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'Make-A-Wish' Kid -- Focused On The Dolphins

3/28/2011 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Make-A-Wish kid snubbed by celeb chef Ina Garten has MOVED ON -- in fact, we're told, Enzo is so excited about his back-up wish to swim with dolphins ... he sleeps in his bathing suit.


A family member tells TMZ, 6-year-old Enzo -- who suffers from leukemia -- has conquered his initial disappointment and is now focusing on his upcoming swim sesh with real-life dolphins.

We're told Enzo not only sleeps in his bathing suit -- but when he's awake, he spends a huge chunk of his free time learning to swim ... all to make his new wish a reality.

TMZ previously reported, Ina has officially REVERSED her refusal to see the kid ... after twice denying his request for a meet-up -- claiming she plans to call him today.

As of the time this story was published, Enzo's family had not heard anything from Ina.


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Superman at #38: "I agree with another commenter that said getting a chef for the 'Make-A-Wish' was the mother's idea"

Not necessarily - I had wondered that also, but his older sister is quite sure it was all his idea although nobody seems to know why. He was 3 or 4 years old when he was doing intensive chemo, that's exhausting. He was watching the show with his mom. Maybe Garten reminds him of somebody he knows, maybe if he was in the hospital he liked to look at her kitchen (she films in her home), maybe he found her very low-key approach soothing when he was so worn out. Or maybe it was just bonding time with mom, who could relate to a cook better than a sponge who works at a fast food joint. Who knows?

Actually, I'm no cook but have channel-flipped sometimes to her show and as long as she isn't cooking something gross (I'm a veggie), I'll keep it on since she's not screaming all the time like some others and isn't frenetic like a lot of Food Network cooks. It's a very quiet show, and maybe he just needed something quiet but homey at the time. Little kids do get strange ideas in their heads, their minds work in mysterious ways. But obviously it wasn't as hard as they thought to redirect him to something more appropriate for him.

1273 days ago

Anne Hemmings    

She had 'no time'? Thank goodness for people like J.K. Rowling who, while pregnant and finishing 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', found time to connect with a young child in Albany who was in the advanced stages of her cancer. Rowling CALLED the girl every night from her own home in Scotland, to read the still unpublished book to her.

I guess you find time if it's important to you.

1273 days ago


How low and pathetic are you "CountryGal" or Ebonic thug should i say considering you don't talk like a country gal? Just how pathetic are you to Troll on a post about a Cancer stricken boy's wish? Let it go!

1273 days ago


This family sucks. She said she didn't want to do it and they should have moved on but no, they had to air it all out in the media and make Ina look bad. Maybe Ina has a good reason why she doesn't want to spend her time with strangers! There's every chance that this kid isn't even terminally ill. If Ina gives in she should at least ask to see the kid's medical records because numerous people have been caught pulling the sick kid act in recent times for freebies, and Make-A-Wish doesn't check. Before you judge Ina, you bleeding hearts should think about giving some of your own time to amuse these kids.

1273 days ago


All your teaching moment has proved is if you get enough media and bullies behind you, you can Force celebrities to bend to your will. Why do we as a society feel that celebrities, athletes etc. owe us something. They do not! Should she have said yes if she had the time? Yes but honestly she does not have to. Why are there so many "compassionate bullies" out there

1273 days ago


Little Enzo's new wish should be to put a "Shakedown" out on Ina Garten

1273 days ago


Enzo family my prayers go out for your child and family. I also had Cancer when I was 9 and the doctors told my parents I had 6 mo.I was in stanford childrens hospital in CA. I am now 49 and still CANCER free. I was a miracle to survive. Im praying for you child and so glade he is getting his wish.

1273 days ago


Aw. He looks so cute. I hope he has fun with the dolphins!

1273 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

This is the last time I'll be posting on this website, nor will I be reading it in the future.

I am absolutely sickened by how a TMZ staffer, Evan, has completely ruined the livelihood of someone who has worked her entire professional life building her career, only to have it crumble because of the totally unprofessional and libelous track he and TMZ have been on since last week.

I'm also repulsed by the sickening comments on this board by posters all too willing to take at face value what is written here. At the very least, before TMZ posted this attack on Ina Garten, she should have been contacted PERSONALLY before a single word of this incident was written and posted. As I suspected, her staff handled the correspondence between her company and Enzo and she was completely unaware of this young boy's request. I am a trained journalist, and Rule #1 is that you'd better be damned sure you have your facts straight before you start making accusations, and that you have talked with BOTH SIDES. TMZ never talked to Ina Garten personally, they simply took the word of her staff, then launched a personal attack and made her out to be a heartless person.

This isn't journalism by any means, and yes, I realize we're talking about TMZ here. But I guess that's to be expected when the so-called "news director" of this site is someone who drove a forklift for a living, and never set foot in a journalism class. Who approved this crap before it was posted? Mike Walters? Harvey's "hard-working" forklift driver? Or one of the many 20-somethings whose goal in life is to achieve the big "get?"

TMZ and almost all the posters here decided to railroad this woman without even giving her the benefit of the doubt, and chose to believe the unprofessional rantings of this website as gospel. It is scary how people can be so naive, gullible and eager to rush to judgment before they hear ALL the facts, especially from THE PERSON BEING ACCUSED!!!

Shame on all of you for being so easily swayed without waiting to read Ina's response. And now the damage is done, and she will never regain what has taken more than 40 years to achieve. All because someone was sloppy and forgot about ethics when it comes to writing a story.

Congratulations, everyone. I hope you've all taken comfort in your cruel comments on everything from her weight to her husband to her circle of friends to what kind of shirts she wears. Perhaps in the future, someone will railroad YOU and ruin your life before you have a chance to defend yourself and let the truth come out.

Shame, shame, shame! It makes me SICK how this website was allowed to ruin someone, and I hope to God she sues TMZ big time!

1273 days ago


THANK YOU WHERE'S KOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1273 days ago


If I were that kid's family I wouldnt take Ina's call, that is if she even does bother to call.

It is too late Ina, you cannot fix this. Your career is kaput.

1273 days ago


Ina, is Where's KOOKY your alias?

1273 days ago


Yeah for Enzo! Enjoy your vacation swimming with the dolphins!
You are a far classier human being than those ignorant idiots walking around this planet. Here's hoping the backlash to that gross, greedy, jerk, Ina Garten continues! Yeah Enzo!

1273 days ago


blame the family blame the celeb. just DONT blame M-A-W. they did not do anything but try to make this kids wish happen. MAW did not blackmail nor try to forse anyone to do anything. so c-untyw-hore go away you fing wannabe. you are nothing buy a worthless troll.

1273 days ago


Ina Garten is a fat rich bitch who lives in the Hamptons. Those people care only about their cars and houses.

1273 days ago
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