage has been done, thanks to TMZ.

You know, I read recently that journalism schools and programs will most likely die out within the next couple of decades. That's because what passes for "news" these days is compiled by people who wouldn't know libel from slander and everything inbetween. "News" sites will consist of places like TMZ where no one needs credentials to get a job, just a lot of attitude and the energy to grind out crap every day, no matter how it's filled with inaccuracies and flat-out lies. But that's our society today. Anything goes, unfortunately. Put something out on the Internet and it's there forever. No taking it back.

But you're right: the focus here is Enzo and that he recovers from his cancer and live a long, happy life filled with joy and love!

Thanks again for your post, and Amy -- thanks for your kind words! :)

1274 days ago


Pfft that **** is just doing damage control. She doesn't give a **** and that's the truth. Good luck doing your important cooking. Who are you cooking for again? Oh yeh, one.

1274 days ago


That boy has the sweetest face. How could she turn him down?

1274 days ago


Oh.....NOW she is going to finally meet with this sweet young man! Now that the lid is off! We all know we'd rather swim with the dophins rather than a shark!

1274 days ago


Good choice! The dolphins are nicer, cuter and probably smell better. Enjoy.

1274 days ago


It is INA'S loss that she does not get to meet Enzo. It took hundreds of thousands of complaints to get this women to even think to give Enzo the time of day..

EnzO is better off swimming with the Dolphins, then cooking with a cold blooded snake.

1274 days ago


Dana, my bizness, sharon, and Robert? Losers much?

1274 days ago



1274 days ago



Posted at 7:00 PM on Mar 28, 2011 by CountryGal

I'll send them a check tomorrow.

1274 days ago

Just Hanging Around    

great, now we can shop whilst we discuss Ina Garten. must be time for me to head to bed, this just becomes more and more ridiculous.

1274 days ago


i guess its true about dolphins intelligence..
even they arent dumb *******s like ina, so as to turn down a dieing kid

1274 days ago


This is from the mom's blog site. Everyone who has commented should read the whole post (,) but here is how she ends it:

I am putting this out there again in the spirit of what is truly Enzo and asking people to PLEASE let go of your anger and please send only healing, loving, positive vibes into the universe. Enzo is SO CLOSE to being done with his treatments and we want nothing more then for him to move forward in good health.
PLEASE change the energy from anger to love and support Enzo on the rest of his journey. This we would appreciate so much.
Much love,
Mama Pereda and Family

1274 days ago

Jim from the Hammer     

Kudos for the dolphin. Shame on the Contessa. I have done fund raising for Make a Wish and they do tremendous things for these children. It is a real shame when someone needs to be embarrassed into doing this for the child. I hope he has the time of his life with the dolphins and don't give the Contessa the chance to redeem herself because of bad publicity. it was heart warming to hear the other two television chefs offered to open their shows to him.....

1274 days ago
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